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Rules for the Development and Creation of Programs



Development means not only writing program code but also designing the structure of the whole program or its part, in accordance with the requirements for it. These requirements are based on the personal experience of professionals, both the customer and the contractor.

The main goal of development is to get a program with the right set of functionality. Naturally, it is impossible to get a finished program right away on the first attempt. Therefore, you have to do work on it more technically, while you want to be sure, on the one hand, that everything done works correctly, on the other hand, that the order will be paid.

Here we want to show a number of principles that will guide us in developing programs in an object-oriented style. We will certainly have problems that we must overcome together when developing the program.

The most common problems in software development are:

  • Lack of transparency: While developing or creating a program, it is difficult to tell what state the project is in and its completion percentage. This problem may arise when there is a lack of planning of the structure of the future software product. When planning, it is necessary to consider how long the development will take, what the stages are, whether it is possible to exclude or save some steps - the consequence of this process is that the design stage is reduced.
  • Lack of control: Without an accurate evaluation of the development process, schedules are missed, and budgets are exceeded. It isn't easy to estimate the amount of work done and the remaining work. So, do not commit anything earlier.
  • Lack of monitoring: The inability to observe the project's progress does not allow you to control the progress of development in real-time.
  • Uncontrolled changes: The customer constantly has new ideas regarding software development. The impact of changes can be essential to the success of a project, so it is crucial to evaluate proposed changes and implement only those approved by the implementer.

This problem arises because the customer did not think well or did not consult a software consulting company at the design stage of the program, its functional purpose. The most challenging stage is searching and correcting errors in programs that must be. This stage is called debugging the program.

This problem occurs on the performer's part - in case of errors made during the development of the program.

  • On the part of the customer: with his negligent attitude to the analysis of intermediate results, the program being developed, which the contractor regularly provides for verification.
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Development and creation of exclusive software or programs

You tell your detailed wishes for the purpose and appearance of the program as per your business needs. Based on your wishes and payment of the agreed amount, experts will create the first version of the main form of the program. Then, you evaluate it and make some changes in the design as per your need, after which you get the second version. If you are satisfied with the work performed, the developer should develop the program. If none of the options suit you, we completely stop working.

The list of works included in the creation of exclusive software (programs):

  • The structure of the program and the materials provided by the customer are analyzed.
  • Based on this analysis, the terms of reference for the development of the program are drawn up, and the customer approves it in accordance with the requirements put forward.
  • After payment of the amount agreed with the customer, the first tranche, the development process will begin.
  • Then the coordination stage with the customer, the design, purpose, functionality of the program performed by us, passes.
  • After approval by the customer and payment, the other process will begin. In order fulfillment, it is possible to agree with the customer on intermediate versions of the software.
  • After completing 50% of the work, the contractor provides a demo version of the program, and the customer checks the work performed, approves the further work plan, and makes the third tranche of payment in the amount of 30%.
  • Upon completing the work, the customer thoroughly checks the created software product.
  • At the end of the check, the customer makes payment of the last tranche in the amount of the order value for the services performed. After the payment is made, the customer receives all the program's executable files in the form of an archive, in any way convenient for him.


You can create outstanding software programs using the right knowledge and development experience. But for that, you need a lot of patience- time, cost, and quality- to create a final product. Following the rules as mentioned above will bring a major transformation. It is better to trust experts if you don’t have basic knowledge about coding and programming.

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