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The Best Apps You Can Use Without WiFi or Unlimited Data In 2020

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Why You Should Go Offline With Apps?

The basic apps on most mobile devices and laptops other products are actually very functional after you have them all set up with your login information and keeping up with usual updates and installations. Some apps and programs may need a little data or Wifi for the full features and functions to properly work. But once that is all said and done, these apps and services are ready to go. Some apps may just need your NFC, Bluetooth or GPS settings on just to work basics. Others will even work while on your memory cards and flash drive sticks (SanDisk Wireless Connect Drive). A lot of apps may ask you to pay a small fee to get offline access and that because they will need you to use your internal memory on your device for downloads. Internet browsers give you offline access to download photos, docs, movie, music, and other files. You can even browse the full website offline. With this if two users are using the same app or browser, they can even share between devices without having WiFi connection or Mobile Data. That of course, means you'll need a little internet access in order for this to work. So in this article below, we'll discuss some of the best applications and services you can use for offline access when the Internet isn't accessible. You can listen to music, listen to podcasts, play games, check the weather forecasts, read books and news articles without the internet. Did you also know you can make calls and texts without having WiFi or Data? See below.


Pocket: All in One App for Reading, Video, and Audio

The pocket is an infamous application for all platforms! This app will keep you productive, entertained and focused. Its best feature is its offline access for everyone! No need for premium subscriptions or anything like that at all! You download this app and set it up to your likings. The app will let you read your favorite web links, tweets and even youtube videos! You can turn the web articles into webcasts or podcasts by allowing the app to read out loud the articles. This app is also 1 of my favorites of ALL-TIME! Definitely and highly recommend it! Check it out now on Google, Apple, Windows, and the web.


GOOGLE DRIVE: Free Cloud Service For Business and Personal

Google Drive is known for one of the best cloud storage services around. You can backup files, docs, sheets, powerpoints, music, and video files. This app and service offer 15GB of cloud storage for free. You also can store and save these files for offline use on your mobile device. There is a premium service for it called Google One which is monthly and yearly. If you need more cloud storage you pay as low as $1.99/monthly for 100GB or $29.99/yearly with any mobile platform. Check out Google Drive if you need storage and space.


SmartNews App (best offline news app for reading, saving, and watching videos)

Smart news application is one of my favorite news apps to keep up with the latest breaking news and how I can read articles while offline or if there is no internet access. You can even watch videos in the application while offline. The key to getting this to work in that way is once you have an internet connection or wifi, just open the app and allow it to sync via the internet. Once the app has fully synced for that time being you'll be able to access the latest articles and videos. You also have cool features that will let you use other apps inside the app at once. You can share the offline articles with family and friends via your SMS or messenger apps as well. This application is a highly recommended app.


Google Chrome Browser For Offline Web Browsing

Google Chrome Browser is one of the biggest if not the best browser for most operating systems including the mobile OS in the world. You can do a lot of cool things with this web browser and mobile browser. One cool and good thing you can do with this browser is view webpages offline! You can even view a whole website for offline. The way you can do this is by searching for the website of your choice via the Chrome browser. Next tap on the download button in your browser menu. That is it! Give this a try in the Google Chrome Browser. For most Android devices this browser is pre-installed. For the iPhones and iPads, you'll need to download this browser from the Apple App Store.

Listening To Music and Audio Without Internet or WiFi Offline

There are actually three ways you can listen to music and other types of audio files offline without having the Internet or WiFi. So lets discuss these many ways.

1) FM Radio Apps- For most Android phones and tablets today include their very own FM Radio application pre-installed on the devices. You can listen to the radio via headphones and having the headphone jack equipped. Now, this may not be the best way but this is and always have been available for most Android users. Devices like Nokia, SONY, LG, Samsung, Motorola, BLU, ZTE, and Alcatels usually include FM radio chips. Some manufacturers do deactivate it for particular reasons. But, most phones have it active. There is also one cool app on the Google Play store that is compatible with most devices with FM radio. This application is NextRadioApp. It is 100% Free to download and use. This radio app gives you live information about the stations and what is on right now. Highly recommend this app for radio and offline listening.

2) Google Play Music app- The Google Play Music app is Google's own music player and music service for free or monthly subscription. You can even store your whole music library to the service and then sync your collection and download to your device for offline listening. Google Play Music even offers some music to add and download for free from various artists. Take your music library every you go with the app.

3) Cloud services and apps. You could store your music files also in the cloud and download for offline listening.

4) Micro SD Card. Using a micro sd card is another option for music files and other audio files.

With all these many options of listening to music and other audio files and different apps, its hard to deny why you would depend on the Internet or WiFi for music. It is up to you the users and consumers on how you want your audio and music to be heard. I feel that Google Play Music and NextRadioApp apps are the best options.

NextRadioApp a Data Free Music App For Android Only

Watching Movies and TV shows Offline

Remember the days when carriers like T-Mobile and the smartphone manufacturers would offer a free movie download when you signed up or order phone from the carriers? You were able to watch movies offline then. The apps and services have gotten cluttered today with different offers and bundles to get you your movie and tv collection all in one place and to download them. Some of the best apps that give you this feature to download offline are Google Play Movies, iTunes, MoviesAnywhere, VUDU, and Prime Video. These are the best for offering free downloadables of media content. The best-paid subscription movie apps and tv for downloading are Youtube Premium and Netflix. But, there are other websites and these things called APKs that users and consumers use as alternatives. Maybe there will be an article about top premium apks and websites chapter coming. But as mentioned these are the best to use in these cases. Check them all out.


There are a lot of map apps and travel apps that help you get to your destinations and keep track of transits and traffic. Some these apps once setup to your likings will still work and track locations even without data and wifi. I know a lot of people dont like to be tracked but this is useful for when you get lost or stuck somewhere you are unfamiliar with. The key why these apps still give you type connection without internet access is because the GPS settings in your mobile devices is still turn on. Now unless you are in airplane mode or have the GPS settings off, it is likely in most cases then others wont find directions. But the best offline map apps are Google Maps, Here, WeGo, and Transit app. Check these apps out now on Google Play and App store.

Gaming Offline

Gaming is a craze in the mobile industry and online as well. Gaming seems to rule the world from role-playing games to poker gaming. But did you know that are so many gaming titles and platforms that allow you to game offline without internet or data connection? There is one particular application you will only need just to get you going and started. This app is the Google Play Games application! Yes! Google Play games include some of the best games already for free and without the needing to have internet access to play them. These are Snake, PAC-MAN, CRICKET, and Solitaire. All these games you see included in the Google Play Games application and they are all for free! But there are still other games available to download that you can play offline. So check out the Google Play games app.

Weather App

Weather is an important thing to know when you are traveling and or spending time outside. There are a couple of ways to keep up with the weather on your mobile devices in a time of a disaster. You can check the weather via your radio app or having a standalone weather app that views for offline access. One cool app that works offline and can show you updated weather. Its called AccuWeather. check this out now on google Play and apple app store.

Using SMS/MMS and Messenger Apps Without Internet or WiFi

Before we had internet connection on our mobile devices we communicated by texting and calling. And if you needed to use the internet, you use a PC or laptop to instant message a family member or friend or colleague. But today's mobile devices and cellular phone plans let you do all things in communicating. With Apple, you have iMessage and FaceTime. Google has now Android Messages and Duo for messaging and video chat. But the way Apple's iMessaging platform is setup, you will have to have the Internet or WiFi to send messages. But, with Android and Google platform for texting, you don't always have to have Cellular Data or even WiFi to just send a basic message. I give a higher score to Google and Android for allowing Android Messages or even an Android OEM messaging app to allow text messages through with data or WiFi. What if you are on a limited data plan and have no WiFi access in the area which you live or travel to? With Apple's iPhone, you wouldn't be able to send a text until you have upgraded your data plan or found free WiFi Hotspot. Shame on you Apple! With Android phones you can use the phones without internet or having WiFi all the time to call or text. The key is to have an active cellular phone plan even if it is just calls and text plan. Most carriers will allow you to use 3rd party SMS/MMS applications even without data or wifi. You can even use Facebook or Skype Messenger apps as default so you can text and instant message your love ones offline. Now in 2020, you can use the textnow app for free on the Sprint's Nationwide Network for free. You are even able to use Google Hangouts and Google Voice with TextNow's new Talk and Text servicer. Which is pretty cool! The downside to offline messaging is that you won't be able to read the sent weblinks or video links from chrome or youtube because those required the Internet if the website or youtube video isn't downloaded already to the device in which you are using at that time. So if you want to be able to message without paying for internet or WiFi, your best bet would be to have an Android phone or tablet. If you want to know how to set these apps up to work without the Internet or Wifi, below are some tutorial videos that will guide you through this setup process.

BEST SMS/MMS For Online and Offline Access

TextNow New Free unlimited Talk and Text Plan Works Without Wifi On Unlimited Data


How To Use Facebook Messenger and Skype Offline Chats

Reading Books and Magazines Offline

For those of you who are familiar with ebooks know of the Kindle ebook reader, iPad and probably the Nook tablets. Ebooks are digital copies of the physical hardback books and magazines. With a digital copy, it is much easier for a consumer to have the whole library on the go with them and if you are not around wifi or data you can still read where you left off. There is an app for Amazon, iBooks, Google Books and Nook. Which one is your favorite for ebooks and magazines? Leave a comment below.

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Bonus: Is There A Way To Use Social Media Apps Offline?

Yes, there is a way to use social media apps offline without internet or Wifi. For some people this may be tricky and take some time to do once you get all these apps and have to remember your login information for your social media accounts and then be able to link them all to some 3rd party apps which then you are allowing these apps to have permissions to view your accounts. This is very risky. But, if you truly need to stay connected these of the best apps for you to use and have when away from WiFi or limited Data connection.

Best 3rd Party apps for Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit.

For Facebook and Twitter alone, you can still use SMS and MMS as a form to stay connected with your Facebook Family and Friends. You can even still instant message them using the Facebook Messenger app. You all your Messenger app to see your SMS and Facebook profile to allow access to contact list to message. You can even reply back to comments and post to your facebook account right from iMessages or your default messages app on your Google or Android phone. This tip and trick can also work with your 3rd party Android SMS apps from the Google Play Store. Facebook has a feature right in the app that allows you to save a photo and view or read post later by selecting their bookmark icon. So you can go back to that post or picture and view for later.

Twitter also allows you to send tweets and retweets without having the need to use your twitter app. That app needs WiFi and Data, But you can send tweets and retweets and replies with SMS and MMS features as well. There are also 3rd party apps that will allow you to save tweets and even read tweets and share them via sms or mms if you have family and friends that dont tweet. Apps like SmartNews (iOS and Android) and other apps like Pocket, Evernote, and IFTTT will allow you to save and share tweets. One cool app thats only found on the google play store that works really well offline and works with your twitter account the app is called Palabre. It looks cleaner and well polished as a news app and RSS application and allows you to read your tweets offline. Palabre can only be found on Android and Google Play Store.

The best 3rd party apps for Reddit. These apps are both on the Google Play store as well as the Apple app store. Both will allow you to read posts from Reddit right offline. They are called Reddit Offline and Slide. But I like Slide much better and it looks very good and well done on the iOS platform for reading offline using your iPhone. It is also customizable as well. So give these 3rd party apps some try. Turn on Airplane mode and watch the magic happen.


Did You Know About All of This?

Well, that wraps up about everything. So as you can see based these findings and discoveries, there is so much more can actually do with your mobile devices even without needing any internet access or WiFi.

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