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The ComfoBuds Mini True Wireless Earbuds Are Tiny Powerful Sound


The Problem With Small True Wireless Earbuds

“Good things come in small packages” isn’t always true. But when it comes to today’s wireless headphones — specifically the cable free True Wireless earbuds — the smaller the earbud the better it can fit inside the ear. But size reduction of earbuds hasn’t been an easy thing for a couple of reasons: a small sized earbud isnt going to be able to contain a very large driver (i.e., speaker) which can result in a limited frequency response, muddied sound and very minor bass response; a small sized earbud doesn’t leave much room for the battery which can result in a limited run of the time the earbud can funcion due to the constraints of the electronics and the need for powering the earbuds; a small sized earbud might not have the “room” for putting in a wide variety of technologies, such as active noise cancelation which requires additional hardware; a small sized earbud might not have the ergonomic shape necessary for fitting snugly and comfortably in the ear. So all of these considerations have resulted in earbuds pushing less towards size reduction as a matter of course since it can cause so many difficulties. Who knew?

Of course there should be an exception to all these problems and there should be a true wireless earbud that can overcome all these limitations: it should be able to contain a driver that is able to output a quality sound without limited frequency response and with a good bass response; it should be able to have a battery that will provide a good number of hours of power (and charge up when necessary within a reasonable amount of time); it should have the “room” for putting in additional hardware so as to add additional technologies, like active noise cancelation, and it should have an ergonomic shape that allows it to fit snugly and comfortably in the ear. So we must be talking about 1MORE’s ComfoBuds Mini True Wireless Earbuds.


The Outside Contains The Inside

Those who have used 1MORE’s headphones in the past are aware that this company truly is concerned about providing good sound from their earbuds, regardless of the size of the driver (speaker) that is being used. Price has never been “cheap” but few will argue that their line of audio is stratospheric when it comes to what it costs. In the case of the Mini, the retail is $99.00 so few will say that it is completely out of their price range. We’re getting this out of the picture first thing so that’s that. So lets start with the physical — what we see.

The earbuds are designed more akin to a “plug” with another smaller plug at the front that goes into the ear. Exterior hardware can’t be seen, but each earbud has 2 MEMS microphones — this is used obviously for making/taking calls, but also functions for the technology of active noise cancellation for smoothing out ambient noise. The ANC is provided with a number of modes, from minor to strong, so as to allow for customization as to how much ambient noise is being removed. Added to this is a transparency mode that does what it says, and a wind setting for removing wind issues (a big help while cycling).

But that’s not all what the mikes work out for, because there’s the AI-powered AI deep neural network algorithm to enhance and modify audio between the surface and the inner ear.

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Battery Powered

About the charge -- the Mini provides up to 5 hours and uses USB-C which enables quicker charging, and as a result 10 minutes of charging will bring the power up to around almost 90 minutes of power. Also, with the case being Q1-enabled, the case can go onto a pad and wirelessly charge up. It also adds to the overall time the Mini can be used without having to stop to recharge (being a total of 24 hours).

As to app control, it’s more about adding features: the 1MORE music app adds comfort/soothing sound audio for calming and relaxing; not everyone is interested in such things but having to available means it can be used or disregarded as desired. Additionally, SoundID software built in enables the user/wearer of the Mini to create a personalized profile for sound that is most tailored for this individual.


And Finally The Speaker

Obviously the driver (speaker) must be small, being 7mm, but 1MORE does a number of things to ensure a high frequency response for quality sound: among this being using a Grammy awards-winning sound engineer to tune the audio response so as to make the Mini function at its best. One doesn’t “hear” this tuning, but when listening to higher resolution music (as opposed to low rez) on the Mini, it’s obvious that the audio sounds good.

The 1MORE ComfoBuds Mini True Wireless Earbuds comes with various sized tips, uses the latest Bluetooth version, is IPX5 water resistant and each earbud weighs in at only 3.7 grams. More details can be found at

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