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Take your career to the next level with Data Science and AI/ML Certifications!!

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Learnbay Data Sciences, AI and ML online certification courses.

Take your career to the next level with Data Science and AI/ML Certifications!!

The sexiest career in the twenty-first century is that of a data scientist. Data science is not only a financially lucrative profession, but it also allows you to work on some of the world's most interesting issues.

Data Science Certifications prove that you have the skills and expertise you say. No one will prohibit you from being recruited as a data scientist if you have excelled in the profession and obtained top certifications.

In this post, I will discuss some of the best Data Science and Machine Learning Top Certifications, as well as their costs and expiration. Learn about data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to become a data scientist in 2021.

  1. Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE):-For businesses, hiring a Microsoft certified expert on board requires having expertise that can be related to specific projects. Microsoft certification gives holders a comparative edge, increasing their chances of being hired and earning a higher salary than their non-certified counterparts. Microsoft is a well-known technology giant, and their certifications act as premium certifications for BI and data science professionals all around the world.

The Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert fee is $125 per test, per attempt.

  1. Data Science Certificate – Harvard Extension School:- The Harvard University Professional Data Science Certificate can only be obtained by meeting the individual requirements of the accredited establishment's policies, as specified in the edX honor code.

There are no prerequisites, no registration procedure anyone may sign up and begin learning, and there is no need for prior knowledge of statistics or programming.

The cost per course was $2,700, with a minimum of three to five courses needed.

  1. Amazon AWS Big Data Certification:-AWS is a forum you cannot ignore whether you choose to pursue a career in big data or cloud technology.

AWS provides three certification levels: foundational, associate, and professional.

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Everyone is certified as a cloud practitioner at the fundamental level. At the associate and professional levels, you can specialise in solutions architecture, development, or operations.

Each attempt at Amazon AWS Big Data Certification costs $300.

  1. Oracle Certified Business Intelligence:-Oracle is one of the world's biggest credential schemes, with over 1 million Oracle and Star certifications awarded. Oracle provides Business Intelligence (BI) certifications through a variety of technologies and platforms.

Examination fee: $245 You may buy examination coupons at the Oracle University or Pearson VUE

  1. SAS Academy for Data Science:- SAS certified Data Scientist is a hybrid of SAS's other two data certifications. It covers programming skills, data management and improvement, data transformation, accessing, and manipulation, and working with popular data visualisation tools.

SAS Certified Data Scientist Cost per exam :$180



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