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Ten Types of Phone Repairers

Nyamweya is a columnist with a Kenyan print media.He is also a freelance writer with various online and offline media platforms

Phone repairers are among the people you have to encounter occasionally; to deal with your phone whenever something goes wrong with it. However, whether your phone will come out in a normal state or not depends on which phone technician you encountered. Below are ten types of phone repairers you will come across.

The Quack

He just ventured into the craft due to hardship but has no skill to repair phones. When you take him your phone that just went off, he will still ask you why its not switching on? You will hear many clients complaining that they took their phones their but messed it. He only relies on guesswork when making these repairs. Many of the clients who visit his workshop are those who don’t understand the chap.

The crafty one

He removes valuable original components from your expensive phone and replaces them with cheap, second hand ones. He makes sure he doesn’t work on your phone when you are around lest his mission fail. He then proceeds to selling them to third parties long after you have gone. You will only realize that something is wrong with your phone when it gradually goes into a worse state than before. Others will charge money to replace a certain component that got damaged yet it is a batter wire that got loose.

The lazy one

Two weeks down the line after you left your phone with a broken screen at his cubicle workshop, you will still see your phone gathering dust at the dirty shelves. He still has the audacity to tell you, come for your phone in 30 minutes time but you will still find he hasn’t touched it. When you find him seeping tea during “office hours” he will claim that he is not in the right state of mind and so you need to give him time to sort himself out.

The confused

He will give somebody else your expensive phone thinking that it is hers only to ask you if you really left your phone at his place. He will start looking for phone battery, cover or memory cards since he displaced them immediately you left. The shelves of his workshop are confused too with scrap phone mixed with those of the client with no labels.

Jack of all Trade

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This is not the type of fundi to take your phone to when you need it urgently. He only appears at his workshop for a few hours after which he disappears to other businesses. Every time you go there, you will be told, the technician is not available, making your relatives or friends to start thinking if you were kidnapped for being out of reach for too long. Sometimes, you will find his workshop closed for a whole week and no number to call to know his whereabouts.

The concerned/gentleman

This one is treasured by the locals for being concerned and a gentleman. He will tell you sorry for this after you tell him that your 2 year old smashed your phone and left the screen completely damaged. Besides, he starts repairing it immediately as you are looking and give you a kabambe to use while repairing your gadget. He also keeps his word and when he tells you to come back after one hour, and then you are sure to get your phone repaired.

The Muchene King/Story Teller

He is that talkative kind. He will keep you busy with stories while repairing other people’s phones before your turn reaches. The intention is to keep you from kuboeka and go away. Despite him taking long to complete your device, you will always find yourself at his place because of his gossip including which client wanted to sell him her phone due to rent arrears.

The prosmicous

He will call himself using a female client’s phone just to save her number after which sends her naughty messages at night. What he doesn’t know is that the client could be somebody’s wife or rather; the phone could of the girl’s parents or siblings. He normally subsidizes the rates of female clients or even offers to repair them for free.

The extortionist

He is known for extorting clients. He will give you exorbitant cost after replacing a charging system just because you did not ask him the cost at the beginning. However much you will try to negotiate for him to come, down he will not be moved. If you don’t have that kind of money I wont give you” he will retort.

The inquisitive

Instead of embarking on repairing your phone since you will pay him accordingly, he will start “clinic questions” on how your phone got damaged, where you were at that time when your kid was playing with your phone and why is it your phone inaharibika kila saa and whether your have ever taken your phone to another fundi. You will think he is repairing your phone for free.

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