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Some Apps that can save your Life

With the advent of technology we can save our lives today with the help of some mobile apps.


Once upon a time phones were just for talking and communicating with each other. Technology has advanced so rapidly in the last few years that the phone is no longer just a means of communication. The news of what is going on in the world reaches us in an instant. Technology has a big hand in making life more comfortable. So man's life has changed in many ways. It has affected everyone's life.

In today's digital age, applications in phones have become a daily necessity and have given cell phones a new meaning. Did you know that cell phones can play a role in saving your life? Yes there are such applications. Information on some apps that will be useful in times of crisis.

▪︎Hey Siri :

You've all heard of Apple's personal digital assistant. If the Siri application is downloaded to your phone, the ambulance can reach you without having to dial when needed. In case of an emergency, even if you just move your hand, this application starts working.

▪︎To listen to the heartbeat :

An app called Stethoscope developed by Andrew Jones can be used in iPhone. The microphone in it listens to your heartbeat and keeps checking whether it is regular or not.

▪︎Pocket First Aid :

If you are in trouble and medical help is not available, this app on iPhone tells you self-healing techniques.

▪︎Skin Vision :

There are many health apps coming out right now.
It is characteristic. It recognizes blemishes on the skin and tells you if you are less, moderate or more likely to get cancer. For that, you have to take a picture of that spot or that part of the skin. The app then lets you know the color and shape of your skin color.

▪︎Pulse point :

This app is useful for CPR in case of pulse point cardiac arrest. This app is connected to emergency services in case of cardiac arrest. When an ambulance is called, a notification is sent from the app to all the CPR technicians in the area within 500 meters. So they can reach the help of the concerned patient till the ambulance arrives.

▪︎Lifeline Response :

This app can be activated by placing a finger on the mobile screen. Then it starts the countdown for many things and finally comes the call from the Lifeline Response Verification Center.

▪︎Companion :

As the name suggests, the iPhone app gives you a companion when you are alone. The app was developed by five students from Michigan, USA. From this app, you can send requests to friends, colleagues or family members and keep them virtual with GPS until they reach home. Method can stay together. You can select a companion from the contact list before you begin. They can keep a virtual eye on your movements. This app also detects different movements. The app asks if you are OK and you have 15 seconds to press the OK button. If you do not press the OK button, the alarm in your phone will ring loudly and if there is a criminal, he will panic. The option to call the police is also available in this app.

▪︎Find My Phone :

With this app you can track your lost iPhone. The app is also useful for keeping track of another person with an iPhone. It can find the exact location of a person.

▪︎Storm Shield :

This app keeps track of your location and gives you strong storm forecasts.

▪︎Cancer Diagnostic Camera :

The symptoms of retinoblastoma in young people and children are explained by this app. When the flash of this camera falls on the skin, the skin of a particular place looks dark or dark.

Thus, with the revolution of technology, Android and iOS users can save their lives with these apps.

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