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Social Media - A Scam!

Why is it that when we meet people online, they are a completely different person to meet offline? Have this ever happened to you?

Have you seen people posting before and after images on instagram? Do you even know if it is authentic?

Don’t you feel that all our subconscious is trying to do to us is creating a False Image, so that people will see us more or like us more?

Would you not agree that a false portrayal of your own self is actually a lie to your own self and a scam for the other person?

The humans are now becoming slave to the technologies of entertainment and convenience. People of all age are on social media, More than half of the world now engages in it. As per a report, of 7.75 billion people on earth, 5.2 billion people have access to cell phones. Of these 4.5 billion unique users have access to internet and 3.8 are active social media users, which is more than combined population of India and China, world’s two most populated countries. Popular apps like Facebook, Tiktok, Linkedin, Tinder, etc have a user base in billions and referring to the above mentioned numbers, it is safe to say that a behaviour pattern can easily be influenced. People are increasingly becoming lazy and are sorting to false portrayal of their image. All this is being done to increase the likability.

It has turned people to create posts and profiles to grab attention, so much so that, they get depressed when their desired numbers aren’t achieved. Now a day’s children as young as 10 year old have access to social media accounts of their own. They try and create a content go viral just as their classmate did. Such situations are needed to be handled better, as it affects a child’s psyche. People then try and become something which they are not for likes on social media accounts. They try and do something which is trending and since everyone is doing it so they must as well, otherwise they wont stay a part of the pack.

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Such patterns of behaviour can affect a child negatively, since if they do find success on such platforms, they lose the innocence that a child carries. also they lose the possibilities to learn and explore other fields, since now all they are motivated to do is make posts and stories on social media.

It would be wrong to say, that people do not earn through such platforms, though we only see a handful of cases where influencers have made it through. Though in the case of such influencers as well it will still not be a case where you can say that every content they put out is authentic. Few days a go, a fitness influencer posted two pics side by side. In which it can be seen, how much her body changed from working out in gym. Later she posted that the pics were actually taken back to back in a span of 20 seconds. Busting the myth that you need to have a perfect body, since it was only she, flexing her muscles, which made the other pic look better. She was an honest influencer though their are many who aren’t and want to have that shock value to their post so that people would talk about them and share their content.

All of this has now become just business, they just sell! sell! and sell!. They would market there content with click baits and would promote it and would do everything possible to gain a spread and attain maximum engagements. Plain and simple business. A business from which we need to protect and educate our children and also need to be thoughtful of the content that we are consuming.

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This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

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Chini jain on May 22, 2021:

True. I agree with some of your thoughts but in today's world it's important to give your kids and people to be involved in social platforms to be up-to-date .

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