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Tiktok Marketing Examples to Inspire Your Brand in 2022

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TikTok, in my opinion, came out of nowhere; I don't remember a time when Tiktok was struggling or small. You know how when a business starts up, picks up steam and then becomes huge, you can say, oh, I know when they started. At least, I can say that was the trajectory for other famous platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. With Tiktok, it came on steroids. It happened and took the whole internet and social media marketing by storm. I started seeing cute videos of people dancing, exciting challenges and whatnot.

The platform is a bright idea in itself. It allows users to make short videos of themselves or anything, with add-on features of music overlays and special effects. Since the coming of TikTok, many people have created a massive following and built brands and businesses around their TikTok presence.

From big, well-known brands to small businesses, TikTok has been a great marketing tool for lots of people, brands and businesses.

However, you are probably here because you want to hit the nail on the head and find the best marketing strategies or tools to help you get your big break on this platform that clearly has a lot to offer in your field.

There are lots of marketing strategies that have worked for lots of brands in the TikTok world. Examples abound of creative, e.g. challenges and traditional methods, e.g. buy TikTok views, that have found quite the success with the hip and young crowd that are the gatekeepers of all things TikTok.


What is TikTok?

TikTok is a platform that allows users to make short, looping videos with special effects and musical overlays. These can be attention-grabbing and a perfect way to advertise a product or service.

According to an April 2022 study by Wallaroo, TikTok has been downloaded over 2.6 billion times and has an estimated 80 million monthly active users in the United States, and 60% of TikTok users are Gen Zers – the trendsetters.

So, you are on to a great start if you are seeking to capitalise on this massive platform to grow your business.

What is the Appeal of TikTok?

Let’s be honest, TikTok appeals to every generation, but Gen Z seems to be more participatory in fun, which has given the impression that they – Gen Z are the main users of the platform. That is not true, though. We are on there, too, lol. We are just too shy to get into the fun creation side of it yet, although we enjoy and learn lots from it, which is why it is a great marketing platform for your business.

Another appeal of TikTok is the weird obsession of seeing famous people doing goofy, cute things as well as joining in the fun challenges. Jack Black is known to be expecially hilarious with his cinematic videos, Jason Derulo and Will Smith's interesting varieties postings and even Hailey Bieber posting cute videos with her husband Justin is heartwarming and cool.

So, let’s get started with the best marketing examples to inspire your brand.

What is TikTok marketing?

The art of using TikTok to promote a business, product, brand or service can be referred to as TikTok marketing. How you do this can vary, it could be through paid TikTok advertising, influencer marketing, or Viral Content creation - creating viral content.

Influencer Marketing - One of the most popular advertising mediums on TikTok is influencer marketing. It is one of TikTok's colossal claim to fame. You do not have to pay a massive influencer to get influencer marketing for your brand; micro-influencer marketing is a thing. Research and find influencers cutting their teeth and making a name in your niche – a rising star in your niche.

Viral Content Creation - Creating content that goes viral is one of the best ways to advertise on the platform. You can take many creative freedoms with this medium; it could be a cute video, a prank, a tutorial, an innovative idea, a challenge etc.; the ideas are endless, and your content could unexpectedly become a massive hit.

Paid TikTok advertising – This is another TikTok medium which allows you to get your brand out in front of a vast audience. The number and reach, however, would be determined by how much you have budgeted for the ad campaign. TikTok itself powers this service, so brands can run ads, create video effects and branded hashtags using this advertising medium. Instant Famous also helps with creative ideas to help you achieve this.

Now that we understand TikTok marketing and strategies, here are some TikTok marketing examples to inspire your brand in 2022; these brands understood the assignment and hit the bullseye of TikTok marketing, even setting the bar for what you seek to accomplish.

4 Amazing Tiktok Marketing Examples

Here are some great ideas that were implemented by some big brands that show that they understand the power of the platform.

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1. Chipotle’s GuacDance Challenge – Dance Challenge

Chipotle Mexican Grill took advantage of one of the most popular and likely-to-go-viral methods of TikTok advertising – dance challenge. Challenges work wonders on TikTok. They create a snowball effect of participants engaging in the challenge and making it into a sensation everyone wants to do.

The #GuacDance challenge campaign started in celebration of National avocado day and urged people to show off their avocado-themed dance moves while dancing to Dr Jean’s “Guacamole Song,”.

The challenge received 200,000 video submissions and became a viral hit. The campaign has been stated to be TikTok’s highest-performing branded challenge in the United States. This success also translated into sales, resulting in Chipotle's most significant guacamole day sales ever.

2. Gymshark’s 66 Day Challenge – Goal Setting Challenge

In 2019, Gymshark, a fitness clothing brand, went viral with its 66 Days: Change Your Life challenge. To participate in the challenge, you had to set a personal (mostly fitness) goal, which you sought to achieve two months after the challenge started on March 8.

The reward? Do you mean, in addition to the fact that you get to discipline yourself and work towards a goal, you still expect another reward? LOL

The reward for the winner was a year’s supply of Gymshark goods.

They also partnered with six influencers, with a collective following of over 19 million. The campaign hashtag hit more than 45 million views and was a massive campaign success. This style of campaign which encourages participation is always a good idea; it also leaves an impression. Which other way do you want people to incorporate your product, service or brand into their life than through action!

3. Red Bull’s x Keeoh – Low sell Marketing/ Audience Prank

Low sell marketing is one of my favourite types of marketing. I like when marketing is subtle and not in your face and obvious. Although, some people do not like this as they feel the audience might be too caught up or lost in the event that they might forget the product.

Red bull collaborated with popular TikTok influencer Keeoh in a great example of low-sell marketing.

Keeoh posted a video on TikTok, claiming he would perform a magic trick with Red Bull. He proceeded to pour Red Bull into a mug on a table, then upturned the mug showing it was empty.

Now we, the audience, are wondering where the Red Bull went.

Voila! Keeoh’s friend pops up from behind the table, and it becomes apparent that Keeoh has been pouring the Red Bull into his mouth.

While the advertising is not particularly apparent, it uses a popular TikTok trend of trick/prank videos. Someone is doing something in a manner other than how the audience expects.

4. Fenty Beauty’s Collab Houses – Big Brother/Reality TV Trope

A Collab house is a TikTok concept where content creators or influencers for a social media platform (particularly TikTokers) rent and live together in a house, using it as a base for creating content and collaborating. It is most times called a TikTok house.

In 2020, Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty working with a group of five beauty influencers/content creators with massive followings invested in a TikTok house. Fenty Beauty was one of the first brands to open its own collab/TikTok house.

The influencers would show off the house, create beauty content in great lighting and showcase products of diverse and inclusive skin tones. The idea of a TikTok house is reminiscent of reality shows like big brother and the weird appeal of watching people live and together. Of course, the TikTok houses show you great content in fantastic lighting, but still, you get the concept.

There are many TikTok houses, e.g. sway, hype, etc., and have become a vehicle for brands looking to advertise to the audience that these influencers have amassed.

The above is some of my best TikTok marketing examples. I hope I have listed a few ideas that would inspire you to become the next innovative TikTok advertising sensation. So, what are you waiting for? Get started planning your next TikTok marketing campaign.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2022 Loretta Osakwe Awosika

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