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SEO and Some of Its Loyal Companions

Introduction to SEO. Search Engine Optimization guide for beginners. SEO guide to help beginners to get website traffic and rank in google.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The Expansive Role of SEO

If the Internet is an empire, the SEO will be the prince of that empire. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process that is capable of producing unimaginable results. Every website on the Internet has direct or indirect relations with SEO. This is a process that no one can ignore.

In the digital world, from business promotion to sales, and from content creation to audience reach, SEO has an important contribution in all segments. The role of SEO is important in understanding the efficiency of the search engine and in catching the algorithm.

SEO brings best quality traffic in the website which comes from Organic Ways. If someone is searching for fruits or images of fruits and he/she is getting accurate results and getting query solved, then we can say this is the magic of SEO.

The Internet is a box full of opportunities; it has countless opportunities for everyone. Internet is needed in every field of marketing, business, personal growth, education, gaming, information and more.

You must have a website to take your business or work to countless people online. A website having a good user experience helps you to expand your business and reach to maximum number of people. SEO helps to make this good website even better and a great website.

SEO(Search Engine Optimization) these three words are the subject of a study in themselves. As we can understand from the term SEO, it means to improve position of your website in the search engine.

SEO is a very vast and a topic full of exciting information in itself. Strategies, Study, Information, Past Activity, User Experience are some of the components that make SEO even more powerful. It works in different ways on websites of different niches.

We will look at some such segments and know how important their contribution is to make any website more powerful and easily accessible.

So let's know about some such fields which are very important while performing SEO for website.

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“The Internet belongs to all of us and there is no dearth of opportunities in it.”

Loyal Companions of SEO

While SEO rules the Internet empire, its loyal companions each play crucial roles in website functionality and optimization.

Domain Name

A domain name is the identity of a website. A domain name is very important for any website owner because it is the only thing that the customer can easily remember to access your website. Domains can help you in SEO and improve the ranking of your website.

By way of example, is a website selling shoes, now anyone can easily remember this name, and it’ll help search engine to understand that what exactly this website is serving on the internet. Ultimately, with the help of this short and sweet domain name, the website owner has lots of advantage from an SEO point of view.


What if you don't have any content on your website? No one will visit your website. To tell people about your business or service or anything, you have to create content. The content acts as a representative for your website, the better it is, the longer and more enjoyable your website’s journey will be.

From an SEO point of view, we should aim to create content that solves the query of the people, provides them the knowledge or information for which they are searching. If your website has the right answer to the people's query and the content of their interest, then it will help your website a lot in search engine optimization.

Website Age

Old websites get more attention, there is no doubt in this. The older your website, the more you will get help in SEO. Older websites who consistently post authoritative content earn more trust from search engines. The newer website owner should perform as much SEO friendly activity for the website as possible with patience. After some time, the search engine will start understanding your website and will start giving priority.


Niche also helps the right people to access your website. There are some niches that are more competitive than others. For example, if you search "t-shirt," then you will get millions of search results. Don’t afraid, though. It doesn’t mean that you can't work on this niche. Your good analysis, exact keyword research and great content will give you success even at high competition.


Website owners who find and integrate a hot trend before its apex win the game. If You have an ability to catch the situation and opportunities, then this skill can help you a lot in SEO. The Internet is a very sensitive place; the trust and awareness of the people is dependent on the Internet itself. A good analysis of trending topics and seasonal searches can help your website get a good ranking.

Above are internal issues on which we need to pay attention and which is also a matter of discussion. As discussed before, SEO is a very exciting topic and everyone has their own way of looking at it. There are many issues, components, and tools that affect the off-page and on-page SEO of any website. Therefore, we should perform SEO friendly activities as much as possible to improve our websites.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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