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The Age of Social Media Enlightenment Is Here to Stay


Ken is a retired entrepreneur. He is married with two adult children and nine grandchildren. He loves traveling and any beach that has sand.


Marketing using social media analytics is the current thing to do nowadays

Keyword SEO marketing… blogging with keywords… topic keywords… and the list goes on, and on. From most of the articles I have read online, once I have identified my potential audience, I am supposed to do keyword research on my audience’s desires, then do topic research to see what they will read before I even think about putting pen to paper. It darn near takes the fun out of simply writing what I am thinking or feeling.

Hence, the topic I choose to discuss with you is appropriately named “Analysis Paralysis.”

Obviously, I understand I need to attend to these tasks sooner rather than later if I want my works to be read by millions of readers. But, by doing so, I find all this research, and analysis is influencing what I end up writing! The gist of what I am trying to convey gets tangled in a mess with all the research and keywords I use to score high enough on some unknown algorithm.

Triggering a reader's imagination is the sole purpose of writing in the first place. Every writer wants to tap their audience's minds, much the same as J.K. Rowling has when she wrote the "Harry Potter" series. We all dream of being that successful with our readers.

When we are pressed to include certain keywords and phrases to draw as large an audience as possible, in my opinion, it alters the message being conveyed.

Subliminal keywords: (apps, data, blog, code)

Instead of writing for you, the reader, I am now juxtaposing my words to make sure they align with the Gods of the algorithm. I must confess, I haven’t had much practice at all writing like this. I normally just sit my butt down and write until my words stop flowing.

I am not adept at this “social media marketing” aspect of writing. In fact, I am just the opposite. I’m quite aloof in trying to paint by someone else’s numbers. I find it difficult to remember all these new subtleties while realigning them into the context of my article.

Maybe it is just me! After all, I do come from a very old school of thought that taught me the message is more important than the manner in which it is received.

How many of these SEO words am I supposed to use in each article? It beats me! Does it have to be so many keywords per 100 words written? From what I have read, I am supposed to inject these words nonchalantly into my sentences without tipping my hand as to what I'm trying to accomplish. Sorry folks, I'm not that suave!

More keywords: Google critical update, algorithm, ranking signal

Oh look, here’s a couple of those keyword things laying on the ground: analysis paralysis. I think I’ll put those away in my pocket for use at a later date. On second thought, wait, I think these fit right here in this part of my article, so I’m going to go ahead and use them.

Analysis paralysis is what happens when you think about the problem far longer than you act on the problem. You see, keyword strategy can consume way more of your writing time, allowing you to accomplish less than you had hoped. That strategy can also cause a lack of self-confidence, “in a funk-ness,” and depression. It can be, and is one of the primary causes of writer's block!

Once I realized this was happening to me, I resolved to write my normal, old-fashioned way. I find it is better to edit what I have written after I've written it, to try to incorporate all these keywords and necessary phrases. However, let me warn you: I will not compromise the integrity of the article solely to achieve some higher score of unknown specificity.

Don’t be surprised though, if someday, you search for something like this article and it arrives at the very top of Google's algorithm. Just search for it under ANALYSIS PARALYSIS.

Thanks for reading this!

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