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Solar Energy Can Be the Real Game-Changer

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Climate change and its subsequent threats are not a matter of point of view. It is an objective reality and should not be taken subjectively. There is a real existential threat at work, and the feeling of it is melancholic, the stats gruesome and the effects too blatant. Any denial, to the extent as calling its danger an exaggeration, would amount to ravings of a lunatic. But the fact is the world is at the breaking point. Leniency now is sure to put earth, its inhabitants, its life-sustaining resources, and humanity in jeopardy.

If policymakers, state heads, and other office-bearers of concerned institutions have yet to emerge from the slumber, what could be more unfortunate? If they have yet to go beyond the mere cacophony of voices electrifying the spacious conference halls, could it get any worse? The blame-game should end, veils of deception should be lifted and people should be given access to reality. The conferences and discussions should pave the way for the future course of action based on scientific efficiency. One such activity that can give healing touch to our environment, and which is based on scientific truth, is using solar energy.

Solar Energy Can Be the Real Game-Changer!

Solar Energy Can Be the Real Game-Changer!

Why Not Use Sun`s Stupendous Energy?

When in the prehistoric era ancient man invented the fire, the sun was there. When after the industrial revolution, steam, coal, oil, natural gas became popular, the sun was still there. When in the present era, we`ve cars and trains run by electricity, the sun is still here as the best source of renewable energy. Leaving behind our destructive whims and irrational impulses, the time is ripe for the sun to power our homes, vehicles, businesses. Today the turn is ours to give it a chance, to make its use as frequently as possible. If we`re able to trap its energy to the fullest, the time is not far when humanity will be self-sufficient in energy.

The issue with non-renewable (fossil fuels) sources of energy is, apart from destroying the environment and disturbing ecological balance, they are exhaustible. They`ll not last long but their extinction is the extinction of earth, too. To put an indefinite curb on the emission of greenhouse gases and other effluents responsible for global warming and climate change, demands we switch over to solar energy at the earliest.

In some countries, governments have shown interest in the endeavor, and they have already rolled out plans for a smooth transition to renewable energy for generating electricity. Be it company headquarters, space station, airplanes, we have seen solar panels implanted on roofs of buildings, airplanes, and even space station wings. Solar energy has gripped the imagination of innovators, policymakers, and state heads worldwide.

How Mega Corporations Deploy Solar Energy on Large Scale?

In their fight against climate change and environmental degradation caused by extensive use of fossil fuels for electricity purposes, Apple has won its first battle. All its processes from production to retail are exclusively powered by clean energy produced by renewable sources of energy and solar energy is a major contributor. Apple Park, the headquarters of the company in Cupertino, especially is worth mentioning. The solar panels installed on its rooftops alone generate 17-megawatt clean electricity. Apple currently generates 286 megawatts of solar power, which is huge. Again it shows that the prospects with solar energy are bright.

Apple's Headquarters Powered Entirely By Solar Energy!

Apple's Headquarters Powered Entirely By Solar Energy!

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Even the massive International Space Station is fully powered by solar energy. Solar Impulse-2 made things more clear around solar energy when in 2016 it completed its flight around the globe without using single fossil fuel to power its engines. Its solar-powered air travel vindicated our belief in solar energy as the source of clean energy, which will drive our future to the new realms of self-sufficiency in energy.

Transitioning to Solar Energy is the Way Forward!

Transitioning to Solar Energy is the Way Forward!

Commemorating the Lost World

Heart shrinks when birds warble no more. Angst grows bitter when in the evening you hear climate scientists say glaciers are melting faster than estimated. The void is left behind, an indefinite void when snow does not fall. One country is left parched under the scorching sun while others receive torrential rains. Drought and violent floods are simultaneous occurrences as if in partnership to give a death blow to humanity and life on earth. Forests are left bare, rivers dry, and resources wasted, who is to blame? No one person, of course, yet not no-one at all. Time demands action if we want to preserve whatever small is left, however, messed up. Time demands we create a new world out of aches and give it as a gift to our future generations. The first step to undoing our doings is shifting to solar energy!

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Shafqat M (author) from UK on October 18, 2020:

All that needs to be done is using it on a much larger scale. If we're successful in doing that, it'll change how we consumer energy forever. It was nice of you to drop by and read it, Asad Islam.

Asad Islam from Dhaka, Bangladesh on October 18, 2020:

Obviously, it's true. Solar energy is the real game-changer.

Shafqat M (author) from UK on October 17, 2020:

I guess that's the way forward!

Liz Westwood from UK on October 17, 2020:

In the last 5 years the number of solar panels in the UK has multiplued.

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