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Revealing the True Cost of Manufacturing an Iphone 12 and the Result Is Shocking!

The iPhone 12 is considered one of the most controversial phones not only in 2020, but even in recent years, due to the exaggerated prices compared to other phones that come with similar features, but Apple always tries to make the iPhone unique because it is a phone with modern technologies, and renewable technologies. It is difficult to reach its level with respect to competitors, and because of that, Apple raises the price compared to the competitors.


In the year 2020, Apple announced 4 iPhone phones: iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max and then the small version iPhone Mini, whose prices vary according to the type of device, of course, and Apple slightly angered the community who loved it when it stated that all These phones will come in a box free of any additives from headphones or charger, in order to preserve the environment, she said.

Regarding the prices of these copies, the regular iPhone 12 version comes at a price starting at $ 799, then the iPhone 12 Pro version at $ 999, the iPhone Pro Max version starts at $ 1099, then finally the iPhone 12 Mini version, the cheaper and smaller version, at $ 699. But are these prices good for the average user? Ask Fomalhaut Techno Solutions, the Japanese company that will determine the cost to properly manufacture an iPhone.

Fomalhaut Techno Solutions is a Japanese company specializing in manufacturing and disassembling parts, and it has recently dismantled every piece and part of iPhone phones and determined their pricing, and this company recently announced the real cost through which an iPhone can be completely manufactured.


According to the platform, the cost of manufacturing the iPhone 12 is only $ 373, and the cost of manufacturing the Pro version of the iPhone is $ 409, which are far-reaching pricing from the suggested price for sale for iPhone devices.

The platform indicated the pricing of the cat used in the manufacture of the iPhone, the OLED screens of Samsung are priced at $ 70, the Qualcomm X55 5G modem that provides 5G connectivity in the device is priced at $ 90, and the A14 Bionic chip for the device is priced at $ 40, while the two RAM And the internal storage of the two phones varies, but ranges between $ 12.8 maximum for random RAM, and $ 19.2 maximum for internal storage. Sony's cameras take their share of this disassembly and are priced between $ 7.4 and $ 7.9 per unit. These elements are the basis of the iPhone 12.

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