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The Envoy Pro Elektron Is One Fast, Tough Mini-Sized USB-C Bus-Powered SSD


Solid State Drives Rule

Have you noticed how people are getting into using computers again? Some might say they never went away, but it’s a fact that smartphones have kind of overshadowed them lately. But when it comes to computing power and the ability to use accessories, it’s hard to knock them. And for portability and ease of use it’s even harder to knock a laptop. Except maybe when it comes to storage, since most laptops don’t provide all that much with their internal drives. Just think of the raw space needed for a 4K video and then multiply it by a couple more and you can see that the laptop’s internal drive jut won’t cut it. What’s needed is a portable drive, but not just any. This drive has to have solid-state storage because it’s got to travel wherever the laptop goes and take the brunt of being tossed in a bag or used on rough terrain. Or getting knocked around. So that also means it has to be tough as well as easy to maneuver — if it’s big and bulky there’s no value to it. And needing a power adapter to run? No way! So regardless of whether a PC user or a Mac user, you’re gonna have to be an Envoy Pro Elektron user.


What Comes Outside

OWC’s Envoy Pro Elektron has a lot to say when you ask it for credentials. So let’s start with looks. It’s made from aircraft grade aluminum that disaapates heat and so is durable and able to take being kicked around as standard. To the point that it’s as dust proof as it is crushproof — although hitting it with a rock isn’t justified, but stepping on it didn’t crunch it to bits or cause any effect as far as could be seen to the eye or when used. Now none of these “proofs” wouldn’t be of much use if it wasn’t waterproof too. So it is by having an IP67 rating (that’s pretty massive anti-water). But keep in mind that it may be tough like a tank but it’s not big like one.


It’s All About The Connection

Now it needs a connection between it and the computer — which could also be a desktop model, don’t you know. Chrome books and iPad Pros aren’t left out of being used either. But back to that connection. If it’s going to be working with large files and dealing with everything driving down its highway fast, then it had better have a fast connector. So bring on USB-C. (3.2). That not only means fast transfers (we’ll get to that in a jiffy), but also that the power coming from the laptop, etc. is spry enough to power the solid-state drive. The cable isn’t connected like it is on some drives and while maybe a bit less convenient (since you have to remember to take the included USB-C cable, or the adapter for using USB Type A along), it also means you don’t have to tear your hair out if that attached cable has an issue.

And of course it’s compatible with Thunderbolt, but not in the way of giving you that kind of results but in being able to use the drive with this. Plus for those who worry there is an indicator LED at the front end so you know when it’s punching out.


Need For Speed

So let’s get to the real reason this drive exists. Speed. Speed for working with backup or editing or saving files. This little guy can transfer files really, really fast — as in up to 1011MB a second in real-world speed. As examples OWC cites a 5GB movie (file) transferring over in under 5 seconds or 91 high resolution photos being moved along just as fast. Of course real world means what you have to move around, not what a company touts, but yeah this drive is really, really fast as stated above — solid-state starts the reasoning (with OWC’s advanced NVMe technology aiding it along by effectively doubling the performance as compared to other portable SSD drives), and then the USB-C connector puts it over the finish line. Sure if you’re sitting at home, then waiting a bit is no big deal (not that you want that), but out in the field time is money and time is what no one has ever enough of.

The Envoy Pro Elektron can be gotten with a choice of SSD storage; this ranges from 240GB to 480GB to 1 or 2 terabytes. You can’t go in after the fact and change for another SSD, so choose wisely. And of course some of that choice involves the cost as storage space changes the price. Those looking for more details and a deeper burrowing at specifications need only go to https://eshop.macsales.com/shop/owc-envoy-pro-elektron

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