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Tsu: The Instagram That Pays


The Social Networking Era

As human beings we have come a long way. If you're over 30 like me, your brain can probably rewind to an era when internet was some special NASA thing that nobody knew much about. Fast forward a couple of years and many households were connected to a telephonic line which allowed you to chat to unknown users in very arcaic chatroom bots.

A few more years and the first social media sites emerge (hi5, orkut, myspace, etc.). Then along came facebook which boomed and integrated with almost every webpage on Earth. Due to its success, social media became a stamp of human living and human interactions are very well based on them.

With the human pleasure associated with eavesdropping into our friends' worlds on a daily basis, Instagram was born. Pictures and stories were shared and likes all around the globe, creating the first "influencers" who are mainly people with so many followers that one posted pic from that person is likely to generate more views than cable tv. And along came advertisement. And paid products. And soon every instagrammer started to sell their soul recommending clothes and creams and gadgets and paid services and many times, other downhill things like dignity. But what if we didn't have to sell anything and still get paid to, well, social media?


Just like Instagram but you get paid too

Last year Instagram alone, generated 6.84 billion dollars in revenue, based on your activity, your posts, your likes and everything else that a potential advertiser could aggregate to. If you're promoting a product, you probably got a free product. If you're not, you're doing it for the fun of it. Which is cool.

But Tsuemerged promising all that, giving you a percentage of the revenue based on your activity. Released at the end of 2020 (officially), this social network has sort of an instagram feel to it. You follow people, you have followers, you post, you like and get likes, you share and message, etc. The only difference is that based on this activity, a share of the ad revenue is yours.

While it's not definite what pays what and how much, as ad pay may vary, I've created a profile yesterday, posted one photo, have 5 followers who gave me 1-2 likes. Got paid a total of 0.02 cents. So, translate your actual instagram stats into this venture and you can do the math.

Obviously a social media platform only takes form with its users - you and your friends - and everybody else. But with the current subscriber number reaching 1 million (a little over than a month), thoughts are that Tsu came to stay.

During this initial phase, they also offer a recruiter lifetime payment (a percentage of your friends' social activity - forever). Now imagine all the time you and your friends spend on social media and how that money can go back to you instead of adding to the 6+ billion of one sole entity.

It's a great idea and worth the try - even if just doing what we normally do or want to promote content that is hard to monetize otherwise without annoying branding and product forcing. If this isn't the future of social media, I don't know what is.

Get your own free TSU account here

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