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The Comfobuds Z True Wireless In-Ear Headphones Will Help You Sleep


Earbuds Are For Your Ears

Earbuds have become the default to wear when listening to music on the go or even when inside or pretty much anywhere now. They fulfill the basic purpose of transferring music from a device (i.e., a phone) to your ear canal, but because there are so many different models — with different technologies inside — it’s hard to decide which to get. So it’s probably best to first decide just what do you want those earbuds to do, because that will influence what they will look like or do. How big the earbuds will be is also part of the equation, and is just as important as the technology that is inside. Which isn’t to pass over the quality of the drivers (i.e., speakers) that is inside the earbuds as well. So it can be confusing until you answer the most important question: what do you want those earbuds to do? If it’s to be comfortable and to enable you to be more relaxed and even let it help you to sleep better, then you should be wearing 1More’s Comfobuds Z True Wireless In-Ear Headphones.


What ComfoBuds Z Have To Work With

The Comfobud Z can be segmented into a number of “zones” to consider: what they look like (i.e., shape); how their audio is designed (i.e., the speakers); what technology allows for the sound to travel to the earbuds; what the earbuds are able to provide to the person’s ears. So start with the shape, because that is going to directly influence how they fit in the ear. Here we have a tiny shape — no bulging — with a weight of less than 3 grams that fits comfortably in the ear. Why is that important? Because as we’ll go into later, you’re not always going to be wearing these while sitting or standing up with your head pointing skyward — there are going to be times when you’ll be wearing them and lying down on your side. So obviously they need to fit well so as to not fall out, but at the same time they can’t be pinching up against the inside of the ear because there’s no comfort there (and isn’t that part of the name?).

Of course there are 4 varying sized ear tips to try out, but that only enhances the fit/comfort level, it doesn’t create it wholly. That gets an upvote from the design which, again noted, fits well into the ear canal but also acts to create a seal against outside noise. You could sort of call that noise reduction — not that there is any tech for creating noise isolation like multiple microphones and algorithms (a mic for making/taking calls is there but that’s not the same). But the fit does knock down surface noises a good number of decibels, ganging up to 24dB at the top end. In other words, some of what’s out there doesn’t go into there. BTW, those ar tips are anti-bacterial also, but do occasionally clean out the ear because it’s something that should be done regularly.


What Is Inside And What It Can Do

So with the understanding that the Comfortbud Z’s are going to do fine in the ear, we get to what is inside of them — what generates the sound. 1More is known for creating quality drivers that result in quality sound and that’s happening here: there’s a full-range balanced armature working to put forth a balanced audio output that has a full range of frequencies — considering how small these earbuds are, that the bass is as good as it is is kind of remarkable, or would be if 1More was not on the packaging. As to the technology inside that provides the connection between the audio source and the ‘buds, we’re looking at Bluetooth 5.0 (latest version) and AAC as the codec (the means for controlling the conversion of digital to analog for hearing).

Now as to what these earbuds can do, we’ve noting that the quality of audio is fine for listening to music and podcasts, etc. But there’s a second audio feature — one not found in other earbuds, at least not yet — that makes these better suited for listening in bed, because it’s about getting relaxed and as an aid to falling asleep. Gee, must be why they don’t make such an issue about being in the ear while lying down, right? Right for sure, because there’s 30 built in calming sounds you can access, stuff we’re all aware of like coming from white noise/sound machines but here it’s all inside earbuds. And with a timer you can access to have the sounds cut off automatically after 30 minutes up to 150 minutes, because you’re now asleep (or maybe just being used to meditate or relax a bit during the day, why not?). And as to battery lasting, it's about average -- being a couple of hours of play before needing a recharged.

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The Comfobuds Z make for a unique kind of earbuds; one that lets you listen to sounds to energize you, or listen to sounds that calm you down. Regardless of which you prefer at any given time, it’s a choice you can now make. For more details about it, go to

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