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How to create free Microsoft developer account, get free Visual Studio and and get rewards for creating apps

This little tutorial is aimed at both people who want to start programming mobile applications and those who already have some skills. It will help you to get Microsoft Visual Studio Professional and Windows Phone developer account, both for free. Unfortunatelly, this offer is addressed only to students

If you are not one, but already have developer account or want to buy it, I recommend you to jump to the last part of the article, describing rewards program. It is possible that you have already created some apps and still don't know about it.

Creating free developer account

1. Creating DreamSpark Account

If you already have one you can move to next step, otherwise go here and click "create an account". Fill the form. If it possible you should use your student mail. If Microsoft recognises its domain you will be immediately registered.

If you don't have appropriate mail address or Microsoft doesn't recognize it, you will need to go through verification procedure. It's very simple and may require you to send scan of your school identity card. (If you completely don't now which form of validation form choose, select "other options" and attach scan of identity card). As far as I know, any type of school from any country should be accepted. Account verification takes a few days.

2. Getting Registration Code

As you are already registered go to:

And under the "Get Registration Code" you should find your promo code. This guarantees you a free developer account.

3. Registering at the Windows Phone Dev Center

Finally, you can register on the relevant page. Go to Windows Phone Dev Center site and press "sing in" in upper right corner. If you do not have a Microsoft account, you must now create one.
During registration, make sure that you selected Individual account. When you will go to the payment method, select "Registration Code" and enter the code you gained in step 2. Now your account costs 0 USD.
And do not worry that for a moment you will be asked to provide the credit card number. Microsoft will charge you a few dollars, but only in order to verify your personal information. The money will be returned to you soon.


Getting Visual Studio 2013 and Windows Phone SDK

1.Installing Visual Studio Professional 2013 (optional).

This step is not necessary. If you won't do it you will later use Visual Studio Express, which is included with the Windows Phone SDK.

When you are logged in on go to this page: , download the Visual Studio 2013 and get registration code (blue button "Get key").

Sometimes there are problems with the download. In this case, I recommend to download Visual Studio from the official website: Just remember to choose the appropriate version (Visual Studio Professional 2013). When you will be asked for registration code, paste the one you got from dreamspark.

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2.Windows Phone SDK

Go to this site:
Download only version 8.0. That should be enough for programming applications for mobile phones. During the installation, follow the instructions in the installer.


Nokia Asha 501


Nokia Lumia 520


Nokia Lumia 720


Nokia Lumia 820


Xbox 360 Kinect


Nokia Lumia 925


Dvlup. Application development and gaining rewards.

You probably do not know that there is program of awards for developers of apps for Nokia smartphones. It focuses on apps for Windows Phone, but is not limited to them. You can also get awards for developing for Nokia Asha, Nokia X and Windows 8. On the site are often appearing quizzes - sets of questions you have to answer on the basis of given video.

For simple quiz you can earn up to 100 points. What's not little, because 200 points can be exchange for cinema ticket and 300 for 15 USD Microsoft Gift Card. There are also smartphones with Windows Phone costing from 3000 points to 12000 points. Of course you can also choose Nokia Asha. This one costs between 1200 to 1600 points.

How to register?

You need a Windows Phone developer account. If you have done the previous steps you should have one. Now, follow the instructions below.

1. Register

Go here and create an account.

2. Link your developer account to your dvlup account.

When you're logged in, click the gearwheel next to your avatar, then "Update profile" (upper right corner, blue button), and finally put your publisher guid under "Microsoft Dev Center Information"". You can get it from .

I hope this tutorial helped you. Please forgive me my language mistakes. I really did my best.

I keep my fingers crossed for your future applications and awards!

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