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Ten Best Windows 7 Combination Keyboard Shortcuts to Get You Started


Create New Windows Habits

People are creatures of habit. Most of us fall into our daily routines and keep doing the same things the same ways. As Windows users, most of us use the mouse for navigation, and use the keyboard for basic tasks such as data entry. Window 7 has some great keyboard shortcuts that can save you some time throughout your daily routine. Start practicing these shortcuts and they'll become habits in no time. Listed below are my favorite ten Windows 7 shortcuts to get you started.

1. The Windows Key. The Start menu. Simply hitting this key by itself will open the Start menu. Or if you prefer, CTRL + ESC will yield the same results in Windows 7.

2. Windows Key + F. Windows Search. You can use the Windows key with several different combinations to get places fast within your Windows 7 environment. One of my favorites is the Windows Key + F combination. This immediatley brings up you search window. TIP - You need Windows search to be on of course, turning this Windows feature off removes it from several different places in Windows 7 and is not recommended. If you did happen to turn it off, you can reinstall the Windows search option though Control Panel --> Programs and Features -- > Turn Windows Features on or off. Check the box that says Windows Search.

3. Windows Key + Pause. System Properties. Another one of my favorites, this combination is the equivalent as right clicking "Computer" from the start menu or your desktop and selecting "Properties".


4. Windows Key + R. Run. Say you need to open the Windows 7 Command Prompt to use XCOPY. Hitting the Windows Key + R will instantly get you to the Run bar. Then simply type CMD and you are there.

5. Windows Key + D. Desktop. The fastest way to get back to your desktop if you have open windows. This command will minimize all windows and put you back on the Windows 7 Desktop.

6. Windows Key + Tab. Multiple Windows view. Remember when Windows 7 was first advertised, one of the most popular features was the multiple windows view. Have you used it lately? If you have multiple windows open and wish to navigate through them quickly, hit the Windows Key + Tab, then toggle the Tab key and you can scroll through them until you find what you were looking for.


7. Windows Key + L. Lock the Desktop. Instead of "Logging Off", next time simply hit the Windows Key + L and your Windows 7 desktop is locked.

8. F2. Rename a highlighted object. Not all of my favorite Windows 7 keyboard shortcuts involve the Windows key. Simply hitting the F2 button while an object (a New Folder for example) is selected will make it ready it for renaming. The same as Right clicking with your mouse and selecting "Rename".

9. CTRL + Shift + Esc. Open Task Manager. I love this one. Hitting CTRL + ALT + DEL in Windows 7 brings you to a window where you then have to select "Start Task Manager". CTRL + Shift + Esc opens it up directly.

10. Shift + Right Click. Open a folder directly into the Command Prompt. This is a very handy shortcut if you need to open the Windows 7 command prompt within a specific Windows directory. Simply select the folder from Windows explorer, Shift + Right click and your Windows command console will appear in the directory you just selected. A huge time saver.

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MAZAMBANI PAIDAMOYOT on October 30, 2019:


shiv on June 13, 2019:

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shortcut key for shutdown

Rao on April 21, 2018:

What is shortcut key of system shutdown?

Narayan kr on January 30, 2018:


malik100 on January 15, 2013:

thanks espasially windows key+tab :D

Jeff Boettner (author) from Tampa, FL on June 22, 2012:

Yep, what's that saying? "If you don't use it you lose it"?

Nancy Yager from Hamburg, New York on June 22, 2012:

Awesome tips that we all forget. Thanks for the reminders.

Window Pain on May 22, 2012:

Great tips! Thanks.

I've always loved keyboard shortcuts, but I never knew 3/4 of the ones you've listed.

Whenever I use the 'Windows Key + Tab' to scroll through the 'cascade' of Windows people say "How'd you do that?"

When your fingers are already in the keyboard, you're wasting time reaching for the mouse. Keyboard shortcuts are awesome.

Thanks again,


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