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The Downfall of CallMeCarson


Who is CallMeCarson?

CallMeCarson (real name Carson King), a 21-year-old, was once a YouTube sensation. He rose to fame through his popular Twitch clips in Minecraft and later through his creation of SMP live, a Minecraft event on Twitch.

His SMP Live generosity, where he featured and promoted smaller creators, gained him an amazing reputation on several platforms (Twitch, YouTube, and Twitter). He began collaborating with other creators and soon become one of the best known Minecraft streamers. With six other friends, he created a well-known YouTube channel known as Lunchclub.

Carson's gotten into little to no controversy over his years as an entertainer, but recently this YouTube sensation has gotten himself into an irredeemable spot.

(members of Lunchclub from left to right starting at the top) Charlie, Noah, Carson, Schlatt, Travis, Cooper, and Ted

(members of Lunchclub from left to right starting at the top) Charlie, Noah, Carson, Schlatt, Travis, Cooper, and Ted


Lunchclub (once known as Fart Club and Goop) was a group of seven Minecraft streamers who created videos in the real world rather than from behind a computer screen.

Lunchclub consisted of CallMeCarson (Carson King), Slimecicle (Charlie Dalgleish), jschlatt (Johnathan Schlatt), traves (Travis), Ted Nivison, cscoop (Cooper), and Hugbox (Noah). Lunchclub started on August 25, 2019, and suddenly stopped on November 11, 2020, with little to no warning.

It was said that they broke apart because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Still, it later came forward on Drama alert that the group disbanded because of Carson's misconduct with minors and his inability to change his ways.

DramaAlert: Start of Allegations featuring Noah and Travis

On November 5th, 2021, Keemstar (real name Daniel Keem) posted a video on his popular drama YouTube channel, DramaAlert, exposing Carson. It was claimed by former Lunchclub members Noah and Travis that Carson had been sending inappropriate pictures to underage fans.

These allegations do not come lightly, and both Noah and Travis know this. They chatted with Keemstar over the phone, explaining that Carson had sat down with Lunchclub and confessed that he was sending pictures to underage fans. The fan was seventeen at the time while Carson was nineteen. The Lunchclub members said nothing believing Carson intended to change his ways.

It was learned in the DramaAlert video that when Carson did not change, the members of Lunchclub became uncomfortable, and this was the real reason why Lunchclub was disbanded.

DramaAlert Video

Twitter Reaction

Once the video dropped, the internet was in complete shock. This was not Carson's first run-in with controversy, but this was bigger than ever before. A popular YouTuber that over 2 million fans (mostly underage) look up to had just been confirmed as a predator.

Fans took to Twitter to share their outrage creating memes about how shocking this development was. Screenshots leaked from private Discord servers showing Carson inappropriately talking to underage fans. To say in the least, Carson was canceled immediately.


Lunchclub Response

Old members of Lunchclub have come forward to give statements. Fans ask why they felt they should keep quiet on the matter rather than coming out and telling the truth when they learned back in March.

Other YouTubers have come to their aid, explaining the horror of making a livelihood on YouTube when cancel culture is such a big epidemic right now. They didn't want to hurt their friend or their own careers.

One of the bigger statements come from Slimecicle, otherwise known as Charlie, who explained he cut ties with Carson almost immediately when he learned being disgusted by the manipulation from his so-called friend.

Charlie's Statement from Twitter


Can Carson make a Comeback?

Frankly, no. I don't think he's ever going to have a platform again.

Yes, the age difference between him and the minor was two years, her being seventeen and him being nineteen, but the problem here doesn't lay in the age. The legal problem is in the age; the moral problem is in the manipulation. Carson is someone that many teenagers looked up to, and to see someone using that for their own advantage is disgusting.

Carson King has fallen victim to the cancel culture, and for once, I think this is a good thing. Good riddance Carson King.