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The Futurist: Tech and Concepts That Are Going to Be Big

I am a long-time Futurist, and technologist. In my career, I have spanned the birth of personal computers, to the rise of Cloud Computing.


The future is hard to track sometimes

Future, if you asked me what the future was in 1990, I would've told you something vastly different than I would in 2021. You see, the reality of the future is it evolves. If you hold the prognostications of futurists up against them, most of them will be wrong in the future. People always refer to or talk about the predictions made by Hugo Wells in his book about the future. Many of them came true, but most of them did not. In the movie creator, starring Peter O'Toole, he talks about the past as a puppy. I am following you around. I believe the future is a party, playfully staying just out of reach. And so today, I'm going to reach, for what is playfully out of reach the future.

I'm talking about several technologies that will impact society; I'll also give you my estimation of the impact. Please note that any predictions made are simply estimations; they are not the truth, they are not a fact, they are guesses. They're not even really the next step above a gas. They are simply gases which is a hypothesis for the most part yet. They may slowly become a hypothesis, but for now, they are simply guesses.

The world of 3D printers and 3D scanners will continue to improve. I boned about 20 different 3D scanners, and I can say the technology available now for 3D scanning is better than what it was as recently as two years ago. 3D printers continue to improve as well. The capabilities in the 3D printing market have exploded. From laser printers, I can create an object wood or metal using laser, to 3D printers that let you carve, put in plastic, or do laser engraving. One of the things that I've been working on is learning how to do 3D scanning. 3D scanning lets me scan physical objects and then print them on a 3d printer. My goal is to scan my face. I'm going to print my face on the printer, and like Dante Calgary, I'm going to leave a message inside the printed face.

The next technology that's going to explode is 5G. I talked about 5G in two different articles, all share the links to those articles at the end of this article, but the reality is 5G is going to be a game-changer. Mostly because what 5G does is reduces latency. However, it is very important to note that 5G has more flavors than a soda shop with soda flavors. Pay attention to what 5G you are getting because 5G that doesn't alter the capacity to move above one gig of network performance doesn't help you in the long run. However, the thing that 5G will cause to explode is the reality of the handset world—your cellular phone. Today if you turn on the hotspot on your phone to share your phone's bandwidth with your laptop, you negate the ability of the phone to operate effectively. If you take a phone call while allowing the laptop to connect via Wi-Fi to your hotspot and Internet, you'll quickly find that both connections lose some functionality. With 5G, that in the case, and if you are lucky enough to be in some of the high-bandwidth 5G areas and the company you use supports them, you'll find that having a conversation and connecting to the Internet with another device through your phone is simple and effective.


The glare from the solar panels means I need my sun glasses!

Another concept that I think is going to be big in the future is work from home. One of the things I know because I've had managers that said this to me is the concept of but since he is critical. I want the people to work for me in the office so I can see their faces. The reality is that's the old world now. People can be or not be in the office and be just as effective. If you look at the workday of work from home professional versus and in the office professional, you get as much as if not more productivity from home. Not all jobs can work from home, but those that can. The real estate savings alone will help the bottom line of many companies. Instead of office space for 100% of your employees being in the office, you can have 20% office space. If you think about it, that's an 80% rental or an 80% building cost reduction. I think if you look at it, the future of work is going to be hybrid. Sometimes in the office, sometimes at home, and sometimes with the customer.

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My last futurist prediction for today, in this futurist jumble article, is the reality of ecological impact. Ten years ago, it was a big deal if your company was on the green list. The green list was companies pledging to be green, not impacting the environment with what they do and produce. That list is growing now because it's critical. We could quickly offset the majority of human-created waste easily. The first thing is any building over ten stories should have a mandatory solar array on the roof because that will reduce the impact of the sun on the roof of the building. Doing this presents two advantages. The first is that it reduces the sun's impact on the building by capturing the sun using solar panels. The selectivity produced also reduces the power required to heat and cool the building. There should be a split roof path green solar the solar will offset some of the air conditioning, and having green on a roof will reduce the impact of the sun on that roof radically. Yes, the future is green!

I want to say that my future guesses are more than guesses. They truly are educated guesses. They are not hypotheses yet. Wishful thinking I wish they were but reality tells me they are not. I'll end with the line from a rock song in the 1980s, my future so bright I have to wear shades. Honestly, I hope the future so bright because of the glare of solar arrays and not because climate change has virtually eradicated most of the growing things on the planet.

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