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Spain Google Espana: www google es: Google Spain, Search, Webhp, www.google.es: Catalan, Galician, Basque, English


Google Spain (www.google.es) is the Google search page for Spain. ES Google homepage is a clone of the Classic Google homepage with localized Spain functionality. Google.es is also available in Catalan, Galician and Basque. From Spain Google you can undertake searches that have a Spanish bias, with ES Google in Spanish or English.

Google Espana search can be viewed in languages other than Spanish (Español). To achieve this you can use the Google es webhp function. Another trick is to increase the Spanish bias to show only Spanish sites.

Spain Google looks like the Google homepage except that it has 'España' under the 'le' of Google and the redirection function set to 'Google.com' (in the language that you selected as your main local language, e.g. 'Google.com in English').

Spain Google Espana in Spenish (Espanol)

Spain Google Espana in Spenish (Espanol)


Google Spain (www google es) Homepage - How Do I Get To Spain Google?

ES Google (www google es) can be accessed in several different ways that bypass the automatic redirection of Google localised search or Google (www.google.com) homepage search:

  1. Just type 'http://www.google.es/' to access Google Espana in Spanish.
  2. Access the English version of Googe Spain with 'http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=en'.
  3. You can obtain Google ES search results by adding or changing the “gl” parameter of the Google search URL, for example 'http://google.com/search?q=google&gl=es'.
  4. Enter 'http://www.google.es/intl/es/', which redirects to Google Spain in Spanish 'http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=es' or 'http://www.google.es/intl/en/', which redirects to Google Spain in English.

How to access Classic Google Home without country redirection or geotargeting can be found in Search Google:Universal Search Google:Global Search Google: International Search Google:Worldwide Search Google by Humagaia.

Spain Google Espanya in Catalan (Catala)

Spain Google Espanya in Catalan (Catala)

Spain Google (www google es) Homepage – What Will I Find Espana Google?

The following Google search functions are available from the top left of your Google Espana home page:

  1. Google Imágenes (Google Images)– search images.
  2. Google Videos– search videos.
  3. Google Mapas(Google Maps)– search for maps and get directions.
  4. Google Notícias (Google News)– search for news on any particular subject.
  5. Google Libros (Google Bookshop)– search for books.

For the above Google Espana search facilities your search “query” is passed from a previous Google search box.

Google Gmail is also available from the Spain homepage either to access Google Gmail account or to register a free Google account.

The top left-hand side of Google ES homepage also has a [más] link. Here you will find Traductor (Translate), Blogs, Tiempo real (Google Realtime), YouTube, Calendar, Fotos, Docs, Reader, Sites, Grupos (Google Groups).

Spain Google Espana in Galician (Galego)

Spain Google Espana in Galician (Galego)

Google Spain Homepage (www.google.es) – Additional Functions

From the right hand corner of Espana Google there are links to:

  • Configuración de búsqueda (Search settings, i.e. preferences)

At the right of the Google Spain search entry box there is access to "Herramientas del idioma" (Language tools), and "Búsqueda avanzada" (Advanced search).

Below the Google Espana search box there are links to advertising programs (Programas de publicidad), business solutions (Soluciones Empresariales) and 'About Google' (Todo acerca de Google).

Spain Google Espainia in Basque (Euskara)

Spain Google Espainia in Basque (Euskara)

Spain Google Homepage (www google es) – Can I View Google Spain In Another Language?

To access Google Spain in Spanish (español):


To access Google Spain in Catalan (Catalá), Galician (Galego) or Basque (Euskara)

Catalá http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=ca
Galego http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=gl
Euskara http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=eu

You can view Google Espana in languages other than Spanish by using and changing the ISO 639-2 code in the 'hl=es' element of the URL http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=es, which becomes:


for Espana Google in Portuguese, for example.

A full set of URL's is given at the end of this article, after the comments section.

Spain Google Espana in English

Spain Google Espana in English

Google Spain Homepage (www google es) – Can I View Only Pages from Spain or Only in Spanish?

Yes, you can see web-sites from Spain, but only in Spanish, Catalan, Galician or Basque. To do this you use the following Firefox URL:


Firefox does not need to be installed. The Firefox page will be displayed in the Spanish dialect / language last accessed, i.e. Spanish, Catalan, Galician or Basque.

When the Firefox page is displayed in Spanish:
click either the Search (Busca en) 'páginas en español' or 'páginas en España' button, instead of the Search 'la Web' button.

When the Firefox page is displayed in Catalan:
click either the Cerca 'pàgines en català' or 'pàgines d'Espanya' button, instead of the Search 'a tota la xarxa' button.

When the Firefox page is displayed in Galician:
click the Buscar (Search) 'páxinas de España', instead of the Search 'na web' button.

When the Firefox page is displayed in Basque:
click the Bilatu (Search) 'Herrialde honetako orriak: Espainia' button, instead of the Search 'Sarean' button.

The Firefox version of Spain Google will be presented in the language last used for Google Espana e.g Spanish, Catalan, Galician or Basque. In this case Basque.

The Firefox version of Spain Google will be presented in the language last used for Google Espana e.g Spanish, Catalan, Galician or Basque. In this case Basque.

Spain Google Espana in Portuguese

Spain Google Espana in Portuguese


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URL's for Google Spain (www.google.es) in Other Languages

Africaans http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=af Afrikaans

Akan http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=ak Akan

Albanés, Albanaise http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=sq Albanian Shqip

Amhárico, Amhàric, Amharique http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=am Amharic

Árabe, Àrab, Arabiera http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=ar Arabic ﺔﻴﺐﺮﻌﻠﺍ

Armenio, Armeni, Arménien http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=hy Armenian

Azerbaiyán, Azerbaidjan http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=az Azerbaijani Azцri

Vasco, Basc, Basque, Euskal http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=eu Basque Euskaraz

Belarús, Bielorússia, Biélorusse http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=be Belarusian Беларуская

Bengalí, Bengalera http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=bn Bengali

Bihari, Hindi http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=bh Hindi

Bretón, Breton http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=br Breton Brezhoneg

Búlgaro, Búlgar, Bulgare http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=bg Bulgarian Български

Catalán, Català, Katalana http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=ca Catalan Català

Checa, Txeca, Tchèque, Txekiar http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=cs Czech Čeština

Corso, Cors, Corse http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=co Corsican

Danés, Danès, Danoise, Danimarkako http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=da Danish Dansk

Alemán, Alemany, Allemande, Alemanatik http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=de German Deutsch

Holandés, Holandès, Néerlandais, Nederlandera http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=nl Dutch Nederlands

Griega, Grega, Grecque, Greziako http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=el Greek Ελληνικά

Inglés Http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=en English

Esperanto http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=eo Esperanto

Estonia, Estoniana, Estonienne, Estoniera http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=et Estonian Eesti

Las Islas Feroe, Les Illes Fèroe, Des îles Féroé, Faroera http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=fo Faroese Føroyskt

Persa, Persan http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=fa Persian Farsi

Finlandia, Finlàndia, Finlandaise, Finlandiako http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=fi Finnish Suomeksi

Francés, Francès, Française, Frantziako http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=fr French Français

Frisia Occidental, Frison, Mendebaldeko frisiera http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=fy Western Frisian Frysk

Georgian, Georgia, Géorgienne http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=ka Georgian

Gaélico Escocés, Gaèlic Escocès, Gaélique écossais, Eskoziera http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=gd Scots Gaelic Gàidhlig

Irlanda Gaélico, Irlanda, Irlandaise http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=ga Irish Gaeilge

Gallego, Galice, Galiziako http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=gl Galician Galice

Guaraní http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=gn Guarani

Gujarãti, Goudjrati, Gujaratera http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=gu Gujarati

Haití, Haïtienne, Haitiko http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=ht Haitian

Haoussa, Hausa http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=ha Hausa

Hebreo, Hebreu, Hébreu http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=he Hebrew עברית

Hindi http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=hi Hindi

Croacia, Croàcia, Croate, Kroaziako http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=hr Croatian Hrvatski

Húngaro, Hongarès, Hongrois, Hungariar http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=hu Hungarian Magyar

Igbo, Igboera http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=ig Igbo

Islandesa, Islandaise, Islandiako http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=is Icelandic Íslenska

Interlingua http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=ia Interlingua

Indonesia, Indonésienne http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=id Indonesian Bahasa Indonesia

Italiano, Italià, Italienne http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=it Italian Italiano

Japonés, Japonais, Japoniako http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=ja Japanese Nihongo

Canarés, Kannadera http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=kn Kannada

Kazajstán http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=kk Kazakh

Camboyano, Vermells http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=km Khmer

Kinyarwanda http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=rw Kinyarwanda

Kirguistán, Kirguizistan, Kirghize http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=ky Kyrgyz

Congolés, Kongo http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=kg Kongo

Coreano, Corea, Coréenne http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=ko Korean

Kurdo, Kurd, Kurde http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=ku Kurdish Kurmancî (Kurdî)

Laosiano http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=lo Lao

Latin, Latine http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=la Latin Latina

Letón, Letó, Lettone, Letona http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=lv Latvian Latviešu

Lingala http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=ln Lingala

Lituano, Lituà, Lituanienne, Lithuaniera http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=lt Lithuanian Lietuvių

Luganda, Ganda http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=lg Ganda

Macedonio, Macedònia, Macédonienne, Mazedoniera http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=mk Macedonian Македонски

Malayalam http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=ml Malayalam

Maoríes, Maoris http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=mi Maori

Maratí, Marathi, Marathera http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=mr Marathi

Malayo, Malai, Malais, Malaysiera http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=ms Malay

Malagache, Malgaches http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=mg Malagasy

Maltés, Maltaise http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=mt Maltese Malti

Mongoliano, Mongol http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=mn Mongolian

Nepali, Népalais http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=ne Nepali

Noruego nynorsk http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=nn Nynorsk (Norwegian) Norsk

Noruego bokmål, Bokmalera http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=no Bokmal (Norwegian)

Chewa http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=ny Chichewa

Occitano, Occità http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=oc Occitan

Oriya http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=or Oriya

Oromo http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=om Oromo

Punjabí http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=pa Panjabi

Poláco, Polonès, Polonaise, Polonieratik http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=pl Polish Polski

Portugués, Portuguès, Portugaise http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=pt Portuguese Português

Pulsar, Prémer http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=ps Pushto

Kechua, Quítxua http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=qu Quechua

Reto-romano, Romanç http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=rm Romance Rumantsch

Rundi http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=rn Rundi

Ruso, Rússia, Russie, Errusiera http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=ru Russian Русский

Sánscrito, Sanskrito http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=sa Sanskrit

Singalés, Cinghalais http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=si Sinhala

Eslovaco, Eslovaca, Slovaque, Eslovakiera http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=sk Slovak Slovenčina

Esloveno, Eslovè, Slovène, Esloveniera http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=sl Slovenian Slovenski

Shona http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=sn Shona

Sindi http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=sd Sindhi

Somalí, Somalis http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=so Somali af Soomaali

Sesotho http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=st Sotho

Español, Espanyol, Espagnole, Espainiako http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=es Spanish Español

Serbio, Serbi, Serbe http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=sr Serbian Српски

Sudanés, Sondanès, Sundanais, Sundanera http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=su Sundanese

Kisuahili, Suahili http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=sw Swahili Kiswahili

Sueco, Suec, Suédoise, Suediako http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=sv Swedish Svenska

Tamil, Tàmil http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=ta Tamil

Tártaro, Tàrtar http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=tt Tatar

Telougou http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=te Telugu

Tajik, Tadjike http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=tg Tajik

Tagalo, Tagàlog  http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=tl Tagalog (Filipino)

Tailandés, Tailàndia http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=th Thai

Tigriña http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=ti Tigrinya

Tonganés http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=to Tonga

Tswanano http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=tn Tswana

Turkmeno, Turkmène, Turkmeniera http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=tk Turkmen

Turco. Turquia, Turque, Turkiera http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=tr Turkish Türkçe

Tchi, Twiera http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=tw Twi

Uiguro, Uigur, Ouïgour http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=ug Uighur

Ucraniano, Ucraïna, Ukrainienne, Ukrainerazko http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=uk Ukrainian Украïнська

Urdu, Ourdou http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=ur Urdu

Uzbeco, Ouzbeks, Uzbekera http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=uz Uzbek

Vietnamés, Vietnamites, Vietnamiens http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=vi Vietnamese Tiếng Việt

Wolof, Wolofera http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=wo Wolof

Xhosa http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=xh Xhosa

Yidish, Jiddisch http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=yi Yiddish Jiddiš

Yorubano, Ioruba http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=yo Yoruba

Zulú, Zoulou http://www.google.es/webhp?hl=zu Zulu


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