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Review of SoundLiberty 79 True Wireless Stereo Earbuds by Taotronics

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What I'm looking at

I think of many things when looking for a new set of earbuds or headphones, other than how they look and price. These will all be covered from my experience with the set of earbuds I bought, your experience may differ since everyone has different ears and even both of your ears are different from each other!

  • Price - how they compare to others
  • Look - do they look nice or do they look bad
  • Sound Quality - do they sound nice
  • Comfort - how do they fit in my ears
  • Battery life - do they spend more time charging than being used
  • Charge time - goes with the battery life
  • Recommend - do I recommend them


These are regular price 50 USD, but I am pretty sure I got them on sale for 35 or 40 USD. My budget was 40 so they hit the very maximum of that but the 30 or fewer buds just looked and reviewed cheaply so I wanted to go with a more premium seeming set. Since I like the buds, the price was really good, but I'm not sure if I personally would pay full price for them. 40 seems like a good price for them unless you're able to pay full price and will use them a lot!


They're very nice looking, in fact when I was looking at earbuds and searching reviews, they were the ones I kept looking back on and thinking they looked nice.

Now I am a small person and I'm not sure if these are meant for manly men or something, but they are quite large looking in person in my ears. The little flap keeps them in quite well though, although I am still trying to find a good size earbud nib for my ears so it's not perfect, they are for sure large.

The little charging box is also quite large which is both a plus and a negative for me. It makes it easier to find/hold but it makes fitting it into my pockets pretty difficult. I love the indicator lights and I'm glad that there's no ghost voice when I open the box to say a brand name.

In conclusion for the aesthetic, it's very very nice but on smaller heads the buds might be a little too large than what you'd like.

Sound Quality

The sound quality is very good. They're not studio headphone quality or even great headphone quality, but for an earbud, they were very good. It is always a struggle for me to find the right size tips for my ears and I'm still not sure I found the right ones. For the first few hours that they seem to fit and seal properly, the sound is really good and the controls to change volume works well!

I do end up hitting those controls when I'm taking them in and out to find the next size up or down when I'm unsure the fit is right, but I'm sure there's some way to turn them off or avoid that and I just am clumsy.

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Disclaimer: I don't wear earbuds very often. I can't find the right size for me and they end up slipping out.

They come with several pairs of tips for your ears, as well as the ear flare and a normal piece to have no side flare. Personally, the flare is the only way I kept it in my ear sometimes so I kept them on the entire time, but it's a good option to know about.

My ears are between sizes or something, I tried just about every pair and some would fit well for an hour or two and then I'd be struggling to keep it in and another size would fit as well as the last one did at first, rinse repeat. This is not a problem with these buds it is with my ears/me.

That said, when the tips fit properly, they were very comfortable and stayed tight with the flare on. They did feel a little heavy which goes with the maybe it's meant for larger headed people.

Overall very comfortable when they fit!

Battery Life + Charging Time

According to the box, amazon's listing, and several reviewers I watched before the purchase, the earbuds themselves have a charge of 8 hours and the box holds an additional 22. This means a total of 30 hours before you have to recharge the box.

I found these numbers fairly accurate, I could use them for about 6 hours before they yelled at me that there was a low battery, and assuming there was 1-2 left, that's 8 hours. I kept the box plugged in when it hit half but I charged it every other low battery warning so 12-14 hours of charge time which is like half of the total!

Not sure how well the battery life holds up with more use than I did or long term use. I'll update this in the future if I find that the battery life drops dramatically. But overall the battery life is great!

Do I Recommend Them?

Short answer, yes I recommend them.

Long answer, I recommend them if you don't mind the possibility that they are too large/heavy for you and you don't mind a slightly large case. It's not a huge case, but it is larger than the Raycon one I also have and it was larger than I expected it to be. It is a comfortable size to hold but not great for pockets as I said.

Pick these up on sale for sure if you're looking for earbuds and want a great pair of Bluetooth buds!

Final Rating

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