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Singin’ In The Shower With The AquaEase Bluetooth Shower Speaker


Listen To Music Anywhere

Listening to music is one of the real pleasures in life, and where one listens to music can be pretty much anywhere: you can listen in your home and you can listen outdoors and you can listen while working or even playing. So as can be imagined, the devices that let you listen to music are varied in both their size and technology and price. But one place music doesn’t seem to get-go is the bathroom and by that, we mean specifically when someone is showering. The reason for that is all multilayer, with water resistance being a huge factor but not the only one.

So there’s a real fear that having a music device, regardless of size or price, in the bathroom while someone is showering is going to cause problems — we’re not talking about problems for people (the music device isn’t going to attack the person showering like that scene from Psycho) but from the fear that the moisture being generated while the person is showering is going to infiltrate and saturate the device and ruin it. So what is needed is a music device that does the expected of providing you with the music you want to hear, but also is made so protected as to eliminate any concerns or fears of using it. That’s where Tribit’s AquaEase Bluetooth Shower Speaker shines, and for a lot of other reasons too.


Ease With the AquaEase

The AquaEase has a sleek, easy to grasp design — more so because of the woven attachment loop than just grabbing it — allowing the speaker to be placed over the shower head if desired. Of course it can be placed on any flat-ish surface and for most that will be the way it is used (especially since a speaker being over the shower head could cause many to bounce their noggins on it since a speaker over the shower head isn’t something expected).

With controls handled by the app that keeps the speaker working without fear of water intruding into the speaker, the front facing display shows the time boldly. Its IPX67 water resistance rating is designed to keep the speaker from being inundated with liquids. This protection extends to sand, so taking the speaker to the beach shouldn’t be an issue — just don’t overdue, as pouring sand on the speaker would be asking for trouble, but under normal conditions there’s no problems as going on a hike or camping and using this speaker either. And while it’s pretty much ubiquitous these days, it is worth noting that there’s a microphone built in along with the speaker so that this can be used as a speakerphone.


The Tech

Bluetooth 5.3 is being employed and that means a much better signal being transmitted from the audio source (phone, tablet, etc.) to this speaker. While it doesn’t change the overall distance of about 33 feet, it does make for a more stable transmission. Plus because of this iteration of Bluetooth, a second speaker can be integrated so as to create not just stereo but a greater sound field for that stereo to live in.

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It’s not unusual for there to be an iOS/Android app made by the same company as an audio device so as to offer customization, and the one from Tribit does just that as it lets you customize sound preferences, adjus8t the volume, show battery percentage, switch songs and more. But it also can activate the lighting on the speaker as well. Perhaps the most intriguing feature of the app is that it has the ability to accept updates to transfer into the speaker as it relates to future technologies uses.


Battery Life

Finally one might wonder about battery life, since it’s obvious that the last thing anyone would want when they’re wet is to have their music speaker run out of power (making listening for that session anyway a no-go). Charging up the speaker provides up to 18 hours of power — running the lights as well as the music will drain the battery differently than just playing music alone, but getting over 12 hours without fail seems okay, and was in our case. Speaking of lights,

The AquaEase Bluetooth Shower Speaker uses USB-C, supports an SD card and is reasonable priced so there’s no need for hesitation.For more details go to

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