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Robots Are Being Made From Dead Spiders! Excellent Invention of Scientists

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Viral Spider Robot:

Robots are being made from dead spiders. The robot, which looks exactly like spider, is able to return to walking. The discovery of a group of scientists shocked the world. In fact, such robots are being used in the medical field. Many times, patients panic badly after seeing live spiders. A spider robot is invented to overcome their phobia. Which has gone viral on social media.

A spider robot has been invented for those who are afraid of spiders. The robot was made using dead spiders. In fact, spider phobia is treated with spiders. Besides, starting from movies to education, spider robots are used in many fields. But, only robots will not do. That robot must be like a real spider.

From movement to walking, all cases must be copy pasted from the original spider. A group of scientists discovered a new type while researching it. They chose dead spiders to make spider robots. Although it sounds surprising, that team of scientists has done such work. Which can be used not only in the medical field, but also in the shooting of movies.

It is known that an engineer named Daniel Preston and Faye Yap, a student at Rice University in Texas, joined the work. The research was initially conducted on the spiders we often fear, the large wolf spiders. The new robot has been named 'Necrobotics'. They reported that it is almost impossible to make spider legs with alternative materials. So spider robot legs are made from dead spider legs. Scientists have arranged to move them through mechanical process. According to them, due to a special type of muscle in the legs of spiders, they can spread their legs very far. Scientists want to add that specialty to robots with the help of machines. Which will make the robot look like a real animal. If this research is successful, scientists are hopeful that a new way will be opened in the world of robotics.

'Arachnophobia', behind this word lies a deep fear. Harry Potter's best friend Ron Weasley was terrified of spiders. In his dreams and nightmares, he was often attacked by groups of spiders. But, not only Ron, there are many people around us in real life who are seriously afraid of spiders. Robot spiders are used in the treatment of that terrible phobia. Now scientists are working to use spider robots in that treatment. They made whole robots out of dead spiders.

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