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The Best YouTubers for Call of Duty Content

Call of Duty: WW2 - releasing in retailers everywhere November 3rd, 2017

Call of Duty: WW2 - releasing in retailers everywhere November 3rd, 2017

Who are the Best YouTubers Covering Call of Duty Gameplay, Information and News?

This list will include all of the best YouTube channels that dedicate their content time to everything that is Call of Duty. The FPS franchise that has been leading the way for online video-game warfare since 2007's Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

The current is the key here as all of these YouTubers are still in the business of uploading new video content to their respective channels as of this very moment.

YouTube channels are great for interesting and insightful content, as there are personalities and voices behind the channels. And, all of these YouTubers are gamers and have taken a special interest in the world of Call of Duty, a franchise that is most renowned for its groundbreaking multiplayer features that receive the premium treatment with new titles released yearly.

Another point worth mentioning is that these YouTubers differ in personalities and appeal to their respective channels meaning that there is the perfect opportunity for multiple (free) subscriptions to all of these channels.

Here, we are major fans of the Call of Duty franchise and are always seeking out the latest news regarding gameplay footage, DLC news and supply drop updates given that this is all in the current state of the business model for the leading FPS COD franchise.

The 'NOT' included content creators: Given that Call of Duty is an active franchise with new updates happening regularly to the titles that are most recent in their release cycle this affects the current state of the game as it has new and creative content added throughout their life cycle.

This is why we have not included any YouTube channels that 'used' to release Call of Duty content, or do not release a majority load of Call of Duty content as this may only be a small fraction of their usual content uploads and not enough to benefit from their videos regarding the COD franchise.

Call of Duty is currently being show boated all over the video sharing site, YouTube

Call of Duty is currently being show boated all over the video sharing site, YouTube

Call of Duty's Presence on YouTube: Influence on the Video Social Networking Community

Call of Duty has had the most sort after multiplayer material since 2007's Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, and ever since they have been at the top of their game releasing new COD titles each and every year. This has attracted a wide audience of gamers to the console scene with a hefty view over the franchise as a whole with varying elements that attract different groups of gamers to the franchise.

Many of the consumers who play the COD franchise are young people/teenagers who enjoy the entertainment of communicating and playing in team matches with friends. Although, there is also a large gaming community in their 20's, 30's and 40's who also enjoy the entertainment of Call of Duty combating alongside friends in party matches. But, perhaps the best part of Call of Duty is the fun that can be had playing online solo or with friends giving fun segments to the games design that make any form of play fun for the players.

This has of course garnered a large community of COD gamers/fans to the YouTube world with a lot (and I mean a lot) of YouTube content creators aiming their content to the COD community. It is also worth mentioning that the COD community stands tall with tens of millions of fans of the grandest FPS franchise on the planet.

Each COD content creator YouTuber is unique in their purpose on the YouTube platform, meaning that some simply upload regular gameplay footage and immerse the viewer into the simplicity of just watching another true COD gamer tear a menacing amount of bullet and explosive damage onto the enemy team. These gamers typically include face cam/commentaries that bring the COD fans to a platform where they can feel the level of fun that is had on the COD games.

Moving onto other types of COD content uploading YouTubers on YouTube there are the news input YouTube channels where they aim to give the latest and most up to date news on what is happening with the current life cycle COD titles. This COD news tends to move over trending topics, DLC pack releases, supply drop updates and events that are in the works for the franchise.

Ali-A (no.1 COD YouTuber) - if there is something happening in the Call of Duty atmosphere then chances are that Ali-A has it covered in one of his videos.

Ali-A (no.1 COD YouTuber) - if there is something happening in the Call of Duty atmosphere then chances are that Ali-A has it covered in one of his videos.

The Top 10 Call of Duty YouTubers

Before getting started it might be worth mentioning that all of these YouTube channels are regularly updated with new Call of Duty video content. All include commentaries, COD news updates and everything that happens in the active world of Call of Duty - more prominently of course the multiplayer player base and features.

No.1 - Ali-A

YouTube Subscribers: 8 Million

Ali-A is the no.1 Call of Duty content creator on YouTube for most watched COD video views as recorded by the Guinness World Records. Ali's channel has been growing now for years and has Call of Duty coverage content for his main YouTube channel, and all of his Ali-A channel subscribers are COD fans from the franchises community. An interesting channel for getting the latest gameplay footage for the current content within the latest COD title out at the moment.

Ali-A is a Call of Duty unofficial spokesperson for the franchise community given his 8 million subscriber base influencing millions of COD fans.

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Many of Ali's COD videos are of himself commentating solo gameplay of the most popular and recent Call of Duty title. This typically sees Ali playing on the free-for-all or team death-match game modes, which in my opinion is the more boring of the game modes.

But, as has been stated when it comes to solo gameplay combined with K/D rations many pro players prefer the simplistic, less clustered with chaos game modes that do not have additional objectives. This is due to many of the other (not free-for-all or team death match) game modes influencing the spamming of grenades, grenade launchers and launchers that can get players the luckiest and most insane level of kills.

Ali-A is not a Call of Duty pro player as he has never competed professionally at gaming events around the globe, however Ali is world renowned as a Call of Duty player at the helm of the video-sharing world containing footage for COD titles.

Finally, what are the key areas that are covered through the input of Ali-A's video streams: The near perfectionist gameplay's on free-for-all and team death-match modes are often played on Ali's channel, as well as newly released DLC maps and guns are typically covered as they are released. Also, general Call of Duty news is covered including the new features, new game modes, new DLC content, supply drops, etc. Although, this is all done whilst experiencing the level of gameplay that could only be achieved through a professional gaming standard that is revealed in the background of all of Ali's commentaries for the COD franchise varied content.

No.2 - HollowPoiint

YouTube Subscribers: 1 Million

HollowPoiint is one of the most recent Call of Duty content creators to reach a million subscribers on YouTube and this figure is on the increase which is not a surprise given his entertaining COD gameplay content.

His channel features Call of Duty gameplay and news content as well as a vlog that he infrequently updates with new vlog video uploads that sometimes crossover into the realm of Call of Duty, as for example he has uploaded a few videos of his journey to GameStop returning a couple of copies of the latest COD title. Not even getting back half of what was originally paid for the newest copy of the latest Call of Duty title as GameStop, what is up with that? Well, Hollow has us covered as he takes the journey back to a local GameStop store to see how much money he can get back for the failure which was COD: Infinite Warfare.

Lots of HollowPoiint's video uploads are of his fun/funny moments randomly playing the latest multiplayer functions for the Call of Duty franchise titles. He makes his videos a tad more on the entertaining side by adding in sound effects, written subtitles at funny one word/one line moments that make all of the difference when tuning into his YouTube channel.

HollowPoiint is dedicated to the Call of Duty franchise which is apparent on his channel, but in addition also covers various other video games that have garnered popularity in the FPS genre, including such gaming titles as Rainbow Six: Siege and Battlefield.

What truly pulls HollowPoiint to the no.2 position on this list is his personality as he holds nothing back between himself and his fans/viewers as he tells the Call of Duty community what it is that truly is good and working, and then on the other side what he hates and feels is letting the franchise down.

This point that has just been made above correlates back to Ali-A's (at the no.1 spot for the list) channel which is very careful in terms of the way that he (Ali) expresses his views for the latest Call of Duty titles. This is another reason why we feel that HollowPoiint is working his way to the top of this list as he is very open about his views of Call of Duty and the developers behind the creation of these award winning FPS franchise titles.

No.3 - NerosCinema

YouTube Subscribers: 500 Thousand

NerosCinema is the Call of Duty content creating YouTuber that you will come across in a years time when doing frequent searches on YouTube for Call of Duty gameplay footage and news. Why is this? Well, it has something to do with the fact that although NerosCinema's channel uploads new COD content nearly everyday he is picky about the titles that he will and will not play/support in the Call of Duty (years) lifecycle.

Before 2016 this would not have been the case as for each and every year that Call of Duty previously (2015, going backwards) released a new title there would be one Call of Duty game that would come out in early November. But, in 2016 things changes as Call of Duty released the solo Infinite Warfare game and the digital deluxe edition for Infinite Warfare that was bundled with a remaster for COD 4 (released back in 2007) named Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered.

Getting back to the point of NerosCinema's channel is that he opted for the support of Modern Warfare Remastered over that of Infinite Warfare, a reason that he made because he did not enjoy the advanced movement systems on Infinite Warfare as much as he liked the boots-on-the-ground experience that was to be had on Modern Warfare Remastered. Only flaw in this move was that YouTube is a business and Modern Warfare Remastered was beneath the pile when it came to the most watched Call of Duty title videos, this of course being in the direction of that of Infinite Warfare.

Do not get me wrong NerosCinema's channel has received confident stats with frequent repeat viewers returning at an average of 30-40 thousand views per video uploading whilst doing daily coverage for Modern Warfare Remastered. But, many may have argued that this viewership and increase in subscribers may have been more favourable in the line of covering that of Infinite Warfare for 2016/crossover 2017.

Excitement all the way. NerosCinema's channel covers everything to do with Call of Duty as a franchise, making Nero an almost unofficial spokesperson for the COD community. Simply think of NerosCinema as the news channel for Call of Duty.

No.4 - MerkMusic

YouTube Subscribers: 3 Million

MerkMusic was the one that I could have nearly overlooked at my time scrolling through Modern Warfare Remastered videos and most recently COD: WW2 videos as his videos are a little different from other YouTubers. Little did I know that after watching just 2 of his Call of Duty content covered videos I would be hooked. Honestly, his videos pretty much on this channel only cover Call of Duty content and his personality is so fun and relatable that this may be one of the best subscriptions that you have ever made on YouTube. His content is uploaded every other day which are always videos worth looking forward to.

MerkMusic uses a face-cam for his video commentaries for Call of Duty and is extremely witty and offers a lot of immersive content. This is one of the few Call of Duty content creators on YouTube to typically hit the 1 million mark for viewership on lots of his videos.

MerkMusic plays all of the latest Call of Duty content, be it an entirely new COD title, a new DLC map pack or even a weekend event that is happening in the current stage of a COD game. This is a guy that you will want to stay up to date on regarding his uploading activity. You may want to hit the notification bell icon for this YouTuber on his channel which can be located right next to the subscribe button.


YouTube Subscribers: 5 Million

I AM WILDCAT firstly has a very memorable voice that will keep you entertained whilst he plays video games of all kinds. There is a lot of video game content covered on his website, most popular of course being that of Call of Duty and GTA V, everyones favourite gaming franchises on the console.

I AM WILDCAT, as well as being fun to say, is an enjoyable and relatable YouTuber as well as channel content sharer for the YouTube community as well as for the Call of Duty franchise community as he is a pretty good Call of Duty player. Yeah, he rages at times, but this is also part of the entertainment that his channel provides.

I AM WILDCAT also has the best Call of Duty videos that see a commentary of the channel owner and friends immersing in the COD gameplay scene within the same party. This includes gameplay sessions where we see and here the gameplay footage and commentary for Call of Duty but for the majority of the time just listen to WILDCAT talk to friends in his party (that we can also hear) as they sit back and enjoy the COD gameplay experience.

These WILDCAT and friends Call of Duty gameplay sessions have been known to include some other famous gaming YouTubers like EliteShot and NadeShot (no resemblance to one another). These are the only other voices that I could recognise, but there have been many others over the Call of Duty gameplay uploads on I AM WILDCAT's channel.

No.6 - Nerd Plays

YouTube Subscribers: 800 Thousand

Nerd Plays is the second channel owned by MerkMusic where he uploads more Call of Duty gameplay videos, but on this channel the difference is that he plays in a party with friends rather than rocking it solo on the Call of Duty titles that he uploads footage and commentaries for.

The gameplay, since it is of that of MerkMusic's, is very entertaining and always a close game since he has been known to take the COD games rather serious on his channel. Although, this often translates to, "I play this game for fun, not the competitive K/D or rank ups/prestiges".

This channel has been specifically entertaining if we are talking about the current state/life cycle for Call of Duty on the Modern Warfare Remastered front with gameplay often revolving around weekend warfare special modes or unique seasonal events.

And, like many Call of Duty fans in the years crossing over from 2016/17 there has been a revival of players returning to Black Ops 3 due to a large percentage of the COD community not liking Infinite Warfare or Modern Warfare Remastered.

So, when on Nerd Plays be sure to see a lot of content angled towards Call of Duty: WW2 (the BETA), Modern Warfare Remastered and Black Ops 3.

No.7 - DriftOr

YouTube Subscribers: 1 Million

DriftOr's YouTube channel is one that stands out as there are some phenomenal gameplay's to be seen on the channel. He uploads regular COD content and offers an insightful view of each of the COD titles as well as insider news regarding the up and upcoming DLC's, weapons, cosmetics, and everything else regarding the supply drops that have been implemented into the COD franchise titles.

DriftOr's content covers Call of Duty: WW2, Modern Warfare Remastered and Infinite Warfare, with some controversial opinions that bring his channel to a more unique point on YouTube.

If you are a fan of the Call of Duty franchise in its current state or not this is a channel not to excuse as there is a lot of tidbit information that is added through the commentary of his videos.

No.8 - PrestigeIsKey

YouTube Subscribers: 1 Million

Like DriftOr, PrestigeIsKey has a lot of tidbit information regarding Call of Duty that other YouTube COD content creators have either missed or have little interest in telling their viewers about.

This is why PrestigeIsKey is a good COD content creator as there is always more information that could be covered but simply gets missed or ignored by other YouTubers in the industry for video-sharing.

A lot of key COD content to keep up to date with regarding the PrestigeIsKey content, especially with the newly released Call of Duty: WW2 BETA having just been released to PS4 players around the world.

No.9 - NadeShot

YouTube Subscribers: 2 Million

Wanna watch a professional Call of Duty player play COD, then look no further as NadeShot is a YouTuber that uploads regular COD content through his channel that has garnered reputation due to his status as an ex-member of the Optic clan that competed professionally in Call of Duty held events around the world.

NadeShot also includes a vlog on his channel that is constantly getting the star treatment with hundreds of thousands of views on each and every one of his vlog uploads. But, NadeShot is at heart still a Call of Duty professional as he takes his gameplay's to the next level holding private tournaments within his videos between himself and ex-members/new members of the Optic clan, and the more recently successful Faze clan members (new and old).

NadeShot is one of the best Call of Duty players that I have ever seen upload gameplay footage to YouTube, but for those who find watched search and destroy matches a little boring and slow may find many of his videos whilst playing Call of Duty titles to be just that given that he mainly plays s & d.

An interesting YouTube personality who knows a lot about the Call of Duty franchises and has inside knowledge and experience with the professional side to the franchise that the COD community could, or may find interesting and insightful.

No.10 - MrDalekJD

YouTube Subscribers: 1 Million

MrDalexJD, a name that immediately brought me down the mind path of Dr. Who which has absolutely no relevance to MrDalek's channel whatsoever so we will leave that there.

MrDalek in actual fact uploads regular Call of Duty content but in a different feature that we are all used to entirely. Many may have been thinking that this clearly means no online gameplay through his channel so probably the COD campaign coverage. These people would be misinformed and incorrect as in actual reality MrDalek uploads Call of Duty - zombies content.

These videos include commentary and gameplay footage from various Call of Duty titles (Treyarch, Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games). As well as indie private made COD: zombies modes that have been modded by fans of the COD franchise.

If you need the latest scoop on the COD - zombies news then you would be best informed by MrDalekJD. This is the person who has also had contact with the most recent Call of Duty developer, Sledgehammer Games, on their work for their latest COD release in November 2017 for all the inside information regarding their to-be zombies game mode.

MrDalek would say it better, but for fans looking forward to the release of Call of Duty: WW2 we can expect a much darker and scarier, suspenseful zombies game mode in the release for this years Call of Duty: WW2.

Honourable Mentions - Shout Outs


YouTube Subscribers: 20 Thousand

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