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The Artellia Monno 5-in-1 35W Wireless Charging Station Can Handle 5 Devices At One Time

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Lots of Devices That Need Charging

So there are all these smartphones and watches and tablets and earbuds proliferating our lives to bring joy and productivity to what we do. But these devices are supposed to eliminate having to plug in power adapters because they’re wireless. And wireless is supposed to mean less clutter and certainly less cables messing up a table or night stand or desk. However it seems the opposite has come into play. So while all these devices might work using the Qi wireless standard — where the back of the device just needs to be put down upon a “mat” which has special tech inside that connects wirelessly to provide power— there seems to be too much for that “mat” to handle. And by matt we mean a wireless charging pad or surface that can take 1 or 2 such devices.

But what happens when you have a lot of said devices and you don’t want them having to be put all over the place for charging? Does that mean you have to get a number of these wireless charging pads and place them down? That costs more than one would like, plus where’s that “less clutter, more open space” on your surfaces? Gone, is where. So bite the bullet and put up with lots of cables snaking around might be one answer.

A better answer is Monno, the 5-in-1 35W Wireless Charging Station that laughs at you having more than 1 or 2 or even 3 devices needing charging. Because Monno can handle charging for up to 5 (!) devices at once.


The Monno's Got Looks Outside And Inside

So before we get to the wireless, we should get to how Monno looks and what makes it special (besides all the wireless charging). Outside looking is easy; Monno is sleek and covered in good looking and a gentle looking, smooth off-white or black fabric that won’t scratch the heck out of what gets placed on it. There’s a black version too, but we prefer the other. The bottom has an anti-skid silicone base that won’t mar the surface of what it gets placed on, nor will it dance around like a jumping bean when devices get placed on it. The ports and power input (USB-C) are on the sides but don’t stick out or scream about their presence. There's also a LED light that "breathes" when in use or flashes if something doesn't seem right.

But what you can’t see is just as important and we’ll start with the voltage running through that is going to charge up to 3 Qi-compatible devices placed on it. There’s 35 watts of power coursing through it and going up and into 7 coils that than translate the electicitiy into wireless power for the devices’ batteries (to be more specific: fast charging for iPhones via 7.5 watts and 10 watts for other devices). Artellia says it can charge 3 devices that are fully dead (i.e., depleted) to 50% power in just 50 minutes — a feat due to Monno being 3.5X faster than other wireless chargers now on the market. But maybe all that power is generating heat that can 1)damage the surface of what Monno is on, and 2)damage the devices that are lying on it. That would be true if the creators hadn’t thought of that and built in a cooling system utilizing dual fans.


It's Not Only Wireless That Can Get Charged

But in the interest of transparency, we have to make one thing clear — Monno also has two USB Type-A ports for bringing the total of devices that can be charged up to 5. Considering how many non-wireless mobile devices are still out there — tablets for sure and a lot of smartphones still — it makes good sense to have these ports. So effectively Monno becomes a “hub” because it doesn’t discriminate against non-wireless. And because of these two hubs, power adapters and their associated cables take a hike — eliminating recyclable needs later (or in unfortunately too many cases, tossing/dumping old chargers out, not to mention having to replace old ones with new).


As noted above, the Artellia Monno 5-in-1 35W Wireless Charging Station works with the Qi standard and so you’re not locked out because of some proprietary system. And for sure it can work through the majority of smartphone cases. Monno weighs in at 10 ounces and comes in size-wise at about 9” x 3.75” x 0.83”. For more details go to https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/113023231/the-1st-35w-wireless-charger-to-charge-5-devices-together

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