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Samsung F62 - Is it deserve the hype?


But does this smartphone deserve the hype or is it the only phone with a flagship chip under 25K? Today I am going to tell you my honest opinion about Samsung F62.

Let's discuss that further in the article.

Display -

It has a 6.7inch FHD+ sAMOLED+ display with a standard 60hz refresh rate. And to be honest I don't mind using 60hz refresh rate devices until it is an AMOLED one. And Samsung provides great Amoled quality in their smartphone so you can expect some great display quality from this device too. So I won't say much about its display but yes the display is going to be great and you are going to enjoy watching content on this screen.

Performance -

Now here this topic became interesting because this device comes with Exynos 9825 SoC which is a flagship SoC from Samsung, although it is two years old but is still powerful and power-efficient as well due to the 7nm fabrication process. It has 2x 2.73Ghz (Custom M4 Core),2x2,4Ghz(Cortex-A75) and 4x1.95Ghz(Cortex A55). As you can see it has old Cortex A75 cores and a Samsung custom mongoose core which doesn't have much reputation in thermal efficiency. But still, Cortex A75 is a powerful core and with a high frequency can provide very good performance, then there is Samsung custom mongoose core which is a prime core in it which doesn't have much reputation in thermal efficiency but this reputation was due to the fact that it was used in a flagship device that cost a whooping 75k, and now when it is available at just Rs24k I think its a great deal.

Then for GPU, there is Mali G76 MP12 flagship GPU which can easily handle any game in max settings. So for gamers, it can be a great device too.

Now comes the interesting part that is it the only phone that comes with flagship chip under 25k?

The answer is no because Realme X3 is cheaper than this device and comes with Snapdragon 855 plus which is a better SoC in terms of CPU as well as GPU than the Exynos 9825 and even has better thermal efficiency, which makes it the most powerful device available under 25k as of now. This show that Samsung is not the only phone with a flagship processor under 25k. But that doesn't mean that Samsung F62 has bad performance it can also provide a flagship performance but here I am just showing that Samsung is just hyping about its device performance when there is a smartphone powerful than it, and so are various tech YouTubers.

Overall I think in terms of performance F62 is a great device.

Camera -

The main camera consists of a 64Mp sony sensor+12Mp ultra-wide-angle lens +5Mp Macro+5Mp depth sensor. One thing I love about its camera setup is that it has a 12Mp ultra-wide-angle lens which can provide more details compared to 8Mp one. Then again even though it has 5Mp for depth and macro I still don't find it useful. From the primary sensor, you can expect some great camera performance.

In front, you get a 32Mp front camera.

Although it is not the only phone with a good camera setup or great main camera performance it is one of the best camera phones under 30k.

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Just like M51 Samsung has given 7000mah battery in F62 as well. So there are advantages and disadvantages as well.

First talk about advantages.

- It can easily last up to 1.5 days.

-While gaming or doing the intensive tasks you don't have to worry about the battery.

-25W charger can charge this smartphone in 100mins which is decent considering the battery size.

Now disadvantages.

- It makes smartphone heavy.

- Phone become bulky.

-25W is is okay but for a 7000mah battery at least Samsung could have gone for a 30W fast charger.

Now it is up to you that you want a 7000mah battery or want a lightweight sleek device. personally, I would go for a phone with faster charging like 65W in Realme phones so that I get a lightweight phone with a sleek design and 4000mah,4500mah or 5000mah battery is good for me as I can charge it faster.

Overall I think Samsung F62 is a very well balanced device that provides you with almost everything you want in a good smartphone and is a great value for money smartphone under 25k.

The things I have mentioned above is clearly my opinion this article is not sponsored by any brand.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

© 2021 Priyanshu Thapliyal

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