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Samsung Account on Android Phones and How to Disable or Remove



I was just guessing when I fixed this for myself and didn't know that what I was doing would work. Since I've already removed Samsung Account, I no longer have the ability to create relevant screen shots but I will do my best. My apologies.

Samsung Account Constant Notifications After the Recent Upgrade

So far with Samsung I've been pretty happy as far as functionality and being able to get rid of or at least hide stuff that I don't want. I know everything I do online is being tracked to sell to advertisers; everything is now about the search results and target marketing. That doesn't mean I have to hand my data over on a silver platter, however, so I use products like Ghostery, lock down my privacy settings as often as I can, and try to avoid apps on my phone that require excessive permissions.

After the most recent update for my Galaxy Note 8 -- at the beginning of April -- I started getting a notification in my status bar to accept the terms and conditions to start using my Samsung account. Well, I read the privacy policy as well as the terms and conditions. I was pretty upset with the amount of permissions it wanted, such as:

  • Camera
  • Text Messaging
  • Microphone
  • Phone Calls

Look at the app permissions on Android and how they affect your phone - and your privacy.

Can't Shut Off Notifications For or Disable Samsung Account

That was a big nope - so big in fact that I seriously contemplated going back to an old style flip phone - so I hit decline. The notification went away.

Then it was back within a few hours. So I declined again.

Repeat. A lot.

Samsung was being pretty insistent that I REALLY wanted to accept the terms and conditions to start using my Samsung Account, and I was clearly only hitting decline accidentally...over and over again. And Samsung wouldn't let me kill the notifications, or disable the app. Some people want this level of service from their gadgets, but I do not, and from what I've read trying to solve this issue I am not alone. I spent a lot of time on Google and browsing forums, and although people have been having this issue - or similar issues - since 2014, I didn't find a solution.


How to Disable Notifications For Samsung Account

Like most of my greatest discoveries, I figured this out by pushing buttons. As previously mentioned, this button pushing happened prior to me knowing it would actually work, so my screen shots aren't as thorough as previous entries.

Go to your settings > Accounts > Accounts > and tap the email address that's labeled as your Samsung account. The email address on mine - and I didn't set this up, by the way, it just appeared with the last update - was the same as the Gmail address that is necessary to operate the phone. Tap "Remove account."

Done. No more notifications from Samsung about using Samsung Account, it's just gone.

Step-by-step screen shots

Settings>Accounts>Accounts, select the "Samsung Account" email address and "Remove Account."

Settings>Accounts>Accounts, select the "Samsung Account" email address and "Remove Account."

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