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The Chipolo CARD Spot Wallet Finder Makes Finding Your Wallet Easy


Know When Your Wallet Goes Astray

People like to move about, and that’s always been true in the past and continues today. The advent of cars and buses and airplanes has accelerated the ability of people to move from point a to point b — from when the time was that feet and slow moving beasts or fast horses was considered the quick way to move across space. But with people now moving about, what has changed is what those people are carrying with them now — no, it’s not heavy equipment or food or other material goods, it’s that smartphone in the pocket. But most people continue to carry a wallet in their pocket or in a purse and have to pull it out in order to access all the cards and ID’s and etc. that get stuffed into it. And as a result the opportunity for that wallet to be mislaid or forgotten on a store counter or such has significantly increased. So to the solution for the wallet comes the Chipolo CARD Spot wallet finder.


The Card Spot Likes Being In Your Wallet

Much has been made of those tags that track what they are attached to, but they’re not designed to be put into a wallet and then ignored until needed. Chipolo’s CARD Spot does exactly that, so let’s start with the fact that it doesn’t work with Android phones, because it’s designed to take advantage of Apple’s Find My network (meaning it requires iOS/an iPhone to be part of the mix). So with that in mind, what does the CARD Spot consist of. It’s about the size of a credit card, yet manages to contain a 2 year battery and Bluetooth and other electronic circuitry. 2.4mm/0.09” thin, to be exact. And when it’s time to replace the battery, what you have to do is actually replace the entire card — but in registering you not only get a reminder when it’s time to give it up but also get a discount). Now with a good working battery, the first (and only) thing you need to know is that iOS needs to be put into effect in order to activate the card — and it’s a simple enough procedure reminiscent of pairing a Bluetooth speaker and you just use the Find My app that’s on an iPhone or iPad and the single minute and almost invisible button on the CARD Spot. Once this is done the card just needs to be put into the wallet/purse or any container desired because it’s ready to go.


The CARD Spot Has Your Back...make that Wallet

So let’s try it out by going to our local hardware store (we need some O rings), pull out our wallet to get a credit card and run it through, take the bag and start to head out the door. Where’s the wallet? It’s still on the counter. But before we exit the store the iPhone in our pocket starts squalling that we’re stupid. Yeah, we’re stupid but fortunately the CARD Spot isn’t, letting us know we need to turn around and get our wallet (which was under the watchful eye of the salesperson this whole time). In the car we tried the simple and extremely useful feature we call the “remote control finder” because it’s about finding the wallet when it’s just somewhere at hand but just not in sight. Activating this function on the iPhone has the CARD Spot emit a loud noise that makes it easy to locate. It’s pretty loud so maybe we shouldn’t have tried this in the car. Too bad.


CARD Spot Knows Where Your Wallet Is

The last function goes on the assumption that we left the wallet on the counter and didn’t realize the wallet isn’t in our pocket after the 10 minute ride to get home (actually it’s on the passenger seat). Getting out of the car in our driveway, we bring up Apple’s Find My network which lets us see on a map where the wallet now is. This is possible because Apple’s network is large and works between the various iPhones. The network also works to let you know that the wallet is now retrievable. So even if the wallet is riffled through, the odds that the CARD Spot will be found is minor and so it can continue to do its job to help you retrieve the wallet.

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Additionally, according to Chipolo, anti-stalking features have been built in to help avoid it being used against you surreptitiously.

The CARD Spot wallet finder is a simple and effective means for keeping track of your wallet, although there’s no going against putting it anywhere you might want it to be for it to do its job. Find out more by going to

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