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Software Configuration Management... for the Technical Writer

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What is Software Configuration Management?

The reason for Software Configuration Management (SCM) is to distinguish the state and setup of a product project and have the option to control changes to keep up the product's uprightness, discerning ability, and responsibility all through the product life cycle.

The center goal of SCM is to bring control to the improvement interaction through:

1. expanding improvement profitability,

2. supporting better command over the task,

3. supporting better venture the executives,

4. decreasing blunders and bugs,

5. supporting quicker issue ID and bug fixes,

6. improving client altruism.

One issue is that a solitary SCM arrangement isn't appropriate for all activities. While the center SCM goals and capacities continue as before, the SCM framework must be custom-made for each task.

Numerous product projects I've seen changed course every day. One day the item worked one way, the following day it was extraordinary. A significant number of the essayists at these companies left the entryway murmuring that "the organization wasn't prepared for documentation."

This is the standard for some more up-to-date programming companies and you'd be shocked that they are so prepared to have you!

When chipping away at programming documentation, it's essential to one or the other get engaged with the SCM cycle, or set up one so you can generally have the latest variant of the product with which to work. You can't bear to go through days chipping away at a total cycle that, in the meantime, will not be received by the organization. Be that as it may, you can take a piece of the puzzle and use it for your potential benefit.


When advancement settles down a piece, you'll have a genuine item to work with. Yet, meanwhile, you have the center item that you can use in your undertaking examination and exploration. This single step will put you a long way before different scholars who surrender due to the steadily changing condition of an item!

The overall strides of an SCM cycle are portrayed in the accompanying subsections. Your insight into these cycles can improve the turn of events and what's more, expectations for any product project!

Source code forming and following is typically dealt with by some sort of source-safe application. The application is utilized to store and track various adaptations of the source code with the goal that designers can keep a file of changes without the dread of losing any degree of past changes.

Source safe applications save each new form of the code by documenting the contrasts between past forms. On the off chance that you need to return to a past form of the code, the application revamps the chose variant from the distinctions.

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If you have various records in a given task, you can label a bunch of documents with an emblematic name. This representative name can be utilized to extricate all documents for a delivery or adaptation number with the goal that you can gather all current venture documents together.

You should converse with the framework manager to get access so you can download the code. Not exclusively can you better get what's going on in the application by perusing the code, however, you can get to the different headers to create Application Programming Interface (API) references as required.

The engineers must decide and gain all records related to a given establishment. All records ought to be transferred into the source safe framework and named. When another tag is made, you can download the form onto a forming machine and make another rendition of the item. In a few cases, this obligation is given off to a Configuration Manager, notwithstanding, your motivation for engaging in the SCM cycle is to create strong documentation...not deal with the source safe.

Preferably, as a feature of an SCM cycle, the form interaction ought to happen at any rate after seven days. It's a smart thought to chat with the designers so they can advise you when they label another delivery. In this manner you are acquiring a total, what's more, forward-thinking set of records to fabricate the most current item.

Quality Analysis and testing are significant pieces of the SCM interaction as this is the place where issues are found and the item can be assessed to check whether it fulfills the guidelines and necessities for the task. For your motivations, you can give a bunch of essential tests by making a Task Analysis and a straightforward Test Plan.

The Task Analysis gives a bunch of steps that should be executed to play out an explicit activity with the item - likewise part of Documentation Analysis.

Fundamentally, the Task Analysis be performed for each significant update to the product to guarantee that the progressions are brought through to the documentation.

Bug following and goal are important for the SCM interaction, however are additionally utilized with Change Management. Fundamentally, bugs be accounted for, and that engineers are advised of the issues to guarantee the goal. Yet, settling a bug can put the item into more profound peril when, in a few cases, the goal presents another arrangement of bugs.

This is the place where a Feature Update report becomes an integral factor. At whatever point a change is made to the product, to either resolve a bug or change the usefulness, the Feature Update archive aids the following of the changes. Furthermore, Feature Update reports can be utilized as an addendum to the documentation until the real substance can be refreshed.

As you assess the recently fabricated item, monitor different issues you experience and report them back to improvement. Thus, you can give help to the improvement staff just as you become familiar with the different issues related to the actual item.

Items accessible for delivery ought to be introduced as a finished and tried establishment on CD and over the Web. For CD establishments, documentation can be given in HTML or PDF design. All establishments should auto-start when embedded into the CD drive or be begun by double-tapping on the arrangement application.

For Web-based establishments, the essential establishment data is found on the Web page related to the given download. When the item is introduced, the client can peruse definite documentation from an HTML or PDF record.

The electronic organization can comprise a Web page with connections to the establishment executable. The client can get to the page, read the guidelines for the establishment, at that point click on the connect to download.

Disc-based sending can comprise establishments replicated to a CD. The client can get to the CD, read the directions for the establishment from the online documentation, at that point, move through the establishment.

All items should accompany a User-Acceptance Test (UAT). For custom items, the UAT guarantees that the item meets a negligible arrangement of necessities initially characterized in the Requirements Analysis record. The UAT permits the client to feel good that the item addresses their issues also, capacities as per their necessities. For off-the-rack items, the UAT guarantees that the item is arranged appropriately and incapacities in the client's current circumstance.

Client and specialized help are fundamental in that, when the item is ut in the field and being used, the client needs some method of announcing bugs that were missed during QA. It occurs, however one On cycle ought to catch a decent level of the issues before the organization.

Moreover, the client should get to a segment of the bug-following framework to screen progress on their difficulty tickets. This makes the client rest easy thinking about the item and the cycle if they can screen the status of their issues and reports.

What's next?

Various new programming organizations don't have the opportunity or the longing to put candidates' SCM measures set up. Such a cycle not just aids in the improvement, yet it additionally aids the documentation. In such a circumstance, significantly, you comprehend the nuts and bolts of SCM and different programming improvement life cycles. Not exclusively can you produce a strong set of documents health Fitness Articles, yet you will likewise help the improvement of a strong framework for the organization's improvement group!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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