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The Differences Between SD WAN and Cloud WAN Services


Sales and conferences, as well as the need for international and nationwide branches to communicate in an efficient and effective manner is demanding faster speeds, more security and the means to keep costs down.

Networks are how we communicate. It is also how business is conducted, There are many types of networks, but in terms of the business arena we focus mostly on WAN. WAN is a wide area network. It allows for the interchanging of ideas and communications at great distances.

What is the WAN?

A wide area network that is specifically defined in terms of a geographically dispersed area. It is a telecommunications network that can be either owned by private parties, or open to public use, depending on which network is being utilized. This type of network can also entail shared networks.

WANs tend to be quite complex. It is not something that the average Joe can develop and implement. Highly technical knowledge is implemented in the development and implementation stages. It is for this reason why many companies choose to simply pay for a service provider to deliver the network for them.

Benefits of the WAN

The WAN does offer many different benefits to the business world. First and foremost it opens up a whole new world in which the most competitive and brightest employees can be found. In terms of employees, it also finds more job openings, and better paying jobs that many will want to work for.

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The larger network capacity also allows for employees and management to work wherever they are. The WAN enhances the ability to work remotely and get things done more efficiently than ever before. This ability to work wherever one is also opens up the can of worms of placing more stress on the system.

This is not an issue for the wide area network. It can handle more traffic and more data at higher speeds with fewer issues. No longer will lags be felt with the wan handling the situation. Communication is faster and is reliable with the wider area network.

Software Defined Networks

The WAN is an innovation that has opened up many doors for the business world. Better employees, faster communications, and fewer dropped messages and data transfers have made the WAN an invaluable tool for the business world. There is better though.

A software defined wan opens up even more efficiency and reliability. This network can automate processes that were otherwise dictated to IT personnel. The automation process has the ability to tackle many jobs that were thought to be otherwise impossible for a machine to handle.

Networks are ever evolving, It is for this reason that the software connected to them and the processes that make them efficient also are always in a state of change. The software defined WAN is able to automatically configure these changes and offer the optimal performance no matter what stage the network is in.

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