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The Advantages of Internet

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Introductory picture on internet advantages

Introductory picture on internet advantages

Dynamism is observed everywhere. Anything involving mobility lasts longer than those which are stagnant and lack re-branding. What works today may become nearly invalid in the next twenty years. Currently, internet has come and has stayed for long time as a product of the dynamism.

In this twenty first century, it is hard for any day to pass without people reaping from the benefits internet has offered to the society. The power of internet cannot be overemphasized because the world would have been more difficult without its contribution. On many occasions, debates have been organised on the advantages or the importance of internet. As technological advancement makes increase, so is the internet advanced. Today, we see the advantages of internet service in education, banks, companies and industries, agriculture, offices just to mention but a few. Sometimes, when students are given assignments in the school and while after searching through the internet do not find the answers; they feel bad because the internet is the biggest library on this planet. It does not end on the free articles that can be accessed through it but so many textbooks can be purchased through it as well.

What is internet? Many authors, teachers, computer lecturers, religious and non-religious have aired their views on the definition of the word “internet”. According to Oxford Advanced Learners dictionary, internet is a global computer network providing a variety of information and communication facilities, consisting of interconnected networks using standardized communication protocols. According to, internet is a vast computer networks worldwide. It goes further to explain that internet includes commercial, educational, governmental, and other networks, all of which use the same set of communications protocols. Without common or same set of protocols being used by computers that are in one network, there will be no internet connection. In this condition, there will be error message when the internet users want to access the net. Internet is made up of network of computers which are all linked together under one common set of protocols.

As the author of this article, I can count a number of persons whom I know very well that carry out their commercial activities through the internet. The emergence and development of the internet has been an added advantage to the commercial sector all over the world. Before, a place for commercial activities is seen as the market or industries but that is no longer the same with the value added by the internet service. In the subsequent subheading, instances will be given on how this is made possible by the internet.

The Advantages in Commerce

In the less developed countries of the world, people think that the only way through which business transactions are carried out is whenever one visit markets or established companies for such activities. Commerce with the help of internet service has gone beyond this understanding in a very big way. People today stay at the comfort of their homes and carry out “clean and neat” business transactions with less stress. How is this possible? Wait… you will soon see how this is made possible.

Amazon for example has been carrying out business transactions through the internet for years now. Amazon is a website that sales products of various kinds to people all over the world through the internet. The products being sold by Amazon Company cut across electronics, wears, pets, babies, cosmetics, educational materials, and many others. The company has been growing from strength to strength for many years now. As years are added, the company continues to add more values to the services they offer to the customers.

But how do people engage in commercial activities at Amazon. If you as a customer or a person want to buy any product of your choice and visits Amazon through the website .com, the computer will prompt a command telling you to sign-in or signup if you have not created account with the company. When you are done with the creation of the account, you will see a part of design of the website at the top labelled “search”. You are expected to type the name of the product you want to buy in the space provided in the same line with the “search”. After typing the product you want to buy and click on the “search”, the list of the products you searched for will be displayed. What you need to do is to click on any of the products and on click buy. You will be taken to the section where you will fill your ATM or debit card information (financial information). After filling, the money will be debited from your bank account bearing the debit card. At the end of the process, the product you ordered for through Amazon Company will be supplied to the address you filled when you were placing the order. Amazon partner with many business companies to sale the companies’ products and take their own commission out of it.

There are many other companies that offer online transactions by selling of products apart from Amazon. Examples of such companies are Konga (Nigeria), Fiverr, eBay, Facebook Shopify (United States), Jumai (Nigeria) and many others. These companies offer many products which can be found in market places. Facebook newly started carrying out business transaction in the recent time through the program it call Shopify.

Another arm through which the internet is an advantage to the commercial sector is through advertising of companies products. The power of advertising through the internet has given some merchants products more visibility than others. It is a very big plus as it has helped newly established companies grow. How is that possible? Through advertising of newly manufactured products, the products become know by people and people can buy the products in real life. Also, when companies are running promotion toward the end of year, they let people know about it through the internet which in turn promote their sales.

Picture explaining the internet.

Picture explaining the internet.

The Advantages of Internet in the Education Sector

How much positive impact do you think internet has made to education sector? Do you think it is good to amplify the positive contribution to the sector? The fact remains that the modern formal education cannot do without internet.

Exploration of this subheading is capable of making a complete textbook. Of the truth, internet has contributed greatly to education sector. Let me drive your attention to another dimension you will be surprised to know. Some years back when the internet has not been fixed, some lecturers in some technical institutions where technological advancement is not optimum kept feeding the students with outdated information. The students came to discover through the internet that what they were fed with by their lecturers is outdated through the internet. How this truth is made possible? This is made possible because through the internet, the students in technical institutions found out some write-ups which are more advanced than what they were thought by their lecturers in the initial stages. Books on the internet are written by authors from different parts of the world and because of this, the students came across those written by authors from advanced technical countries.

Students who are not financially buoyant are now making it financially with the help of the internet. The question that a reader of this piece may ask is how? It is so because the students carryout internet business which add some money to their pockets. With the help of the skills that the students acquired, they can render services to clients through the internet and get paid for that. Some of the services they can render through the net are article writing, web design, graphical designs, and so many others.

On the other hand, days are gone when students search for scholarships to enroll in through manually designed posters. Today, there are thousands of scholarships which are offered to the students and they come to know about them through the internet. Most students who are beneficiaries of international scholarships knew about that through the internet. Internet plays basic roles when it comes to education.

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Advantages of the Internet in Companies and Offices

The internet plays very important role in companies and offices. Proper management activities need the internet to be run very effectively in the 21st century. Without good internet connection being established in offices, the managements will be lacking information that is needed for the companies’ growth.

In an office that that deals on international affairs for instance, the office may need to send urgent documents to other countries. The documents in this state can be sent through email address. For that to be achieved, the internet has to be used. Without proper internet connection, it will be hard for this kind of message/documents to be communicated to the intended countries. Companies that base in architectural drawings which can be sent abroad for such drawings to be established as full house cannot be transferred through no other easier process rather than the internet.

Manufacturing companies of the new generation cannot do much without the advantages offered by the internet. In one way or the other, these companies will be in need of the internet to run their activities affectively. There will be a point when the company will need more information on how to spice up and add value to what they do, what they do at this state is to source for materials through the internet that they will use to accomplish this.

Internet and Banking Sector

Have you ever gone to the bank and the bank’s customers care told you that they cannot satisfactory attend to you because they were having network challenge? At that point, the “network challenge” you were told by the bank staff can simply be interpreted as poor internet signal or strength. That is to tell you that the modern day bank cannot do without the internet. The power of internet in the banking sector should not in any way be undermined. If you remove the internet from the modern day banking, the banking sector becomes nothing. Honestly, the sector cannot do without the internet being put in place.

In the recent time, the new advancement established by the banking sector is called the internet banking. What it means is that account holders in various banks all over the world can carry out banking transactions at the comfort of their own homes. It is no longer those days when you needed to be in the banking halls before you can send money to friends and relatives. Now, you can do such right in your home within a limited time. The good thing about the internet banking is that it is not stressful and at the same time convenient.

Let us look into the Automated Teller Machines (ATM) used in various banks all over the world. Do you think that these ATMs which are properly programmed can work effectively without the internet? Internet has its role to play in them. Have you in any time gone to Automated Teller Machines and see the information that reads “out of service”. This kind of information usually display when the internet service is bad. That is to tell you that the ATM cannot work without the internet connection being put in place.

Most websites start with www. The www means world Wide Web.

Most websites start with www. The www means world Wide Web.

Advantages of Internet as seen in Agricultural Advancement

Does the internet contribute to agricultural advancement in any way? What business does the internet have with agricultural development? When you first saw this subheading, did you think it will make any sense? That is to ask if it is possible to see the advantages of internet as related to the agricultural sector or department. Do you think the author can win this argument?

Let’s begin by making a clear point that there are many websites that offer free tutorials to agriculturalists on how to make it effectively. These websites offer free educational training on how to improve both domestic and crop farming aspects. There are new trends on how to increase maturity of animals within few months which are usually discovered in Europe. Some farmers who are living far from this continent may not have the time and money to travel to the location and learn that rather they learn that through the internet.

Agricultural materials at the same time can be purchased at cheaper cost through the internet which in turn promotes agriculture in one way or the other. Days are gone when the rich dealers in agricultural equipment take themselves as the only channel through which farmers can only have the accessories. Today, farmers make purchase of such materials easily through the net (same as internet). At the same time, there may be livestock feds which may be lacking in a country and can be found in another. What farmers at this point do is to make order of the feed from that country through the internet. The internet is truly of great advantage to the agricultural sector.


Internet plays very important roles. The advantages of internet cannot be totally explored no matter who the author or person is. In our everyday life, we meet the advantages of internet in one way or the other. In this topic, discussed are the advantages of internet as it touches many areas.


Okwuagbala Uzochukwu Mike P (author) from Anambra State, Nigeria on July 25, 2016:

Blessings to you Rachel. Am happy you got the information right.

Rachel L Alba from Every Day Cooking and Baking on July 24, 2016:

There is a lot I have learned on the internet. I never dreamed of such a thing when I was a child or even 30 or 40 years ago. Thanks for your information.

Blessings to you.

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