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Chemtrails: The "SHOCKING" Truth

Breakthrough Research 2011

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. (Lao-tzu)

(Or... in this case, a single shock! LOL)


When I started on this exploration of Chemtrails, I had NO IDEA that this would lead me down a number of very intriguing research rabbit holes which have forever changed my perception of what is going on with the world around me.

Who would guess that there could be such a covert nefarious technology that is effecting hundreds of thousands of people on the planet today?

NEWSFLASH - Since writing this article, Jesse Ventura produced a show on Synthetic Telepathy and Targeted Individuals which explains this very quickly

Remote Surveillance and Mind Control appears so "far out" that it is science-fiction - but this is actually REAL

What if I were to tell you that hacking into the human mind was as easy as hacking into your personal computer? Not only is something as scientifically "far out" as this possible, but this is actually something that is being done to private American and international citizens across the globe.

Yes, although human beings are very complex biological machines, the inner neuropsychology has been decoded in mind control and brainwashing techniques where humans can be programmed via remote surveillance satellite technology (or via earthbound GWEN towers).

The thought of this is just mind-blowing, right?

"The Rabbit Hole Runs DEEP"...

After stumbling across this information, some of the aspects of this topic have made me feel almost like Dorothy lifting the curtain to see the man behind the smoke and mirrors of the Wizard of Oz. In researching more on this topic, it is like peeking beyond the curtain and seeing that there is a controlling and manipulative force which goes F-A-R BEYOND what the majority of people can even grasp in consciousness. Looking at this from my previous knowledge, accepting that there is even the remote capability that there is a technology that can do this-- would require a complete PARADIGM SHIFT!!! Before realizing the Tesla science behind these concepts, it would seem much more likely to happen in a Sci-fi futuristic film, than to believe that "they" actually have this technology now and are able to use this on unsuspecting individuals (as well as groups of people).

[[At times, the thought of all of this just simply blows me away! "Like... who would EVEN guess?"]]

In seeing the man behind the curtain for what he is-- and what he is doing, there is a certain amount of knowledge gained through wisdom ----- but there is a huge sense of innocence which is lost. No longer can you view the illusion of the Wizard with the same sense of awe or wonder.

At times, I'm still baffled that someone has created technologies which can remotely hack into someone's very brain, personality, emotions, and life --- let alone covertly and remotely torture someone 24/7 with the use of laser technology, microwaves, REM sleep deprivation, etc...

[[ I mean... REALLY.... "Who Would GUESS???". It is hard to imagine the "Control Freak-ism" that has allowed this to happen. ]]

Because this is completely covert, invisible, and an undetectable manipulation that only the "target" would feel-- the majority of the population is completely ignorant that science has advanced to a level where anything like this could possibly happen. Without teaching the general population about Tesla's scientific breakthroughs-- there is very little hope that the Targeted Individuals will have a chance to take this to court and punish the perpetrator. People (as well as doctors, attorneys, legal courts) are virtually unaware that this type of technology even exists -- so how can they possibly correct this issue, if no one has come forward to teach them the truth and to enlighten them of the Tesla technology which is behind this whole new "science"?


Perhaps I would have been better off to have just remained dazed and confused, naïve to all of the technology that is being covertly manipulated on the planet these days. It was easier to stay in a state of "bliss"-- when I was ignorant of all of the many devices that are in practice these days to control individuals and the population.

There are definitely days when I feel that it may have been better off to have stayed in a state of total bewilderment, wonder, and perplexity about the topic of chemtrails. The more research that I have continued to do, the deeper the rabbit hole of information goes.

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There are some very DARK topics that surround this subject.


I hope to shine light on this subject and to help lead people to the videos that helped me to realize the "BIG picture" with this technology.


The reason that I continued to pursue this line of research was because I realized that this chemtrail phenomena was seriously effecting my health, my friend's health, etc... When I saw the massive wild life deaths that I intuitively felt were linked with Tesla Technology (HAARP), my heart went out to this cause. The environment and our entire planet is dependent on how we are caring for it. If we are so reckless to attack the planet in this manner, where will we go when we have damaged our home, our atmosphere, our entire biosphere?

What can I say, at heart... I'm a "tree-hugger".

I love the environment, animals, organic produce, etc.... This issue has become an all consuming PASSION!!!

I could not turn my back on the topic of chemtrails because I saw what they were doing to the skies in both San Diego and Las Vegas. My commitment to the environment has given me the drive to spend well over a year and 1/3 to research this unusual and quite complicated topic.

I had to follow the path where it led me. It has been a source of tremendous "confrontation" at times. There are times when I have wished that my soul were not so persistent to KNOW the answers.

But when I think back on this year-- I know that I was living my "true Purpose". This, I would not have traded for anything.


I only hope to make a difference.


Some of my findings were very SHOCKING (both literally AND figuratively)... however, if I had not experienced this first hand, I would not have been able to have googled and found the exact technology and videos which were being used in this phenomena.

The videos that I have posted, can explain in detail what is actually "going on" with this technology. Each video stands alone with information that has helped me to see the broader scope and picture of what is happening with this particular covert technology.


I mean, who would GUESS???


This technology gets so nasty and hateful at times that you have got to wonder what the intentions were, for first creating this. [Don't blame Tesla. I "get" that he was genuinely interested in helping mankind]. But whomever continued this project -- has taken this whole technology to a very "CONTROL FREAK-ish" place.

I only pray that at some point, these perpetrators will find the justice that they deserve. What's the saying? ''What comes around-- goes around!".


I hope and pray that my research may assist Targeted Individuals and may act as a lighthouse of information for those people who have not had the time to google and pull up months (years) worth of research on these topics.

May God Bless anyone who has personally lived through this type of strategic technical assault. This is a fate, I would NOT wish on my worst enemy. Whomever is standing behind the curtain pulling the strings, has completely forgot the Golden Rule, "do unto others -- as you would have done unto you".

May God Stop this type of atrocity to the human race!!! This violates EVERY human rights violation known to MANKIND!!!

With all of my soul and my very last breath-- I pray and hope that this technology comes to light. That the courts of law can address this-- and serve justice to ALL concerned!

Chemtrail Photos

Filmed above the Motel 6 on Tropicana directly across from McCarran Airport

Filmed above the Motel 6 on Tropicana directly across from McCarran Airport

Las Vegas March 2011

Las Vegas March 2011

San Diego 2011

San Diego 2011

Chemtrails caught "in action" while dining at Sammy's Pizza in Las Vegas.  (Window View)

Chemtrails caught "in action" while dining at Sammy's Pizza in Las Vegas. (Window View)

"Attention Target Shoppers, there is a HUGE Chemtrail Attack over our prime shopping hours"...  March 2011, Las Vegas 5 pm

"Attention Target Shoppers, there is a HUGE Chemtrail Attack over our prime shopping hours"... March 2011, Las Vegas 5 pm

Fact or Fiction? Is it possible for technology to have advanced where they can remotely control the population?

From what I've found at the end of the chemtrail research rabbit hole, the saying-- "Don't bring a knife to a gun fight" has new meaning. With Directed Energy Weapons (DEW's) -- guns, bombs, grenades are as passé as clothes several hundred seasons ago.

We are now dealing with a far more advanced remote electronic satellite (and cell phone tower) weapon system. This can be used remotely (undetectable to the human senses) on targets 24/7 in their private homes, offices, cars, etc... turning their entire world into a non-stop electronic torture chamber.

Reverse Engineering the Research to Find the Bottom of This

When I began this type of research, this is such a HUGE topic-- that I didn't understand the entire scope of what "they" are capable of.

Since I was basically having to "reverse engineer" this whole phenomena - from the perspective of seeing, filming, and experiencing what was happening when they were spraying chemtrails-- it was taking a long time to put all of the many pieces together.

Luckily, two heads are better than one! I was having a chat with an electrician buddy about this chemtrail topic, we were both racking our brains on what could REALLY be at the bottom of this. We had been having discussions on chemtrails for about eight solid months each time that we saw one another...

We were analyzing and running down research rabbit holes (using computer search engines) on the major ingredients that were showing up in most in the searches on chemtrails (aluminum, barium, strontium, etc.). My electrician friend knew that Barium was an ingredient that is used in the design of plasma TV screens, so this was how we put two and two together. He told me to google the words "chemtrails" and "plasma" and this is when we hit the article called "What Chemtrails Really Are" (by Carolyn Williams Palit). Finally, a great number of the pieces were in place. She gives a tremendously broad perspective of what this whole phenomena is about.

***Carolyn, I sincerely thank you for your diligence to write such an informative article. This was a true "breakthrough" in understanding this entire phenomena!***

The Article That Explains Chemtrails:

"What Chemtrails Really Are" is a BREAKTHROUGH Article which explains this technology in great depth

This is a rather LONG article, so -- if you'd rather have someone read this to you-- I've found a video for your entertainment!

Below, Layara is going to read this to you where you can sit back and relax, do some yoga, or even paint your toe nails! I fondly refer to her as "Hippy Chick" because I like the yoga music that she has playing in the background and the way that she invites us into her home to explain this whole thing!

"What Chemtrails Really Are" Video Reading

Part 2: "What Chemtrails Really Are" Video Reading

The Bottom Line... Chemtrails = Spray and ZAP!!!

Have you ever seen an Electronic Fly Swatter?

Ouch: Fly Zapper Illustration Showing How Directed Energy Weapons Work

Chemtrails Lay the Foundation for the Skies to Become a Remote Directed Energy Weapon (Similar to this Fly Zapper)

As the article "What Chemtrails Really Are" states, chemtrails electromagnetize the particles in the air, where they become a virtual "fly zapper" for the use of directed energy weapons.

Well, as you can see from the video with the girl and the fly-swatter, she is sticking her hand onto an electric grid pattern and is experiencing a SHOCK when her hand comes in contact with the grid.


Breaking this technology down to an elementary level, this is basically what chemtrails do. They leave enough particulates in the air where it electromagnatizes the skies and then covert remote electronic directed energy weapons can be used to target an individual (or a group of people). This has multiple military functions, but when this technology falls into the wrong hands-- this can actually be used on innocent people who are randomly (or specifically) targeted for covert experimentation - or as a way to correct and modify behaviors. The chemtrails electromagnetize the air-- where someone can directly target an individual/group and zap the HELL out of them, without leaving a trace that the perpetrator attacked them, or that the target was indeed hit. (In other words--- this is Electronic Remote Silent TORTURE!!!).

HELLO???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! K?

This is a "Personalized Attack"

Someone can be sitting right beside the targeted individual, and they would not understand what is happening. This technology relies on microwave technology and is a version of the Tesla Death Ray-- where it is invisible and undetected by the human ears, eyes, or other senses. A person within close proximity to the target will be completely oblivious to the remote electronic assault that has just taken place.

This technology is totally internal.

This causes a lot of relationship issues, because there is an outside "Perpertrator" who is controlling the Target electronically. Many people can not expand their consciousness enough to realize that this technology actually exists-- so they will question the integrity of the Targeted Individual.

The Targeted Individual will be the only person aware that this is happening! (Others may question this - and will not understand that they are telling the truth).

Covert Remote Directed Energy Weapon Attack

Well, as you can easily see by the illustration of the video with the girl and the fly zapper--this is basically what this technology is like. However, rather than having a physical fly swatter (where you can see the electric grid), the chemtrails have electromagnetized the very air where someone can remotely direct undetectable microwaves at you (the Target) and virtually zap the HELL out of you, without leaving a trace that you have been hit!!!

[[ I know.... I KNOW!!! This sounds COMPLETELY Bat-Shit CRAZY!!!... but it is TRUE!!! ]]

Targeted Individual

This is an INTERNAL PROCESS-- meaning that it is ONLY Happening to YOU!!!

The target can be completely isolated and targeted 24/7 by directed energy weapons which are coming from either a satellite, cell phone tower, or another remote activated directed energy weapon from a source linked with an individual or group/organization.

The satellite technology can electronically harass and stalk you anywhere on earth. It follows your unique infrared heat pattern (and we wonder why the TSA is using full body scans, LOL), so you are basically "dialed into the grid". They can keep you on a very short electronic remote leash when you are near your cell phone, GPS tracking system, or other type covert surveillance equipment that may be coded into your TV cable, TV, radio, or other home electronics devices. [I suspect that the new SMART Meters, surveillance cameras/microphones found in TV's and DVD's/video players are geared for this type of operation]. When the device finds the target, there will be a certain "Shock" that you will routinely feel, letting the target know that they are "back on the radar".

If the target happens to go "off the radar", then an electronic satellite can be scanning the area looking for you with your unique infrared body heat emissions, repeated body movements that let them know that this is you, or other ways of detecting their target (I haven't researched this yet, but intuitively I feel that this is what the TSA Body Scanning Images are all about). [The only way around this is with a Faraday cage, which basically causes the electric grid to act as a "resist" to an incoming microwave attack].

Just as the article states-- the chemtrails electromagnetize the particles in the air, where they become a virtual "fly zapper" for the use of directed energy weapons. The satellite technology scans and digitizes the entire globe looking for the target, until they have found them again.

Your personal electronic equipment such as your cell phone and GPS becomes a "tattletale" letting them know exactly where you are on the radar. Even your voice can be detected on your cell phone as a way to know that this is "you"-- (through a random cell phone or land line phone call).

Satellite technology scans the area for your regular routes of operation and picks up routines and patterns where they can more clearly identify you. Your credit card purchases electronically cue systems into where your "imprint" is. The infrared body heat detectors will be scanning the area for your unique imprint shortly after a credit card is processed, so even in your travels (or breaking a weekly routine) will be more easy to locate a target.

Bill Gallagher Interview: 90 Minutes

Bill Gallagher Interview: Breakthrough

This was another key video which features an important interview. This pulled together a number of concepts which were mentioned in the article "What Chemtrails Really Are". Bill Gallagher, with a background in the Air Force, ties together a number of dimensions of the chemtrail program in a way where it is fairly easy to understand what this technology is all about.

Bill noticed chemtrails back in the mid 1970s. He bridges a lot of different concepts that all tie in with the chemtrail phenomena.

Bill breaks this information down into bite sized pieces where the information is easier to understand. He goes into a discussion on the patents for this type of technology proving that this is a technological advancement based on scientific discoveries which definitely proves that this chemtrail technology is much more than a mere "Conspiracy Theory". He addresses the emotive qualities of chemtrails (emotive = the ability to control and play games with your mind).

He mentions the radio signature which basically replaces having to microchip the population. People are electromagnetically conditioned where they can be spotted by satellite with their personal radio signature which glows with a unique frequency.

Newscast Explores Non-Lethal Weapon - Which Delivers an Invisible Microwave Zap Stronger Than the Electronic Fly Zapper

Moving From the Fly Zapper to the Directed Energy Weapon

For those of you who still are having a difficult time understanding that an invisible microwave beam can possibly cause pain or damage to the human body, the upcoming three video segments demonstrate how powerful a directed energy weapon can be.

The first video shows a man who is targeted directly with the DEW (Directed Energy Weapon).He is first targeted without a shield of any type, then next is filmed using different objects to block the oncoming beam.

The second video shows a group of military guys performing a drill to demonstrate the effectiveness of the active denial system riot technology. Notice how they each react simultaneously. This is a huge microwave beam that is fired on the entire crowd. Although it is invisible to the human eye-- and does not involve the other senses, it creates a kinesthetic response in this entire group at the exact same time. They each feel the pain from this hit simultaneously.

The third video shows how a directed energy weapon can be used to disband a crowd of people.

Microwave Gun Demonstration Toward a Target

This Shows the Simultaneous Reaction of a Group Hit with a Directed Energy Weapon

A "Stun Gun" for a Crowd. This Video Shows What Happens When a Microwave Beam Hits a Crowd (Although in reality, the microwave beam is invisible)

Unlike the Test Videos Shown Above: Targeted Individuals Can Not Escape This 24/7 Electromagnetic Attack

In the case of targeted individuals, there is no way to block or shield yourself from an incoming attack. These microwave beams - beam through walls, cement, floors, ceilings, etc.

Targets feel as if they are a prisoner in their own environments and anywhere that they go. They are under a 24/7 on-going electromagnetic attack. Their cell phone device is easily trackable by satellite technology where they can be easily found... and zapped-- ANYWHERE on the globe. Even without the cell phone giving the target away, the high tech satellite systems track the infrared body heat patterns and scan and pan the globe looking for the target's selective body heat patterns.

[[ The only way to block this type of beam would be to shield yourself with a Faraday Cage or material that blocks microwave beams. (This will have to be another Hubpage Topic]

Targeted Individuals Are A Prisoner of their Own Infrared Body Heat "Signature", Living in a Virtual Electronic Torture Chamber

It is one thing to be convicted of a crime and sentenced to a life in prison, but it is an entirely different situation when someone has randomly selected you for the role of a Targeted Individual (TI) and you have never done anything to deserve this outcome.

As a Targeted Individual, YOU become the target. The virtual guinea pig.

Breaking this down into a childhood analogy. The perpetrator is the hunter. The Targeted Individual is Bambi.

Bambi can't see the hunter because he/she could be miles away pushing electronic buttons with the assistance of remote electronic satellite/cell tower technology, but Bambi becomes the subject of a very cruel lab experiment confined in his/her own world - where at any second, a thought could cause this "perp" to electronically zap the holy hell out of Bambi.

A "perpetrator" (the perp who administers the remote electronic torture) becomes an unwelcome guest to every aspect of Bambi's life and relationships. This perp becomes a virtual puppet master shadowing a target's entire life. Their entire environment. Their entire mind. Administering non-stop microwave weaponry attacks on this TI non-stop, rain or shine-- 24/7.

[ Can you say, GET A LIFE??? ]....

Who is the actual "prisoner" here?

The person who is having to sit in a room full of electronics trying to read your mind and zap the hell out of you, or the person that is being zapped?

This must be one of THE Most BORING Jobs on the face of God's green earth. (Imagine the boring drama of watching someone sort out their makeup cabinet for hours after a move, placing each lipstick in the right cubicle... moving onto the thrilling job of sorting socks, scarves, shoes, kitchen gadgetry, loads of laundry, picking up dog poop... blah blah blah... !!! Good heavens, I can't imagine the zzzzzzzzzz's these people must be having).


(Moving off my soap box to finish this topic...)

Unlike the prisoner who has committed a crime and has been sentenced to a life of imprisonment, these targeting individuals are a prisoner of their own body heat. Their unique infrared body "signature" will tattle to the satellite technology exactly where they are if they should venture further away from their home, office, or car. Their entire world turns into a virtual prison -- anywhere that satellite technology can find their body heat imprints and zap the hell out of them.


No longer do "they" need to lock people up and imprison them. They can select targets at random and put these people in a position where their entire WORLD becomes a virtual prison and torture chamber.

The History Channel: Radio Frequency Mind Control

Invisible and Undetectable to Others Near the Target

Yes, a target's friends, family, doctors, and attorneys will not understand what the target is talking about, because unless they have been targeted also and have experienced what this feels like-- they will immediately jump to the conclusion that the target is a "mental case" or that this is some type of "psycho-somatic pain" that the target is feeling.

Let's face it, this information is SO FAR OUT-- that most people's consciousness will not allow them to even realize that this is possible!!!

This is Tesla Technology-- a modification on the theme of his classic "Death Ray".

This is TOP SECRET Confidential, Top Clearance-Type Technology! Unless you were an electronics expert, surveillance expert, scientist, Tesla guru, or high level military officer-- you are probably NOT going to have even heard that this type of technology exists!

Universal Pictures "Control Factor": Movie that discloses the technology behind the chemtrail research

This New Technology Can Cause All Sorts of Health Issues and Can Even Cause Death By "Natural Causes"...

Just as a taser has the ability to induce a heart attack, this type of remote electronic harassment can cause all sorts of health related issues -- and can even cause death.

Medical doctors will NOT be able to accurately determine a "cause of death" -- if someone is killed with this type of remote electronic harassment. I know... I grew up in the funeral business. An autopsy is NOT going to give them information on how people died.

They can induce a heart attack, cause an aneurism, or all sorts of different internal organ damage which will eventually lead to a death by "natural causes".

Directed energy weapons are like an invisible taser gun... so it is important to look at the effects of taser guns and how they affect people's health in order to understand the full ramifications of this type of technology.

Synthetic Telepathy: Brain Computer Interface

  • Synthetic Telepathy »
    Synthetic Telepathy was mentioned in the movie clip just above. It is in use today and has been used on a number of targeted individuals. If you need more "back up"-- watch the videos on the Presidential Commission of Bioethics with Amy Gutman.

Military Explores "Synthetic Telepathy"...

Brain-Computer Interface

Covert Remote Psychotronic Torture

This upcoming video with Dr. Robertson goes into the fact that the government has had a history of nonconsensual human testing.

Dr. Robertson's aim in this speech is to educate. "There is more science to this, than fiction". He brings up the fact that this is a difficult crime to correct, because the average person is not going to have the information necessary to even understand that this type of technology exists-- and that it is being used on private citizens.

Law enforcement agencies, courts of law-- will not be able to prosecute perpetrators and agencies for this type of abuse until there is significant education of this technology. The mass public needs to KNOW what is going on, before appropriate measures can take place to correct this issue and punish the groups that are violating human rights in this manner.

If the general public's education level can not even conceive of these technologies and how they violate humanity-- then it is an uphill battle to find an attorney or court of law that can serve justice to the perpetrators who have been administering this type of remote electronic torture and mutilation.

Article that Dr. Robertson Mentions: "The Mind Has No Firewall"

  • The Mind Has No Firewall
    This is an article written by Timothy L. Thomas, which Dr. Robertson Mentions in his presentation.

EMF (Electromagnetic Frequency) Reading Showing Microwaves Directed at Targeted Individuals

Presidential Commission on Bioethics

Amy Gutmann was appointed by President Obama to hear a group of 20 individuals who speak up about their own personal experiences in regards to being Targeted with this type of remote electronic harassment and psychotronic torture.

As you listen to these accounts, there are duplicate stories in a number of cases. These people are obviously experiencing the very same torture and physical symptoms.

There is a doctor, professional reporter, and an attorney who all speak up on behalf of the many issues of human rights that this technology violates. This is TORTURE, just as sure as being locked away in a dungeon being randomly assaulted... only the target is experiencing this 24/7 in the privacy of their own home, office, car, and anywhere that this technology can physically track the target.

Presidential Commission on Bioethics Led By Amy Gutman (appointed by Obama to hear 20 Targeted Individual Cases)

Part 2: Presidential Commission on Bioethics

Part 3: Presidential Commission on Bioethics

Part 4: Presidential Commission on Bioethics

Part 5: Presidential Commission on Bioethics

Louisville Targeted Individual Press Conference - April 16, 2010

V2K: Voice To Skull Technology

Hearing voices in your head?

This has always been a joke in the counseling community and is normally a symptom of schizophrenia.

However, this technology is far from something that is "internal" or a "psychosis" of any type. It is actually being broadcasted into the target's head via low level microwave technology.

This goes by many different names including: V2K: Voice to Skull Technology, Frey Microwave Hearing.

Why haven't we heard of this? This is actually a classified top-secret type technology using radio-wave broadcasting type frequencies that basically mixes the sound in the air, and inputs the sound in the target's head-- where it mimics that they are actually hearing a voice (or sound) in their head.

Dr. Alan Frey at Cornell University discovered this technology back in 1958 - so they've had decades to perfect this where this is a complete science.

This upcoming video explains how this technology works. According to my research, this technology mimics a radio wave and your head becomes the radio receiver. It uses microwaves to transmit sounds into your head.

This technology has many advanced uses. In my year of research on this topic, I have come across some information stating that this technology has been used in Iraq by our troops and towards opposing forces. The voice can be broadcasted just as easily as a radio announcer. Some sources that I found said that the military is now using this as a way to communicate with ground troops where they are not having to wear a headset that could be lost during a land battle.

Apparently, this was a technology used by our military towards foreign troops when they would be hiding in buildings or clustered in groups. The foreign troops would be hearing a translator giving them directions. Since the troops were naive' to this technology-- they assumed that this was "the voice of God"-- and would come out of buildings waving a white flag--giving themselves up for surrender without even a fight.

Ever wonder how a politician or public speaker can give a detailed speech without the use of a teleprompter? This is it. Their speech could be being broadcasted into their head without the use of a receiving device such as a head set.

Microwave Hearing: Voice to Skull

Frey Microwave Hearing

Microwave Health Hazards

MRI Showing Frey Microwave Hearing/V2K/Voice to Skull Technology

Patent for Microwave Hearing

Psychotronic Torture

Covert remote psychotronic torture using high tech technology that is being used on nonconsensual subject in the United States and other countries (from my research, any countries that are experiencing the Chemtrail phenomena).

Human Experimentation is occurring.

Psychotronic: application of an external stimulus (energy)that causes changes in the person's perception, thought process, and sensual experiences (hearing, seeing, taste, smell, kinesthetic). It is being used for political and social control.

"The Mind Has No Firewall" - book written on this subject. These weapons can take thoughts from a person and reinsert them into the brain. Your brain becomes like an electronic computer, it can be hacked into (this is what they are doing).

REM Sleep Deprivation Torture

One of the fundamental requirements for every living human or animal, is to ensure that they get enough quality sleep to replenish themselves for the next day.

My first psychology classes in college referred to groups of experimental subjects who started to exhibit unusual psychosis when they were denied the appropriate sleep.

With this new surveillance technology, they can remotely monitor the target where the minute that they start to doze into an REM sleep mode, the target will experience twitching or an involuntary muscle contraction that wakes you up... or-- possibly a loud noise (such as a car alarm) goes off right outside your window, your dog bursts through the door to wake you up, etc... any number of things can happen to keep you from sleeping.

According to the TI reports, this is exhausting. According to countless videos that I have seen on Targeted Individuals, this seems to be a fairly routine way of torturing people.


So, when people learn that these response are caused by the ability of the perpetrator to know exactly when the target dozes off -- some people learn to sleep in a tin foil hat or faraday simulated cage -- in order to not be disturbed while sleeping.

Remote REM Sleep Deprivation Can Be As Bad as Drinking

Remote REM Sleep Deprivation: "Sleep Debt"

Electronic Stalking: Surveillance Equipment on Phones and Internet

Along with a need to control subjects via their own physiology, comes a need to also moderate and control all communications available to "the target".

Its hard to imagine that someone would have devised such a Control-Freak method of control---but there are agencies out their that want to place subjects under complete surveillance and control.

With the Patriot Act Bill which passed through shortly after 9/11, you can expect to see this type of "supervision" and "surveillance" being used more on the unsuspecting public. Particularly if you are writing on topics that they want to keep a thumb on (ummmm say, Chemtrails?.... yep).

You anticipate that you have "freedom of speech", but someone could be electronically accessing your I-phone, Blackberry, other cell phones and home phones--- along with any and all internet activity that you do from your own IP address and any internet cafe's that you may visit.

They can target you with images in pop up ads, and open and close windows on your computer. They have the ability to remotely control your scroll bar where they can zoom you in and around different things that you are writing or working on, on the internet-- or even on your personal computer programs.

They can even override your computer's "remote control access codes". Even if you clearly program your computer to NOT receive remote control access, these agencies have the ability to over-ride that, and hijack your computer anyway.

This upcoming video shows the complex monitoring that happens when someone follows and interacts with your phone and computer systems to stalk you electronically.

Hollywood Movie that Shows High Tech Surveillance Society "Enemy of the State" -- Will Smith

Mass Surveillance

The NSA Listens to Every Conversation...

According to my writing source:

The NSA has the capability of “reading” and listening to every conversation carried on over most electronic mediums.They capture and store all of this information in massive server complexes.They capture landline, cell tower, satellite, microwave, amateur radio, VHF, UHF and fiber optic based internet and VoIP communications systems.

Then they parse all of the date seeking keywords like; “bomb”, “hostage”, “nuclear” and other words that, when encountered, spit out that conversation source for further analyses.There are individuals, who they follow all of the time, anywhere in the world, using electronic eavesdropping.They are eavesdropping on every individual in the United States at any given time.The apparatus is mind boggling and employs over 25,000 to just analyze our conversations.

Understanding the "BIG Picture" with Technologies

If you've wondered what the links are with today's technologies such as Google, Yahoo, Facebook, and other technologies-- this interview will fill you in on how all of these tie in together.

Is Google Spying on You?

The Ability to Remotely Spy on Your Internet Activity and Computer Usage

Technologies Track Your Website Visits...

Homeland Security Spying on Social Media, Internet Usage, Key Word Searches, Google Searches

Facebook Posts and Comments Under Scrutiny of Homeland Security

Appliances That Spy on You...

How to Block Mind Control Signals

  • How to Block Microwave Mind-Programming Signals by Montalk
    May 8, 2003. This article describes a simple way to lessen intrusive EM radiation in your home or apartment. A large source of dangerous EM radiation comes in the form of microwaves emitted by cell phone towers. From personal experimentation, and hea

So You Thought Tin Foil Hats Were a Joke?

No, actually the tin foil hat joke has some merit to it! (Who would guess)!!!

Tin foil hats have the ability to block mind control technology from reading your thoughts or instilling the manipulative hacking that can happen when microwaves are directed towards you. The tin foil hat basically acts as a Faraday Cage (an electromagnetic cage that blocks electrical waves from entering the cage).


This upcoming video shows a guy who designs an experiment to see if a tin foil hat can block out the government's satellite technology which can tap into mind control. This is a very interesting video and demonstrates the point that aluminum foil can actually block mind control and mind reading activity.

Tin Foil Hats Block Remote Mind Control

Psychics Trained to do Remote Viewing

MK Ultra Perpertrators

MK Ultra Perpertrators (2 of 2)

Leave No Stone Unturned

After writing over 8 hub pages on the topic of Chemtrails and filming over 3500 pictures of chemtrails in the San Diego and Las Vegas area, I was feeling like I was beating my head against the wall... still no closer to the REAL REASON behind Chemtrails-- than when I first saw these in my neighborhood months before.

The unanswered questions were really getting under my skin. My Inner Nancy Drew was internally driving me to find out what the real purpose of Chemtrails was. I had seen the phenomena with my own eyes, I had witnessed the physical flu-like symptoms that immediately hit after exposure to the chemicals left behind from the aerosols... so I knew that there was some "meat to the story". I had been filming them long enough where I had some interesting photos, a whole film series (if you will) that gave proof that I had captured them on film. All of this was good, but the constant nagging of "why are they spraying this stuff" was pushing my Nancy Drew nature into over-drive.

I had seen them as an artist/photographer and could clearly identify what I was seeing. With my background as a watercolorist for over 20 years, I could easily look at the chemical mixes happening in the atmosphere shortly after seeing a plane fly by and leave a pencil thin line that would quickly morph into the surrounding sky, creating huge geo-engineered cloud formations that would continue to morph and "bloom"-- in the exact same manner that my watercolor paints would mix when I was adding one paint into a wet-on-wet mixture on my watercolor papers.

Physiologically, I had felt the flu-like feelings and had witnessed how quickly I was effected by them shortly after being exposed to them.

There was an internal drive to "get to the bottom of this" and find out exactly "why" they were spraying the area.

So, just like Nancy Drew-- I took on the research with the phrase "Leave No Stone Unturned" and started scouring through everything I could get my hands on.

I started down this chemtrail research rabbit hole like a blood hound on a hunting trail, delving into articles, videos that I would have never have imagined that I would have been curious about, if San Diego were not under a siege of chemtrail attacks in my own neighborhood.

It felt like Alice in Wonderland tumbling into this never ending matrix of google searches and youtube video watching. I would watch one youtube video- and there would be dozens of more related videos showing up on the side bar. I kept going down one video after the other video- trying to get to the bottom of what this whole thing was about. I kept a note pad and if any new words, names of experts, etc... would pop up -- that would be the next research rabbit hole of information that I would run down. I saw video after video on Weather Warfare, Nikola Tesla, HAARP Technology, the chemicals that were used (Barium, Strontium, etc), the strange animal die offs that were happening around the globe, and a number of other topics. (All documented in my earlier hub pages on this subject).

After eight months of extensive research (6-18 hour days pounding the internet for articles, videos, and running all over town in San Diego AND Las Vegas filming them) the "What Chemtrails Really Are" article finally pulled the research together.

The Truth Will Set You Free from Previous Myths

Remember how you felt, when you found out that Santa Clause really doesn't ride through the sky with his herd of reindeer, plop down the chimney to have cookies and milk that you left him in the kitchen-- before dropping off your christmas presents late at night Christmas eve? Or-- that there really wasn't a tooth fairy that slipped a dollar bill under your pillow at night, when another baby tooth had fallen out? Or how you felt when you realized that the whole Easter Bunny was a complete myth?

Yep. This is exactly what this entire process has been like to discover where the whole Chemtrail science leads. It requires your mind to do a complete "flip-flop" on what you could have ever DREAMED possible!!!

Illusions and myths suddenly come to light. You can no longer believe the same story, when you find the truth behind something.

Christmas and Easter were more fun when I believed in Santa and the Easter Bunny. [[As far as the Tooth Fairy goes..... ppppppppft! That theory ended when I caught my dad putting the dollar bill under the pillow!]]


I have been really struggling with the information that I've found at the bottom of the chemtrail research rabbit hole.

This is one of the most intense things that I have ever written about, which makes the subject of chemtrails very thrilling and a complete challenge to bring to the public.

My goal is to bring this information to light-- where this can assist targeted individuals to know the science behind what is happening to them. I hope to inform the public where it will be much easier for the targeted individuals to explain this to their attorneys and courts of law where people can actually realize that there is a complete "SCIENCE" behind the invisible torture that these targets are enduring.

This technology is as REAL as the electronic fly swatter that was used in the first video that I posted. Just because this is an invisible force, does NOT mean that this is "in the target's head"-- or that it should be construed as some type of "Psychosomatic cry for help". These people are under 24/7 high tech Psychotronic Electronic Remote Torture.

I've had a passion to "get to the bottom of the Chemtrail issue". I only hope that this passion can lead to the research that will help targeted individuals to find freedom from this type of on-going assault, and that the perpetrators who are using this technology can be held accountable for their involvement in this type of attack on mankind. It would be great to see justice served! ; )

Another Great Source of Information

Deborah Dupre, a writer for The Examiner -- at has some excellent articles on the subject of the many human rights violations that happen with this technology. She often writes ongoing articles about human rights violations that effect law and public policy.

Seeking Freedom and Justice Worldwide for Targeted Individuals

Square One: the argument of whether this is a Chemtrail or Contrail

At first, one of the biggest hurdles that I had in explaining this chemtrail phenomena to other people-- was the fact that people go into the whole question of "Is this is a Contrail-- or a Chemtrail???" topic. To answer this question, I shot over 3,500 individual photos of chemtrails in both San Diego and Las Vegas to show the chemtrails morphing from pencil thin spider like lines in the sky-- to huge geoengineered clouds. I wrote one of my first hub pages as a way to help people realize that these are far more than "contrails".

If you are still back at Square One determining if this is a Contrail or Chemtrail-- please read this article

"The Great Culling" New Movie on Chemtrails

The producers of "What in the World Are They Spraying" are introducing another film called "The Great Culling". This film goes over a lot of the biological red flags that are raised over the chemicals used in chemtrails.

"The Great Culling" Official Trailer for Movie

"What in the World Are They Spraying?" Documentary on Chemtrails

This documentary covers the raised chemical traces found in soil and covers a lot of different interviews where chemtrails are discussed.

This goes into a lot of details on the general study of Chemtrails. It raises the question "What" are they spring?

"What in the World Are They Spraying?"

To Recap My Story

In Summary:

When I first began research into the topic of Chemtrails, I was only aware of the health and environmental concerns of the aerosol sprays themselves. Out of a sense of urgency for the atmosphere and planet, I spent a solid eight months running down the research rabbit hole spending 6-18 hour days of research into the Chemtrail phenomena.

December 23rd 2010 (last Christmas), I walked out of my house in San Diego and had a first hand experience of viewing chemtrails (horizon to horizon) in my very neighborhood. At that point, I began carrying my camera 24/7 each and every time that I would leave the house-- trying to capture chemtrails on film.

I left San Diego for a quick trip to Las Vegas for a convention. I was hoping to escape the chemtrails in San Diego and to take a much needed "breather". Who would guess???, I arrived in Las Vegas-- and it was even MORE SATURATED than even San Diego. I was so intrigued with the chemtrails that I came back for a 2nd trip in Las Vegas and filmed them for a solid month near McCarran Airport.

A few months into the filming project, a friend and I finally found the breakthrough article that let me know the full scope of Chemtrails. When I started this research, little did I realize that this technology had a far more sinister goal of mind control and remote electronic harassment and torture.

BELIEVE ME, this information was totally "SHOCKING"-- (both literally, and figuratively).


My heart really goes out to the Targeted Individuals who are enduring a 24/7 solid stream of surveillance and remote electromagnetic shock torture in the privacy of their own homes, offices, & cars.

My goal in choosing the topic of Chemtrails was initially to protect the environment, to make a difference with global health, to protect animal species who were being apparently targeted for huge animal die offs, and to understand more about the aerosol sprayings themselves and how these toxic chemicals would eventually pollute our water, soil, and planet. Little did I realize that the topic of chemtrails would also involve the topic of mind control and remote electronic harassment and torture! This was totally Mind Blowing!!!

As a writer, this was a very interesting research project because it was giving me such an extensive scientific educational experience which was far beyond what I had learned in my previous science courses. Tesla concepts are rarely even taught in the world's most advanced universities-- so the videos and writing that I have been discovering have given me a whole new respect for the man that created this technology. This writing project offered me a chance to possibly make a difference for the future of our world, our environment, and every known species of humans, plants, and animals. As if that weren't enough--Chemtrails even effect the very soil that we grow our crops in. This has been a very thrilling subject at times-- although, quite SHOCKING!!!

I truly hope that the information that I found will help to bridge a gap for those targeted individuals who do not have the time to spend months googling and researching this particular topic.

At times, this information is so advanced, "Over My Head", and "So-o-o-o-o-o F-A-R Out" that the majority of attorneys (or courts of law) will NOT take this seriously. This information seems more like a Sci-Fi Thriller. But after extensive research... there is far more "Science involved" than Science Fiction.

The perpetrators have one thing operating on their side. There are very few people who have studied Tesla and his electro-magnetic inventions. Very few people can follow the fact that this technology is actually available and is in use today.

I hope that my writing, and research into this topic, can help targeted individuals understand more of the "science" that is behind what they are experiencing. My goal with this particular article is to act as a basis to help targeted individuals find an attorney that will listen to them and can take their case to the appropriate law enforcement agencies and courts -- to help prosecute the agencies (or individuals) who are responsible for this type of attack towards humanity.


It goes without saying, this invisible remote electronic harassment -- is a huge human rights violation and quite possibly has the ability to completely control and manipulate the entire human race where they become a virtual Manchurian Candidate, Stepford Wife, or Robot.

I hope to make a serious difference with this- and bring the perpetrators to justice.... once and for all. My primary goal is to END this type of remote electronic surveillance and torture on the population. I would breathe a lot easier and sleep a lot better knowing that I had been able to free an entire group of hundreds of thousands of people who are living this Control-Freak-ish nightmare.

"Let Freedom R-I-N-G"... I wrote this article to explain the process behind my discovery-- and have shared with you the videos and articles which helped me to connect the dots on this very extensive "science project". My other hub pages have the research and videos posted that helped me to get to this level of awareness with the science behind the chemtrails.

[[ Please feel free to visit all my pages. It will explain this phenomena in a way where you see the total "Scope" of this science. ]]

This Next Video Features Rumsfeld Being Asked By Reporters about this Technology Used in Military Applications

Rumsfeld is cornered in a press conference by reporters on the topic of microwave technology. He discloses very little about what is actually going on with this technology.

Towards the end of this video, the camera will show how human beings register "on the radar" with their infrared body heat patterns. This is the technology that allows these weapons to target and track individuals anywhere on the globe.

Microwave Weapons: Rumsfeld Answers Questions; The Very Last Video Clips Shows the Infrared Heat Patterns Emitted By Body Heat

Microwave Weapons; MK Ultra Mind Control Experiments

Electronic Mind Control Used First on Military, Now Expanding to Private Citizens

    Sound and Heat-beaming weapons. Sound inside you head. Heat beaming weapons. Heat inducing weapons. When in weapon mode, LRAD blasts a tightly controlled stream of caustic sound that can be turned up to high enough levels to trigger nausea or possibl

Interview with Microwave Weapons Expert: Barrie Traower

Video that Shows How This Remote Electronic Surveillance and Gang Stalking Technology is Linked Directly With Torture Methods

NSA Harasses Thousands of Law Abiding Americans Daily By the Usage of Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM)

Remote Neural Monitoring: A Technology Used for Controlling the Human Brain

Chinese Broadcast on Directed Energy Weapons Used In Iraq by the US Military

CNN Special

CNN: Electromagnetic Mind Control Weapons (Part 2)

Chemtrails May Contain Bio-Engineered RFID Chips in the form of Nano-Fibres

Video Shows How Images are Illuminated with Thermal Heat Radiation that Translates Into Information to be Able to Target Individuals; Shows Damage by Directed E

Directed Energy Weapons Used in Iraq (Part 1) Doctors Question Victims Hit with This, Did Not Hear a Sound... (Invisible, Silent, Deadly); Cuts the Arms, Legs

Directed Energy Weapons Used In Iraq (Part