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Smart Bro Wireless Broadband is a Big Disappointment


Very Bad Signal and Service In the Province

This is a rant against Smart Bro Wireless Broadband, however, the spirit of fair-play I would like to make it clear that I have no problem with their services in my Manila office. I’ve been using this ISP in my Manila office for two years now and despite some minor problems, it has been generally good.

In my residence however, it is a totally different story. I am not exaggerating but to me it is like a total disaster and this is the reason for this rant. It was a big mistake when I thought they could give the same good service outside of Manila. I live in San Pedro Laguna and sad to say Smart Bro has totally disappointed me as far as their Wireless Broadband services in my place is concerned.

Very Slow Connection

I decided to subscribe to Smart Bro Wireless Broadband because I have no patience with slow dial up connection. But alas, the high speed connection that I was expecting was never delivered to my home by Smart Bro. We’ve been suffering from Smart Bro’s extremely slow connection for 10 months now. It has never compensated the money.

I’ve been paying them. We can only get faster internet speed during midnight. Does it mean we have to stay awake till past midnight all the time so that we could get faster internet connection? What kind of Broadband service is this? Indeed Smart Bro Plan 999 wireless broadband has disappointed me to the hilt. I made a very big mistake in getting their services.

Smart Just as Bad as PLDT

I should say this is the worst experience I have ever had as far as internet wireless connection is concerned. It takes forever before a web page is loaded and worse, reporting this problem to their Customer Service Hotline is just as big an ordeal. If they are very poor in internet connection speed they are just as poor in attending to the customers’ phone calls! It also takes forever before they answer the telephone.

Smart Bro is just as bad as their sister company, PLDT in terms of attending to their customers. There were times; I had to just put down the phone for I could no longer bear the wasted time. Imagine the 40 to 50 minutes of continuous ringing but nobody was attending! this is an extreme test of patience and a great ordeal.

Very Bad Customer Service

One time I was able to successfully get through their customer service hotline after about 45 minutes of waiting. When I was finally able to talk to a customer service representative he has nothing to say but sorry. Sorry is all that he could say and was trying to console me by saying that they are already doing something to solve this long time issue. Well, I was not at all consoled.

Pre-Termination Means Paying The Entire Contract No Matter How Bad Their Services Are

At any rate, after my complaint they sent people to fix my antenna. For two days, the connection got better but on day three the same problem re-occurred and up to this writing it has not been fixed yet. Out of exasperation, I thought it would be better to terminate their services. So, I dialed their customer service line 672-7277 and patiently waited for 40 minutes before my call was attended by a CSR.

I told him about the same problem and my intention to terminate the services. But my temperature rose to the highest degree when I was told by that CSR that if I opt to pre-terminate the contract, I have to pay the remaining two months to complete the whole year of subscription because my contract with them is for a year.


The CSR was for a while dumfounded and all he could utter was “Ma’am please don’t call me stupid!” My words were indeed too harsh and I felt quite sorry. The man on the other line is only a CSR and he was only repeating what was being fed to him by the Smart Bro Management. But in a way, I thought it was good that I said those strong words so that it could reach the Smart Bro Management in one way or another.

They Will Not Cut Services Even If you Don't Pay

Well after that conversation with the poor CSR I decided not to waste time calling them again. I knew I have all the rights to dispute this matter but I found it such a waste of time to talk to them again. The best thing is not to pay the monthly bill so that they will cut the services themselves.

But the worse part is they will not cut even if you don't pay your bill. They will keep the connection even if they know you are not paying anymore because they want you to be indebted to them. They will also keep sending you bills. If you keep not paying, they will send you demand letter and if still you ignore wait for a letter from their Lawyer.

Don't Be Afraid, Don't Pay For Services Not Delivered

Receiving demand letters and then finally letters of warning from their Lawyer does not mean you should pay. Why would I pay for services not delivered? I have repeatedly complained but no improvement ever happened. They should admit they have no sufficient facilities to improve their services and they should rather just close their business rather than let the customers suffer. It would be so stupid to pay for on and off, and very slow connection. No way! If they would sue me then I would sue them back.


braun on April 21, 2017:

I have Globe internet wifi, when I first got it installed it was ok not great ,but for Phillipine standards not bad. Then it began, the speed dropped from 10 Mbps to .06 to .20 Mbps. I had one set of tech's come out and it improved for a day. Then went right back to snail pace, I called the customer Service Hotline and finally was able to speak with a patient, nice gentlemen names Ron. He assured me there would be two tech's out the next day by 13:00 to 20:00, they arrived at 14:30. The tried switching out modems but replaced the old one back in service. I explained the problem again to them and they said you used up your band width. I explained I was aware of bandwidth caps but they should refill every month as you paid your new bill. they agreed, I then ran a couple of speed tests for them and showed them a page full of results with the same sorry excuse for a service. At that point they left and said they would go back to the office and fix the problem. It's been three days now and nary a word from anybody. To add insult to injury my service had degraded even further. This is a sad commentary and one reason this country stays in the stone age. Because Politicians protect their own interests a head of the people, I had high hopes the new president Duterty could get this turned around. I think he is trying but is playing against a stacked deck the same as Trump in America.

junbal on November 07, 2015:

I paid 99 pesos for Smart (bro) life entertainment bundle last November 2. (I'm using and Android phone) It is supposed to give me 90 minutes of tri-net calls (Smart, TalknText and Sun), 400 all-net txts, and 500 MB data all for 7 days (so it means my subsctiption expires on November 9)....It's still Nov 8 and I can't even use my facebook account wtfwth. Smart Bro is sooooooo sooooooo verrryy USELESS...pweh...grrr....yuck @ Smart Bro!

If I have the money I will build my own ISP and Telco with better service than either Smart or Globe ... !

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smartsucks on October 15, 2015:

I got my smartbro pocket wifi wayback April 2013, and ever since, I have been paying them religiously before the due date, sometimes 2 months in advance pa. In the first few months the connection was slow but ok. Come the 2nd year of my subscription and I was experiencing connection problems continuously. I came to the branch where I bought the pocket wifi for it to be checked, but they only suggested that I wait for 24 hours until they fix the problem. The connection got better for 3 days, then I experienced the on-and-off connection again. I called their customer hotline but then again they only told me to wait and wait until at last I got tired of calling them. For 3 months since November, I paid for the service I never got. I planned to wait until the supposedly termination of the contract last April. But when I was trying to pay in February, the cashier couldn't seem to find my account number anymore and so I was not able to pay. I called their hotline, and was told that my account was temporarily disconnected already due to late payment. So I told the customer service to just terminate my contract already, and was told that I have to pay for the remaining 2 months, plus the disconnection fee and the interest. I told the agent that I will pay but they have to send me the final bill. No final bill up to now is sent, only demand text messages by the collecting agent and some Atty. Causing and ADA Law Office. But when I checked the forms I signed, I did not see any lock-in period stated there so I decided to just ignore the text messages of smart. Plus I saw this blog and knowing that many share my sentiments, I got braver to ignore the demand messages. I am planning to send a complaint letter to NTC. Next month, I will change my contact number to have peace of mind..

Can the others who posted previously before me update us of your status now? Was there anyone sued? Hoping for some reply. Thanks.

Cardz on September 22, 2015:

Hello there. This is my experience with Smart Bro USB modem. I bought the device since 2008 I think, I used it continuously since 2009 or 2010 when the 3G signal became available. I'm in a mountainous area of Baras Rizal by the way. The first few months we've been enjoying impressive internet speed, all ten computers could connect simultaneously even at one bar signal, then it throttled down gradually until it only reached a constant download rate of 256Kbps. We've been subscribing to unlisurf until this September 2015, but I don't think I'll still subscribe next month. Their service has become so bad as I write this, we're only getting a measly 70Kbps average download rate. It's been 5 days already and our livelihood has been ruined. We have lost customers who are loyal to us even if we had a slow internet connection before, now they are all gone, a big thanks to Smart. I'm planning to remove internet services in our shop 'cause I don't think the service will normalize anytime soon and, I have no plans of taking PLDT Ultera 'cause of numerous complaints that I have read from online articles and blogs, and the 3 year lock in period. Currenly, my competitor shops are using that PLDT Ultera in just under a month, well I wish them luck. For now, I'm busy restructuring my PC rental shop without internet. It's very difficult without it but, we started in 2009 without it anyway and we are the first to offer internet rentals in our area. Sadly, it is supposed that services should be improving but in Smart's case, it is the opposite. Anyway, we have other services in my shop not found in my competitors so, we may still survive without internet, wish me luck and thanks for reading. Have a good day everyone.