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Smart TVs Kenya: The Need to Know Basics Everyone Must Have

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Since Kenya witnessed the digital migration, the television industry has witnessed a significant improvement towards world- class technological advances. Such started with the introduction of TV boxes, digital TVs and the new Smart TVs.

What are Smart TVs?

Often confused with Digital TVs, these are modern television sets that have the ability to connect to the internet. Using internet connection through Wi-Fi, Cable or using a rooter, these TV sets have the ability to access streaming media such as movies, video and music from the World Wide Web. They also have an added advantage of the capability to share media with other devices.

Is a Smart TV better than an ordinary TV box?

Well, many Kenyans have frequently asked this question. Whether a smart TV really ‘outsmarts’ your ordinary TV depends on how effectively it meets your needs. So, what are some of the features of smart TVs and how do they compare with your digital TV or TV box?

  • Screen size and picture Quality

With their increased video processing capabilities, they have a better picture resolution. As for screen size, this may not necessarily be the case. Even TVs that lack the smart function have models with large screens as well.

  • Accessible programs

While an ordinary digital TV or TV box only allows you to watch what the service provider is offering at a given time, a smart TV additionally gives you the added advantage of streaming desired content live from the internet. You may even record programs for later viewing.

  • Additional features
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Besides access to local TV programs, smart TV sets have the following desirable features that you can never find on an ordinary TV:

- Ability to connect to various multimedia sources.

With internet connectivity, these TV sets allow you to connect to various sites such as social media networks and online service providers.

- Ability to network with other devices at home

Using Linear Access Network (LAN), these TV sets have the capability to transfer files from one device to another through a USB or wireless connection.

- Ability to install or update software

You can easily install a new application or automatically update old ones on your TV. This feature is not available on ordinary TVs.

  • Cost

Although their cost is significantly higher than that of ordinary TV sets, you actually get more value for your money. This is because of the added connectivity features, more HDMI ports, USB ports and other interfaces.

What are some of the fears associated with this technology?

With their ability to connect to the internet, these TVs may be vulnerable to data security risks, hacking, spying/ eavesdropping and virus attacks. It is therefore advisable to avoid performing sensitive tasks such as online banking or use of credit cards through them.

What then?

Smart TVs will definitely improve your television experience while giving you the added advantage to accessing social media sites, live streaming, recording your favorite shows as well as sharing files between your devices. Better said, you get real value for your money.

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