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Smart Bro Wireless Broadband is a Big Disappointment


Very Bad Signal and Service In the Province

This is a rant against Smart Bro Wireless Broadband, however, the spirit of fair-play I would like to make it clear that I have no problem with their services in my Manila office. I’ve been using this ISP in my Manila office for two years now and despite some minor problems, it has been generally good.

In my residence however, it is a totally different story. I am not exaggerating but to me it is like a total disaster and this is the reason for this rant. It was a big mistake when I thought they could give the same good service outside of Manila. I live in San Pedro Laguna and sad to say Smart Bro has totally disappointed me as far as their Wireless Broadband services in my place is concerned.

Very Slow Connection

I decided to subscribe to Smart Bro Wireless Broadband because I have no patience with slow dial up connection. But alas, the high speed connection that I was expecting was never delivered to my home by Smart Bro. We’ve been suffering from Smart Bro’s extremely slow connection for 10 months now. It has never compensated the money.

I’ve been paying them. We can only get faster internet speed during midnight. Does it mean we have to stay awake till past midnight all the time so that we could get faster internet connection? What kind of Broadband service is this? Indeed Smart Bro Plan 999 wireless broadband has disappointed me to the hilt. I made a very big mistake in getting their services.

Smart Just as Bad as PLDT

I should say this is the worst experience I have ever had as far as internet wireless connection is concerned. It takes forever before a web page is loaded and worse, reporting this problem to their Customer Service Hotline is just as big an ordeal. If they are very poor in internet connection speed they are just as poor in attending to the customers’ phone calls! It also takes forever before they answer the telephone.

Smart Bro is just as bad as their sister company, PLDT in terms of attending to their customers. There were times; I had to just put down the phone for I could no longer bear the wasted time. Imagine the 40 to 50 minutes of continuous ringing but nobody was attending! this is an extreme test of patience and a great ordeal.

Very Bad Customer Service

One time I was able to successfully get through their customer service hotline after about 45 minutes of waiting. When I was finally able to talk to a customer service representative he has nothing to say but sorry. Sorry is all that he could say and was trying to console me by saying that they are already doing something to solve this long time issue. Well, I was not at all consoled.

Pre-Termination Means Paying The Entire Contract No Matter How Bad Their Services Are

At any rate, after my complaint they sent people to fix my antenna. For two days, the connection got better but on day three the same problem re-occurred and up to this writing it has not been fixed yet. Out of exasperation, I thought it would be better to terminate their services. So, I dialed their customer service line 672-7277 and patiently waited for 40 minutes before my call was attended by a CSR.

I told him about the same problem and my intention to terminate the services. But my temperature rose to the highest degree when I was told by that CSR that if I opt to pre-terminate the contract, I have to pay the remaining two months to complete the whole year of subscription because my contract with them is for a year.


The CSR was for a while dumfounded and all he could utter was “Ma’am please don’t call me stupid!” My words were indeed too harsh and I felt quite sorry. The man on the other line is only a CSR and he was only repeating what was being fed to him by the Smart Bro Management. But in a way, I thought it was good that I said those strong words so that it could reach the Smart Bro Management in one way or another.

They Will Not Cut Services Even If you Don't Pay

Well after that conversation with the poor CSR I decided not to waste time calling them again. I knew I have all the rights to dispute this matter but I found it such a waste of time to talk to them again. The best thing is not to pay the monthly bill so that they will cut the services themselves.

But the worse part is they will not cut even if you don't pay your bill. They will keep the connection even if they know you are not paying anymore because they want you to be indebted to them. They will also keep sending you bills. If you keep not paying, they will send you demand letter and if still you ignore wait for a letter from their Lawyer.

Don't Be Afraid, Don't Pay For Services Not Delivered

Receiving demand letters and then finally letters of warning from their Lawyer does not mean you should pay. Why would I pay for services not delivered? I have repeatedly complained but no improvement ever happened. They should admit they have no sufficient facilities to improve their services and they should rather just close their business rather than let the customers suffer. It would be so stupid to pay for on and off, and very slow connection. No way! If they would sue me then I would sue them back.


braun on April 21, 2017:

I have Globe internet wifi, when I first got it installed it was ok not great ,but for Phillipine standards not bad. Then it began, the speed dropped from 10 Mbps to .06 to .20 Mbps. I had one set of tech's come out and it improved for a day. Then went right back to snail pace, I called the customer Service Hotline and finally was able to speak with a patient, nice gentlemen names Ron. He assured me there would be two tech's out the next day by 13:00 to 20:00, they arrived at 14:30. The tried switching out modems but replaced the old one back in service. I explained the problem again to them and they said you used up your band width. I explained I was aware of bandwidth caps but they should refill every month as you paid your new bill. they agreed, I then ran a couple of speed tests for them and showed them a page full of results with the same sorry excuse for a service. At that point they left and said they would go back to the office and fix the problem. It's been three days now and nary a word from anybody. To add insult to injury my service had degraded even further. This is a sad commentary and one reason this country stays in the stone age. Because Politicians protect their own interests a head of the people, I had high hopes the new president Duterty could get this turned around. I think he is trying but is playing against a stacked deck the same as Trump in America.

junbal on November 07, 2015:

I paid 99 pesos for Smart (bro) life entertainment bundle last November 2. (I'm using and Android phone) It is supposed to give me 90 minutes of tri-net calls (Smart, TalknText and Sun), 400 all-net txts, and 500 MB data all for 7 days (so it means my subsctiption expires on November 9)....It's still Nov 8 and I can't even use my facebook account wtfwth. Smart Bro is sooooooo sooooooo verrryy USELESS...pweh...grrr....yuck @ Smart Bro!

If I have the money I will build my own ISP and Telco with better service than either Smart or Globe ... !

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smartsucks on October 15, 2015:

I got my smartbro pocket wifi wayback April 2013, and ever since, I have been paying them religiously before the due date, sometimes 2 months in advance pa. In the first few months the connection was slow but ok. Come the 2nd year of my subscription and I was experiencing connection problems continuously. I came to the branch where I bought the pocket wifi for it to be checked, but they only suggested that I wait for 24 hours until they fix the problem. The connection got better for 3 days, then I experienced the on-and-off connection again. I called their customer hotline but then again they only told me to wait and wait until at last I got tired of calling them. For 3 months since November, I paid for the service I never got. I planned to wait until the supposedly termination of the contract last April. But when I was trying to pay in February, the cashier couldn't seem to find my account number anymore and so I was not able to pay. I called their hotline, and was told that my account was temporarily disconnected already due to late payment. So I told the customer service to just terminate my contract already, and was told that I have to pay for the remaining 2 months, plus the disconnection fee and the interest. I told the agent that I will pay but they have to send me the final bill. No final bill up to now is sent, only demand text messages by the collecting agent and some Atty. Causing and ADA Law Office. But when I checked the forms I signed, I did not see any lock-in period stated there so I decided to just ignore the text messages of smart. Plus I saw this blog and knowing that many share my sentiments, I got braver to ignore the demand messages. I am planning to send a complaint letter to NTC. Next month, I will change my contact number to have peace of mind..

Can the others who posted previously before me update us of your status now? Was there anyone sued? Hoping for some reply. Thanks.

Cardz on September 22, 2015:

Hello there. This is my experience with Smart Bro USB modem. I bought the device since 2008 I think, I used it continuously since 2009 or 2010 when the 3G signal became available. I'm in a mountainous area of Baras Rizal by the way. The first few months we've been enjoying impressive internet speed, all ten computers could connect simultaneously even at one bar signal, then it throttled down gradually until it only reached a constant download rate of 256Kbps. We've been subscribing to unlisurf until this September 2015, but I don't think I'll still subscribe next month. Their service has become so bad as I write this, we're only getting a measly 70Kbps average download rate. It's been 5 days already and our livelihood has been ruined. We have lost customers who are loyal to us even if we had a slow internet connection before, now they are all gone, a big thanks to Smart. I'm planning to remove internet services in our shop 'cause I don't think the service will normalize anytime soon and, I have no plans of taking PLDT Ultera 'cause of numerous complaints that I have read from online articles and blogs, and the 3 year lock in period. Currenly, my competitor shops are using that PLDT Ultera in just under a month, well I wish them luck. For now, I'm busy restructuring my PC rental shop without internet. It's very difficult without it but, we started in 2009 without it anyway and we are the first to offer internet rentals in our area. Sadly, it is supposed that services should be improving but in Smart's case, it is the opposite. Anyway, we have other services in my shop not found in my competitors so, we may still survive without internet, wish me luck and thanks for reading. Have a good day everyone.

BenJam on September 07, 2015:

Last Aug 27, I got my smartbro plan499 w/ 3.5GB capacity. it was activated on the next day. after some light browsing and playing COC, I received a text that i only have less than 700MB left in my plan. I checked the portal for my consumption and the record indicate that I already consumed 1GB of data for just an hour of using. Tumawag ako sa customer service and i-investigate daw nila and i-forward ang concern ko. while waiting for feedback, nilipat ko ang sim sa CP ko to monitor the actual usage since baka may problema ang smartbro device at maiwasan ang ibang kumo-conek. while connected, i received a text notif every 5mins re 700MB balance. tinawag ko ulit ang concern ko and even reported it personally. wala pa ding action. yesterday, I checked and turn on my data plan, and received a new message. Fully consumed ko na daw ang plan ko. wow galing! hindi ka na nga gumagamit, nauubos pa din. Basic math lang, yong unang gamit ko, naka 1GB na daw ako and less than 700MB na daw na consumed ko, hindi pa din nag sa-sum up to 3.5gb. hmmm!

nakikidagdag lang sa mga nag nag lalabas ng sama ng loob...

Mai on August 13, 2015:

Dont be afraid guys!! Ignore all those letters and calls. Walang nakukulong at nkakasuhan sa hindi pagbabayad ng serbisyong hindi nmn natatanggap. Smartbroken!! Note: smile and relax hindi ka magkakarecord sa NBI. Know your rights and fight for it.

Juls on August 13, 2015:

Yeah so I'm gonna return this SmartBro WiFi device I purchased a few days ago with a FULL REFUND including the load that I spent to register on one of their stupid and useless unlisurf promos. Imagine being promised a speed of 12MBPS and upon trying it out, you can't even check your IMPORTANT WORK RELATED EMAILS and your social media account. I did get on the website (amazingly enough) to check my bandwidth and lo and behold! 0.01MBPS which is what? 10KBPS download rate and 0.03 on uploads... Sooooo Smart Communications promises you (up to) 12MBPS (correct me if I'm wrong) on a good day starting from the slowest speed of 0.01MBPS? WOW! Bravo Smart Communications! Bravo! You have the best marketing people there is. 12MBPS my ass! Up yours Smart! Worst ever Telco!

zarin on July 21, 2015:

I got smartbro plan pure volume 1299 capacity of 8GB but we only use it for browsing for the first day dahil sa sobrang bagal we can't even watch youtube..the next day bigla nlang may nag appear na window ng smart, sabi we already consumed the total capacity at 1600mb nlang ang I went to the smart store to report but they said my smartbro don' t have a password which they don't even tell me about it that's why nothing left ,which is impossible because our house is15 meters far from neighbors , we can't even watch youtube how can neighbor use if ever..they are true scammers..i want my money back!

Greenlily (author) from Philippines on July 12, 2015:

Wala kahit isa kasi sila talaga ang dapat makulong dahil manloloko sila ng customers. Naniningil sila sa serbisyong hindi naman nila ibinibigay.

Greenlily (author) from Philippines on July 09, 2015:

Why not go to the nearest Smart Office and tell them they don't have the right to charge you with that amount for you were not served well. Be bold in talking to them. It is not you who should be afraid, they must be the one. Labanan mo sila wag kang magpakita ng takot wala ka namang ginawang masama sila ang nagkulang bakit ka matatakot. Lahat ng sinasabi nila puro panakot lang yan.

Greenlily (author) from Philippines on July 09, 2015:

Ignore that call, fight for your right to not pay for what was not served properly to you.

KayeS on June 25, 2015:

I have read almost all the comments and I can relate to you all. WHY PAY FOR A SERVICE THAT YOU DID NOT EVEN USE?

Has anybody here submitted a report to National Telecommunications Commission? I already emailed them and I am planning to give them hard copies of my letters of complaint.

Greenlily (author) from Philippines on June 14, 2015:

Grabe talaga, bulok sobra itongn Smart Bro, dapat magsara na lang sila kung di nila kayang magserbisyo ng matino.

russel1901 on June 03, 2015:

Hi! I have read all your concernd and comments regarding ur subscription of pldt and smartbro.

Im from davao and i have experienced their crap services. May pa demand letter and texts pa akong natatanggap na they will bring up to court my balance of 12k na di naman namin nagamit ang kanilang services for a year.

Last year june 2014 ngpakabit kami ng pldt internet nila yung bundle at yumg may kasamang telepono (which is a bad decision), pro napansin namin pag 6pm wla na kaming conection, poor internet. Pti madaling araw walang conection! Ano ba yan eh ang mga tao dto sa bahay gumagamit ng internet pg gabi. So useless ung conection namin with them! Pinadisconect ko after a month, pumunta pa kami ng mama ko sa pldt ofice sa ponciano pro pinapasa pasa kami sa hotline. Paminsan eh sabi nila down kanilang system! Di nila ma explain2 kng bakit ganun ka poor service nila. Tapos ngayon may demand letter ako at may mga textss na pag di ko nabyaran ang 12k na UNPAID BILL (na di ko naman nagamit sa isang taon ang internet nila) ibablacklist daw ako at ipapaabot nila sa korte ang case ko.. Kapal tlga ng mukha!! Ako pa ngayon ang mgbabayad na for one year di ko nmn nagamit ung services nila!!! In the first place wala silang na explain sa akin na kung bakit ganun ka poor ang conection nila. Pasa sila ng pasa wala naman silang maisagot sa concerns ko. Ngayon ako pa ang mgbabayad ng 12k!!! Nkakastress nkakahighblood!!!

Alam kong walang makukulong sa mga kasong ganyan pro parang wala kang peace of mind dahil kahit everyday ka pa pupunta doon sa ofis nila, di rin nila masosolvr yung problema mo. Ipamumukha pa nila na TAYO and may LAPSES, di sila!!!!!

May i know kung sino ang tha davao rito at may ganitong case rin? Thanks..

TTTTTTT on April 10, 2015:

monopoly na nga nangyayari sa mga isp companies natin dito, parang nagtruce lng sila to play the market eh. kung pag iisipan talaga wlang competition na nanggyayayri eh, prices are almost the same, may variation lng kunwari pero what the other lacks e'fullfill lng ng kabila, vice versa. kung makapagpadala ng demand letter parang criminal ung tao, habang automatically nman cut nla ung connection pag may delay sa bayad. pero pag sila nangulimbat ng pa piso2x kunyari sa load ng mga subscriber nla wagas. pa piso2x nga pero ilan kaya un pag meron kang 10 million na user ng ntwrk? 10 million sa isang iglap lng. nasaan ung ntc dun? napaka ipokrito naman ng iba na trying to protect pa these companies na income lng ang habol. I love my country, but i fear my government.

TTTTTTT on April 10, 2015:

nobody will care till somebody famous dies ika nga, bwct kasi ung gov. natin dito eh, ung priorities nla hindi para sa mga tao nla kundi sa mapagkakaperahan din nla. ntc?dti? ally yang mga yan

jeje on March 29, 2015:

tapos ngayon bibigyan nanaman nila ako ng sakit ng ulo kakasuhan daw nila ako ng breach of contract at sa lifeware FabTab na kinuha ko kong alam ko lang bulok ang tab na yon at aabot sa ganito hindi na sana ako kumuha nun!! alangan namang magbabayad pa ako ng internet eh sira na yong computer namin.. am totoo po bang makakasuhan nila ako ng breach of contract kong hindi ako makapagbayad sa kanila ng 15,ooo to 32,000 pesos? wala po kaming ganun kalaking pera may sakit pa po ang mama ko.. willing naman po kaming bayaran yong tab buwan buwan hanggang ma fully paid yon... PLEASE PO TULUNGAN N"YO AKO SA PROBLEMA KO..AYAW KO PONG MA TRESS ANG MAMA KO DAHIL DITO FIRST TIME PO ITONG NNGYARI SAKIN.. SALAMAT PO.:)

jeje on March 29, 2015:

here is one time na delay ang pagbabayad namin ng bill sa smart bro ng isang buwan kasi may pinuntahan kami ng parents ko pag uwi namin sa bahaybinuksan ko ang computer namin nagtataka ako kasi bakit walang signal tapos may lumabas na smartbro portal tumawa ako sa hotline nila ang sabi nila pinutulan daw kami ng internet kasi na delay yong pagbayad namin ng explain ako sabi nila sorry mam yon ho ang patakaran namin ngayon eh sabi ko okay bukas magbabayad kami sabi niya mam may reconnection fee na 500 doon ng init ang ulo ko sabi ko kong hindi lang talaga importante na may internet sa bahay namin gusto ko na talagang ipaputol yang internet nayan!!

jeje on March 29, 2015:

here is one time na delay ang pagbabayad namin ng bill sa smart bro ng isang buwan kasi may pinuntahan kami ng parents ko pag uwi namin sa bahaybinuksan ko ang computer namin nagtataka ako kasi bakit walang signal tapos may lumabas na smartbro portal tumawa ako sa hotline nila ang sabi nila pinutulan daw kami ng internet kasi na delay yong pagbayad namin ng explain ako sabi nila sorry mam yon ho ang patakaran namin ngayon eh sabi ko okay bukas magbabayad kami sabi niya mam may reconnection fee na 500 doon ng init ang ulo ko sabi ko kong hindi lang talaga importante na may internet sa bahay namin gusto ko na talagang ipaputol yang internet nayan!!

jeje on March 29, 2015:

grabe talaga sakit ng ulo ibinigay sa akin ng smartbro palagi walang signal kapagtumatawag naman ako sa hotline nila ang sasabihin sayo aayusin nila ang problema maghintay lang daw ako ng 24 hours tsaka tingnan ko ulit kong ok na kailangan ko talagang magpuyat aabangan ko kong may signal na.. sa susunod na araw tatawag ulit ako sa hotline nila sasabihin sa akin na may pupuntang technician nila tapos magiging ok na tapos balik ulit ang hina ng signal..

Dawn on March 28, 2015:

same here. thank you greenily.. kasi magbabayad nasana ako para matapos na ang gulo.. and natatakot din ako para sa nanay ko. the account was under her name kase.. Now, i am planning to fill-up a complaint form in NTC online.

Dawn on March 28, 2015:

same here. thank you greenily.. kasi magbabayad nasana ako para matapos na ang gulo.. and natatakot din ako para sa nanay ko. the account was under her name kase.. Now, i am planning to fill-up a complaint form in NTC online.

jeje on March 28, 2015:

may tumawag din sa akin last week taga ARQUILLO LAW OFFICE daw po siya representative daw sila ng smartbro kakasuhan daw ako ng breach of contract at sa di ko pagbabayad ng tablet na kinuhako sa kanila..last march 2014 tumawag sa akin yong taga smartbro may inuoffer sila tablet sabi nila mora lang daw at maganda mas hightech daw.. inu offer nila ng hulugan 2years to pay 350 pesos per month or iadd nalang daw sa monthly bills ko noong una ayaw ko kasi dagdag gastos lang aabot kasi yong tab ng 8,400 pero palagi parin silang tumatawag sabi ng mama ko kunin nalang daw namin mo kang magandayong tab tapos nong august 2014 nasira yong computer namin tinawagan ko ang smartbro na kong pwedeng ipaputol mo na namin ang aming internet kasi nasira ang computer namin at that month din pupunta kami ng mama ko ng cebu kasi may aasikasuhin kami doon sabi ng nakausap ko hindi daw pwedeng ipadesconect yong internet namin kailangan po daw mo na naming bayaran ang isang taon kontrata na aabot sa 16,ooo pesos eh saan naman kami kukuha ng ganun kalaking pera? nakiusap ako sabi ko 6 years nyo naman akong subscriber baka pwede nyo kaming pagbigyan sabi nila hindi daw pwede yon po daw talaga ang rules nila.. kaya pinabayaan ko nalang.. ngayon kakaohan nila ako kong hindi ako magbabayad ng 32,ooo pesos.. anong pwede kong gawin? tulungan nyo naman ako

blueberry on March 27, 2015:

Naku sobra talaga yan smart bro di of din cla babayaran khit may demand letter pa cla. Aba mybabayad ka e ala n nga service tpos andmi pa additonal cyarges sa halip n 1 k lng tlga babayaran ko ngulat ako at nging 4k plaki ng plaki e samantala d n nmin ngagamit connection nila dhil sa putoll na tpos pgbbyarin ka p ng mga months na wala n connection.kalokohan. kahit magpadala p cla ng demand letter di ko cla bbyaran dhil wala nmn service nila

Greenlily (author) from Philippines on March 20, 2015:

Naku panakot lang ang law firm na yan, wag kang matakot, pag may katwiran, ipaglaban.

Greenlily (author) from Philippines on March 20, 2015:

Naku mga sira ulo talaga, sa akin naman binutas ang bubong ko kaya pala nasira ang kisame ko pag umuulan pinapasok ng tubig, walang malasakit ang mga dimonyong nagkabit ng antena.

NotSmart on March 18, 2015:

Grabe ganito rin sa akin for almost 5 months poor signal or no signal at all...

Kamil on March 16, 2015:

Experiencing this lately. Exact sentiments. May I ask how did it go? Sis the law firm do any measures further?

JK on March 10, 2015:

now i received the demand letter seriuosly a demand letter....tang ina pala sila eh nilagay nila yung canopy sa bubong ng kapitbahay......

Greenlily (author) from Philippines on February 12, 2015:

Kunwa kunwari lang idedemanda ka pero hindi nila gagawin yun kasi alam din nilang bulok ang serbisyo nila.

Greenlily (author) from Philippines on February 12, 2015:

Marami silang naloko jan sa promo promo na yan grabe! PLDT and Smart love parehong pareho sa pagiging manloloko.

elyu on February 12, 2015:

Just went to P.A.O. regarding sa sinisingil na di naman dapat ng Smart sa akin. Sabi sa akin ng babaeng attorney do'n: "Malaking kompanya ang Smart/PLDT. Di sila para maghabol sa P4,000+ na utang ng isang subscriber nila."

Oo nga naman, parang napaka-cheap naman nila na hahabulin nila sa korte yun lang thousands of pesos na sinisingil nila at nakakababa sa image nila. Pero naisip ko, sa bulok ng internet connection services nila at maltreatment sa mga customers nila, why not? Kung umabot kaya ng milyones yang utang ko sa kanila, hindi kaya maghabol talaga mismo yung may-ari ng kompanya? Lol.

Greenlily (author) from Philippines on February 10, 2015:

Sister companynga kasi ang PLDT at Smart kaya ganyan at obvious naman kasi parehong bulok ang serbisyo.

rommel b. on February 02, 2015:

i receive various letter from those lawyers. either i pay 3000 pesos or pay 100 k in litigation.

i had use smartbro for 10 days even though i paid 2 months in advanced. i just got so exasperated that i enroll for globe connection when i found out that i had reach their internet capping. if i haven't research for it i will never know that their is internet capping. they should inform their customers before asking for application fee. also their technician that installed their antenna should inform their customers, im sure even though the customers would lost their nonrefundable application fee- they would not go through with this measly capping.(globes capping for 2 days is smartbro capping for 1 month with the same monthly bill). i should be the one that should ask for a refund instead im the one facing litigation.

Mr. Frustrated Smart User on December 03, 2014:

6mons ago nag post ako ng comment sa thread na ito about my complain/situation sa SmartBro and It's now almost 1 year since binigay nila(SMARTBRO) account ko sa Lauron Delos Reyes Law office kahit for dispute pa ang account ko. Every week walang sawang nagttxt at tawag ang mga agent nila sa akin. At walang sawa din ako mag-Explain sa kanila. Too bad hindi ko basta mapalitan ang Cellphone no. ko kasi need my number due to customers and next december pa ang expiration ng contract. Payo ko lng pakatatag tayo sa MANDARAYANG SMARTBRO. MAY ARAW din yan mga yan... Bwisit sila!

iloveleedongwook on November 30, 2014:

may paprocessprocess pa kunong nalalaman eh serbisyo bulok na bulok naman...tawag ng tawag saken kasi need na daw ako magsettle ng payment...isaksak nila sa baga nila yang connection nila na always not connected...grrrr...

kainitulo on November 29, 2014:

haay! grabe nga talga smart... our connection was disconnected kasi di kami nakapagbayad ng bill, we didn't have any connection for 26 days. which was ok lang naman sa amin kasi we were busy. they billed us for one full month pa rin na temporary disconnected na yung service.. we paid the bill pa rin just to get our connection but.. imaginin nio, after getting the connection they billed us for a reconnection fee for almost 500 pesos! sabi ko sa CSR na i paid the full month na nga na pinutol nio service namin tas charge nio kami ng reconnection fee? mahirap ba ireconnect ang service??? sabi lang sa akin ganun talaga ung process maam! bullshittt!

wag ka matakot on November 27, 2014:

since 2011 pa ako binigyan ng letters...para na ngang love letters sa dami..inipon ko talaga ,,just in case...hahaha shit nila kinabahan pa namn ano na ngayon 2014 wala namn pala silang aksyon..sus wag kayong matatakot panay threats lang mga yan....pasabugin ko pa lahat ng office nila...dun sige aamin akong may kasalanan ako...pero sa takotang magbayad ng walang kwenta sus...pukeng ina nila

bubbles on November 22, 2014:

same here ! grabe :( morethan 1 month kong hindi nagamit ung connection kse bumagyo ! 3x as in # times ako nag pakahirap tumawwag at pumila sa office nila ! tapos ung request ko na madeduct man lang sa bill ko ung time na hindi ko nagamit . pero WOW !wala ayaw nila nakakainis ! nawala at bumalik na ang kuryente pero wala pding connection anu un? lokohan? tas pinag bbyad pa nila ako

Simplysha on November 21, 2014:

Very well said ma'am, 3 mts lang ang tinagal ko sa smart bro.

Everytime na tatawag ako sa CSR 10 yrs muna ang dadaan bago nila sagutin. At everytime na sasagot sila iisa at iisa lang sinasabi nila kesyo inaayos na daw , observe daw ng 24 hrs.

Buong sep. nagloko yung internet connection nila , then bumilis lang siya nung mismong katapusan kasi araw na ng bayaran.

Suki na nga nila ako kakatawag sa CSR nila.

This morning nga lang, nagpadala ng disconnection letter at sabi iaakyat daw sa court yung case ko.

I got worried kasi 1st time ko lang magpakabit ng internet connection sa kanila.

And reading this article , made my mind clear about the shitty stuff and bullshitness of SB!

Thank you so much maam!

iloveleedongwook on November 18, 2014:

hi everyone please let me know if you have decided to file a case against smartbro, sama ako....another case ko po kasi , they transferred me to wimax canopy kasi yung nilipatan ko na location walang signal. since first day po sobrang bagal ng connection , i have to call like twice a week to complain tas ang hirap pa kumontak sa so called hotline nila..last october 2014 ilang beses akong walang connection thats why i asked for a rebate, sabi nung nakausap ko sa hotline nila approved na daw request ko but then yung bill ko dumating same pa rin 999 babayaran ko so i decided not to pay unless they will send me an SOA na nagrereflect magkano binawas nila..then this month wala na tlga akong connection so they scheduled for a repair, hayun pagpunta ng technicians nila pinalitan yung modem ko but wala di rin naayos kasi sa main daw yung prob...nag antay ako ng nag antay hanggang ngayon wala p rin feedback almost 2 weeks na, di makapagbigay ng specific date when maayos, mag antay lang daw ako..(wow ha, nahiya naman ako kasi parang ako pa yung dapat magadjust eh ako yung nagbabayad)...ganun sila kabagal at kawalang hiya..tas ambilis maningil .. sabi ko bat ako magbabayad eh wala nga akong connection until now..ibigay nyo muna yung tamang services na dapat nyong ibigay samin bago ko babayaran yan. but i already decided na to transfer to globe, at wala akong balak na bayaran yung remaining 6 months ko kasi yung stress ko sa klase ng serbisyo nila kulang pang pambayad yung balance na yan..saka why ako magbabayad sa service na di ko naavail...?i hate smart/pldt/wimax canopy...sobra...

Nonitz2 on November 18, 2014:

Madami pala tayo na ginagago ng smart...kapag nagkaisa ang complaints natin ay pwede cguro natin pataubin ang hinayupak na kumpanya na yan...may paLegal-legal actions pa sila na pananakot sa mga gustong kumawala sa palpak na serbisyo yung locked-in term nga nila ay isang entrapment policy na yun para patuloy nila tayong perahan kahit hindi natin gamitin ang product at services nila eh. kaya mga kasama ko na nagrereklamo, if ever u decide to pursue legal actions towards smart ay count me in ha...ipaglaban natin ang karapatan natin...Thankz and more power to us all...God Bless!!!

norton on November 15, 2014:

tanginang smartbro yan., ang tagal ng serbisyo nila,yung pinaparequest ko cancellation ng contract., di matapos-tapos, 6 months na., tapos., bagal pa ng internet., hanep yan., pwede ba kau gumawa ng PETITION para ipaclose ang smart bro., hanep na.,perwisyo

rosa on November 07, 2014:

Ako din nakaka receive ng text threats from law office dahil sa balance na 2400 pesos.matagal ko na pinapa terminate smart pocket wifi ko kasi napaka bagal and yet, monthly pa din sila naniningil. Nakaka gago lang. What should I do? Pag di ko ba binayaran yun, they wont stop haunting me? Thanks

kenneth on November 05, 2014:

isa din ako sa mga may problema sa smart bro wimax outdoor bayad ng bayad ng bills pero ang internet naman napaka slow paano kaya natin ito mapaglalaban mukhang niloloko na lang tayo ng mga companya na yan eh... sana may makatulong sa atin upang yung binabayad natin d nasasayang

Greenlily (author) from Philippines on October 29, 2014:

Please just share the link do not copy this article. Thanks!

Meliza on October 28, 2014:

Greenlily is it ok if i print screen your article? I want to post it on Twitter. I am experiencing the same thing...poor & slow internet connection and really bad service. I am to the point of terminating my contract. It's been more than 10 months that we are experiencing this bad service of SMART BRO.

Greenlily (author) from Philippines on October 27, 2014:

Hindi totoo yan, sila kaya ipapulis mo.

Judiann on October 26, 2014:

2 weeks nang tumatawag yung agent from smart bro sa amin,. pag hindi ko daw binayaran remaining balance ko ngayong araw nato ai magiging 20,000 na dw yung babayarin ko sa knila tapos pde dw ako ma NBI.

hndi ko na kinaya yung service nla kase super slow and I work online so hindi talaga ako mkapagtrabaho nang ma ayos dahil sa super slow internet connection. mybro din gamit ko nuon. I'm from cebu city.

totoo po ba talaga na mas lalaki yong mababayaran ko at posible dw may mga pulis na pupunta dto sa bahay namen at maba bad record pa dw ako sa NBI?

Glenn on October 23, 2014:

I should have read this blog before I had my SMART Bro connection in Cavite!!!! Baka sakaling naiwasan ko pang uminit at sumakit ang ulo ko. I can't believe it! How can a single company has so many complainants about the same issue for 4 years?!! Does this mean walang ginagawa ang SMART to resolve the same issue at all?? Sa palagay ko madami pa ding complainants na hindi nabasa at nagcomment dito. I think the government should intervene and do something about this.

beth on October 21, 2014:

ang kapal talaga ng smart bro na yan,naniningil sa di naman natin napakinabangan,may pa law office pa,ano kaya kung ISUMBONG NATIN KAY TULFO para buong mundo mapakingan ang reklamo ng mga subscriber nila na sinisingil nila sa serbisyong bulok nila

marc on October 17, 2014:

tanong ko lang po...

nun October 2 pa po nag loloko ang internet namin, gigicng pa nga ako nang maaga para maka pag online games dahil dun mabilis ang net kaso .70 mbps lang ng nakukuha q kahit kailang d ako lumagpas nang 1mbps. nkaka ilang tawag na din ako sa SMART na yan *1888, nakailang technician na din ang nakapunta.. Tapos sabi sa computer ko daw ang problema kaya d maka connect nang maayos sa internet reformat ko daw.. gago ba cla e bago lang yung pc ko. tapos dinala ko pa sa comshop ok naman ang connection at walang problem sa internet connection. Tapos last na dumating na technician e. sabi sa canopy na daw ang problema loko talaga sila. Sabi ko i cut na lang na cut na nang Techinician yung connection namin. d ko alam ginawa sa pc namin e. d na ako nakaka connect. Tapos tumawag ako sa CSR nila na kelangan ko pa daw pumuntang office sa makati para ma schedule ang pag kuha nang CANOPY e wala kaming time para pumunta dun. ok lang ba snob ko na lang yun tutal cut na nang technician nila e.

Greenlily (author) from Philippines on October 05, 2014:

It died a natural death.

me on October 05, 2014:

Hi..Greeenlily..I just want to ask...if how did your case went on..if I'm not wrong it was 3Years ago..did they sue you or did you...(what) really happened..please I need your reply...thanks

Greenlily (author) from Philippines on September 30, 2014:

Tama ka cha huwag magpasindak sa mga ato attorney na yan na mga abogago lang naman lol Pag may katwiran ipaglaban ng buong tapang!

chaw on September 28, 2014:

good cha nakuha mo rin..tamang tama lahat ng sinabi mo....

cha on September 27, 2014:

@givchun tibayan mo loob mo. Dami pang kasunod nyan pananakot sa kanila... pra kang kriminal wala nmn tayong kasalanan. Txt nila sa akin ngayon they will file civil case against me RA 386 and RA 8484. Wala lahat yan. Tandaan natin sa mga di nacomply ang contrata at sa utang kuno na less than 100,00 (kuno kasi wala akong utang sa kanila), walang filing of case at d pwede mag interfere ang abogado di need ang abogado sa ganitong kaso my special case ang supreme court para sa ganitong small claims. Dapt ang smart mismo ang mgreklamo hindi ang mga naniningil na agency. Sa inis ko sa kanila pati batas ni research ko na... mga loko ung mga agent lalo na yang Pacer... atty mendonza daw.. wag kang magpasindak. Sa tagal na ng blog nato wala ni isang nakasuhan at nakulong... super irita ako sa kanila.

givchun on September 23, 2014:

ohhh thanks for this experiences i read... sana nuon ko pa nabasa 'to before i made connection with smart bro... lagut jud kaayo... our tplink smart bro was connected last april2014. at first ok pa, then, it slowed down until i totally lost my connection last july 14, it was during the storm... from then on i kept on calling them thru landline, that i have to payphone... puro sorry, thats true... it is really heart rending grudge, nakakainis, super nakakainis... just last sunday, one cs told me pupunta cla on monday sa bahay, by 8-12 to inspect and fix the connection. i was relieved, at last, maaayos na... but when nobody came at around 10am, i called them and relay my report number, yon pala they cancelled the inspection dahil the reason for my slow signal ay dahil nag download daw ako... I said, nagbabayad ba ako, at di pala puede magdownload? what am i paying? i really flared up... that i got the name of the csr pero kawawa naman cya.... i dont need to have grudge with her, sa smartbro lang talaga...

yes, i told the csr na i pre terminate ko ang line ko, but she said i have to pay the remaining months of the contract... hahaha.. masaya cla no? they are really so stupid! so what i will do, i will write a letter of complaint and request of pretermination and refund for the poor service.... they have to pay me back my money... then, cut the connection and I will copy all this complain here and show to the NTC...

the thing is, they are using much of my time... galit ako... i should have earned lots with those time, pero i used it for smart bro for 3 months for nothing!!!!

yes, i will make that NTC complain bago pa sila magpadala ng bill...

we should have a lawyer to back us up... sometimes i thought na idulog sa tulfo...

i wish this complaint will reach them and their company... i print ko ito and send to them.. to PLDT and Smart...

ok on September 21, 2014:

kung marunong silang magpasensya...sos masmarunong tayong humingi ng pasensys.."Pasenya po di kami magbabayad"pasensya..bagal ng action nila sa reklamo,,pakshet talaga,,,eh masmabilis pa sila sa jetplane maka singil..gaganisss nakakainis...

Boi on September 21, 2014:

dami ko palang katulad ng sitwasyon dito, di ko talaga babayaran tong smart bro na to

cha on September 19, 2014:

Ganyan sila lagi. Ako nahreklamo na ako pumunta n din ako sa NTC. At mdmi nga tlga ngrereklamo sa kanila. From NTC direct ko nakausap ang smart cares thru video phone. Sabi sa akin ng smart I do not need to pay anymore kung may maniningil ignore na lng daw. Last nov 2013 p ako ngpacut ng line dhil 1 month akong walang signal. Tpos tuloy tuloy pa din ang bill. Pinakita ko sa knila ung pinirmahan ng smart wireless center na form n for permanent termination ako dahil sa no connection. Kumpleto din ako sa referral number sa tuwing tumatawag sa kanila ng maraming beses n walang nangyyari. Till now sinisingil pa di n ako PACER n... around 4,500 ang sinisingil nila ngayon. Ini email ko din ang pacer naka cc ang cwpd ng Ntc at smart customercare 2 days na wlang reply. State ko ung case ko.. ang pinanghawakan ko now sabi sa akin nung smart wag ko n bayarn ignore na lng kung may maningil.

cindy dakay on September 15, 2014:

Just now the lawyer called me as if im a criminal. i stopped paying because wla lagi internet. i will never pay.

Dax hernandez on September 15, 2014:

same shit happen to me . It happens na tumawag ako sa smart bro to tell that I dont have any connections. Pang 4 months ko palang may reklamo na agad. This was way back Apr, sabi ko sa CSR nila, Plan 999 ako and I should recieving atleast 1-2MBPS pero at my case nasa 0.1-0.45 using the speed test na binigay nila. I actually pay for the month na di ko ginamit. Mga 5 ti,es na ako tumatawag sa kanila and all I can hear from thier CSR is pasensya,,,pasensya..pasensya, and Im about to say P***. Dahil sa sobrang pag waste ko ng time sa katatawag sa kanila, nagpadala sila sa house namin ng technician. Pinalitan ang cable because thats the main problem according to them and according to them, wag daw ako gumamit ng WIFI modem because it increase the bandwith nila.. And di parin nasagot ang compalint ko. Here comes the typhoon Glenda - my canopy was totally damaged, nag report ulit ako using my twitter account, also sa CSR nila na wala ng bukam bibig na pasensya pasensya pasensya na nakaka irita. So they schedule again a technician - nag padala sila and imagine - 8PM ng gabi dumating sa bahay and was told na di daw magagawa kase wala daw available na canopy (what the hell reason), then I was resched again. Continous parin ang complain ko because my HOMEBASE JOB was about to loosed. I talked to the supervisor and calmly advised na dont worry - I will sched again a site visit para maayos agad. I told them, please do BAKA MA CUT ANG LINE, KELANGAN KO PA BAYARAN PARA PUNTAHAN NILA. Here comes my 3rd site visit - I wonder ano naman kaya reason nila, so I was expected na may dadating sa bahay namin na technician. There is none of them na pumunta sa bahay so I called again the hotline. Sabi ng CSR - di daw napuntahan kase MY ACCOUNT IS RESTRICTRED, I need to pay yung balance bago may technician na umayos. 5 months ako na nag rereklamo then KELANGAN KO BAYADAN ANG PUTCHA NA SERVICE NILA..This is a totally shit....Di naman talaga internet ang Products nila kundi PASENSYA...

marife eliptico on September 15, 2014:

how come cge lang cla bill eh wla naman kming modem sa knila, may demand letter pa ang smart instead smart pa dapat magbayad sa akin sa mga ginastos ko pablik balik sa ofis nla, pti downpayment na binayad ko sa kanila ayaw ibalik, dapat may hustisya para sa mga subscribers...

ok on September 14, 2014:

like what other said..ignore them..and throw back the case that they are going to file against you,,remember smart did it to all of us,we have many reasons to defend ourselves ..furthermore no one can be imprisoned by non payment of debt...we have that as our right...just slap the agent or lawyer if they force you...they are nothing but a scumbag maderpakkers

nuez alaz on September 13, 2014:

can i ask if the smart can file a case on me ? since i havent used it wen i go to valencia bukidnon,,,,then i didnt pay the bill they delivered in the house,,,,then they give me the due termination after 4 mos.that im not pay,,,and now it almost a year they give me the seriopsly over due which hve the letter that

dear mr.alaz

we represent our client,smart broadband inc,which has engaged our legal services for us to undertake effective and necessary legal measures to secure "money judgement""against delinquent subcribers like you.

Despite notice of our DECISION TO FILE THE NECESSARY CIVIL CASE AGAINST YOU to collect the amount of P 4,868.93 you opted to ignore the same. Please be informed that as necessary consequence, we shall file a case against you, should you still disregard the summons, or otherwise conceal yourself, the case against you shall proceed ex part or without your participation, in which case, the court shall render judgement in favor of our client.



Greenlily (author) from Philippines on September 10, 2014:

Simple, ignore them.

smael on September 10, 2014:

hay naku grabe tong talaga sa pangungupit..ipadating na sa media to para mawala na sila ng lubusan./.....shut down nyo na operation nyo walang kwenta..mga hinayopak

DAB on September 10, 2014:

Indeed. I received a text message from the lawyers office saying that they will take legal action for that. Last summer we tried to talk to CSR to cut the service first since I cant pay anymore coz I dont have job. They are trying to sue me. What should I do?

anti smart bro on September 08, 2014: i found my companions,,I request that we meet in a certain place and do legal action about it..pls..

Greenlily (author) from Philippines on August 31, 2014:

Correct ka dyan!

Greenlily (author) from Philippines on August 29, 2014:

Don' pay period. Ano sila sinuswerte!

Greenlily (author) from Philippines on August 29, 2014:

Kasalanan nila di wag mo bayaran.

Greenlily (author) from Philippines on August 29, 2014:

PLDTstation? Smart Bro po ang pinag-uusapan dito.

Greenlily (author) from Philippines on August 29, 2014:

Kung sigurado kang hindi ang computer mo ang may problema at naireport mo na yang kabagalan na yan at wala pa rin silang magawang solution, give them an ultimatum pag wala pa rin huwag mong bayaran.

laurence on August 27, 2014:

we have the same experience... even if i called them about my complaint last december 2013 that i dont have connections STILL i receive monthly billings. then i called customer service and said i need to settle my account, WOW even if i dont used that services...

peng on August 26, 2014:

hindi ! bat mo babayaran yung serbisyong hindi mo nakuha? punitin mo yung bill tapos tapon or sunugin mo :)

eli on August 26, 2014:

Magtatanong lang din kc my dumating din n bill skn 6k ang babayaran ko ang problema dko nman nagamit ang connection ko ng ilang buwan kc s wlang signal lagi nagreklamo dn ako s smart cented sbi e madmi dw gumagamit at my pupunta dw n technician e wala nman hanggang s dko n tlga xia gnamit.ano un kelangan ko b tlga bayaran ang 6k

elyu on August 25, 2014:

I already went to the nearest PLDT station for my concern since January 2014. They told me, I have to pay first the remaining due so I paid them 3 months (January to March) and the customer agent there told me that I should just ignore the bills that will come to me. So I did. My internet was blocked to them since December and I still paid them in March 2014 even though I didn't use it. And even after I paid them, I'm still blocked to them because I checked my internet using their LAN, so I thought maybe because of my petition that's why I don't have internet. They still didn't approve my petition to waive the pre-termination contract. I fuc*ing really want to sue them.

Papol on August 25, 2014:

Okay lang bang hindi ko na bayadan ung smartbro kasi 1 year super bagal ng connection tapos tuwing madaling araw lang mabilis. tapos ngayon may FUP p dw na 10gb per month? sobrang liit non sabi dati unlimited pero after maubos ung 10gb 0.12mbps facebook lang hindi p ma load. ilang beses ko na tinawagan smart wala pa dn nangyayari...

Greenlily (author) from Philippines on August 24, 2014:

If your internet connection has no problem then you must pay even after the expiration of contract.

lai on August 21, 2014:

Tanong.ko.lang tapus na.contract smartbro kaso may nagamit pa.ako.2months hnd bayad..tanong ko lang dapat kopa po ba bayaran un kahit tapus na contract ko?

lai on August 21, 2014:

Tanong.ko.lang tapus na.contract smartbro kaso may nagamit pa.ako.2months hnd bayad..tanong ko lang dapat kopa po ba bayaran un kahit tapus na contract ko?

Greenlily (author) from Philippines on August 17, 2014:

Don't believe those threats. Just ignore. They have no right to demand payment when they don't even delivered good service. Shame on them. Let them die without you paying lol. Ignore and they will stop soon .

cha23 on August 15, 2014:

@ Greenlily..

I had problem with SMART since 2 years back of application. I applied last April 2012 and got signal problem by June 2012. The device was already surrendered to them since 2012 and yesterday one of the customer service called me to say that I need to pay the outstanding balance or else if I don't they will add me in their block listed list. And he gave till Monday to settle the amount. On my part why would I pay if I didn't used the modem because the modem was surrendered to them since 2012. What should I do? Please help me. Thanks

Cheazy on August 14, 2014:


Oo nga sa ibang bansa mga $50 or 2k php but worth it kasi sobrang bilis naman,kesa sa smartBro-ken aabot pa ng millennium years bago maka open ng site he ahaha xD

Cheazy on August 14, 2014:

tapos pag mag re-report kapa sa *1888 ang tagal pa nila sagutin mga almost 9 or 10 mins bago answer-in ung call

unero on August 13, 2014:

Union ang mag papatigil sa mga yan... sa japan super bilis magkano lang for about $50 a month and ang speed take note 2Gbps speeds. d2 pera pera oh 999 wala pang 1 mbps.. BOOM panis! Gbps means twice the pace of google fiber...

Pinahirapan tayong lahat.. wala lang tayong choice kc minsan yan lang ang available net connection sa local area natin.

at akala natin maganda.. scammers eh... 2mbps.. di ko nga natikman yun sa kanila 0.7 kahit google lang di pa mabuksan.. nmn!

kahit anong iwas natin sa pag download... baliwala kc mabagal talaga...

Engr. Dan on August 11, 2014:

Now i know. It is not only me who had that kind of horrible and heart pounding experience.

If my memories were correct, first three months of my subscription was very impressive. Not until the fourth month. There goes the ruckus in the reception. I called their hotline *188 and raised my concern and guess what? The CSR give instructions that someone may heat up. Instructions went like this.

1. Ser hawakan nyo po ang kurdon (cord) tapos bunutin niyo sa saksakan tapos bilang kayo 1 to 10.

I know what the CSR wanted to point out. But resetting the system by cutting off the power supply to improve signal reception is an old man's story. Trust me for that.

2. Ser nakikita ko po dito na very weak ang signal niyo. ( see what i mean? Already knew that the signal was weak and yet they give instruction 1)

3. Ok ser ganito na lang po. Gawan ko po ng service report ito para mapuntahan ng technician within this week. ( grrr, walang assurance if when? I was in the philippines that time and working there. And the best part is this, that makes me pitch and skyrocket my voice)

4. Ser punta po jan ang crew para gumawa ng external adjustments and configuration ng antenna nyo. (SOUNDS FAIR). Tapos ser kung may work kayo or wala sa house, iwan nyo po laptop nyo para magamit ng technician sa pagconfigure. ( WHAT???? My laptop for configuration to be used by their technician??? I thought they have their own. I said, teka ang coconfigure is antenna, not my laptop. IP address, connectivity, subnet mask, all can be viewed in any laptop.)

I thought after the configuration things will go well. After an hour, speed is at blazing rate! 5kbps!! Amen! (such a waste of time!) i called up again and there goes the usual routine. And finally, they said, "ser need po nyo ng additional POLE. (bottom line is i paid 1000+ for the POLE and their labor expertise???) . Again after ADDING the pole net is good. Month after there it goes again! I called up to the hotline repeatedly and daily. But no improvements. They say the same things. This time i burst to anger! I said "I DO NOT WANT REASONS! I SIMPLY WANTED A STRONG, FAST AND RELIABLE INTERNET CONNECTION! WHATEVER EXPLANATIONS YOU HAVE THE ENDLINE IS POOR SERVICE! I ALWAYS PAY MY BILL ONTIME. FULL PAYMENT BUT PARTIAL SERVICE.

Then i emailed directly to the smart portal of my concerns telling how frustrating their service was. Out from nowhere, 3 or 5 days later speed! (how ingenious) thanks for reading. :-P:-P

bacon on August 04, 2014:

yes i know, just asking if maski ilang years na kukulitin ka pa din nila mgbayad maski no connection naman

Dara Yu on August 04, 2014:

I subscribed to Smart's pocket wi-fi plan last march and we've only used the pocket wifi for 2 months. Because, as you can guess, their connection really sucked. And what's worse, one of their sales rep tricked us. We applied because they had a promo, in which you will only pay 899 for the 2 years. We inquired and that fat sales rep confirmed that it was so. So we applied for the promo. We were then surprised when the first bill came and was charged P999. My hubby went to Smart to resolve the matter, and to our surprise, the sales wrote on our application that we applied for the P999. My hubby then told them that if that's the case, our contract should only be 6 mos. since that's what was written on one of their brochures that if you apply for the P999 plan, you only have a contract of 6 mos. The sad part is they won't allow it because it was already stated in the contract. WTF! Since then we don't pay our bills. because why pay for something that is not delivered? We complained of the slow connection and they just throw the fair usage policy at our faces so screw them!

peng on August 04, 2014:

matagal nang unsubscribe si greenlily, backread po kayo, anyway sa mga napadalhan ng letters wala pa naman nakasuhan i think, ako pinupunit ko lang at tinatapon yung mga letter(s) na dumarating, wag kasi kayo matakot, why pay for the services not delivered at all?

bacon on August 04, 2014:

Greenlily ngstop ba sila mangulit sayo? kainis talaga walang signal from day 1, yoko mgbayad, pinapacancel ko unang day pa lang, 2 weeks na, dedma sila

iloveleedongwook on August 04, 2014:

sa mga napadalhan nila ng letters and text matters kuno to settle our balance may nakulong n ba or nakasuhan?ako last july 27 yung ultimatum nila saken wala p naman pumupunta so far...

SmartBrulok! on August 03, 2014:

mapapamura ka talga eh eto kwento ko nagbayad kami nung may 31 na bill tapos may dumating saaming overdue bill na full naman namin ung bayad pero may nadagdag sa bill namin na 1k so naging 2k na walang hiya talga tapus ung service pa nila napakabulok gagong MVP to eh puro payaman ang putang ina! serbisyo namang mandurugas! d na namin to babayaran nagiging scam na ang serbisyong to eh!

peng on July 31, 2014:

simple lang naman kasi yan eh, wag na kayo magbayad hayaan nyung kusang materminate yung connection nyu at kapag may mga bills at notification letters from them punitin nyu lang then derecho sa trash can :)

iloveleedongwook on July 31, 2014:

gigil na gigil ako SMARTBRO na yan...araw araw akong nasistress sa hina ng connection....

zypher on July 30, 2014:

i lost trust with smart services... 1st sa sim nyo nagnanakaw ng load...tpos ngaun nmnn sa plan nyo...i did apply for the 999 plan i never thought there will be lock-in period of 2 years( na kahit gusto mo na ipaterminate ung contract kailangan mo pang magbayad ng pre-termination fee plus ung mga months remaining sa lock-in period)...pag di mo talaga binasa ng mabuti ung contract nahuhulog ka sa bitag nila...sana pagmag-aaply ka palang ng service sinasabi na agad ng agents nyo na may lock-in period...tpos the connection takes years to load a page bibilis lang pag madaling araw sino naman ang gusto gumamit ng net pagmadaling araw lang...tapos di pa stable ung kung tatawag ka nmn ng customer service u'll also wait years bago may sumagot it happen to me several times( remember u'll still paying service connection even wala kang net). there came a point na ung connection went to 20kbs/sec at max na un. then wala nang pumuntang technician sa amin...e

Cheazy on July 23, 2014:

we pay hundred,thousandq a month then they give 1mbps lang ata , samantalang sa ibang bansa mura na mabilis pa wala na po bang i-improve tong SmartBro-ken ,I guess ginagaya lang nila ung sa pork barrel scam ahah tapos kakasohan pa hay

Cheazy on July 23, 2014:

we pay hundred,thousandq a month then they give 1mbps lang ata binibigay samantalang sa ibang bansa mura na mabilis pa wala na po bang i-improve tong SmartBro-ken ,I guess ginagaya lang nila ung sa pork barrel scam ahah tapos kakasohan pa hayz

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