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FX Brand New Original Star Trek TV Episodes

My love of the original Star Trek series and my distaste for all subsequent remakes prompted me to write this hub.

Lieutenant Uhura

Leaving Something to the Imagination.

There is an urgent need to recreate all the original actors in their exact same TV format as the original 1960's series but with new episodes. This FX recreation has to incorporate (FX) "cardboard sets", the odd quirks of lighting, the same sound effects, occasional slight errors such as Captain Kirk's forward rolls and goofy monsters.

Many very old TV series are still capable of entertaining due to great story lines, exceptional character actors and fortuitous coincidences. Although this special inexplicable quality is about to be turned into another algorithm I would argue that these old TV glorified stage plays had such a quality due to one thing above all: leaving something to the imagination.

Good character actors do not all look like runway models.

Recreating "I Love Lucy" or the original Batman series could also be done, but let us start with the pinnacle of TV: the original 60's Star Trek series.

Just as the beauty of Lt Uhura left something to our imagination so did the entire Star Trek series. Cardboard sets do not matter if a story line captures the imagination just as a mini skirt and black stockings on dark legs capture the imagination and fantasies of millions of young men across the planet. Likewise "nude" lipstick hinting at other hidden colors that fervid minds could only hunger to glimpse.

FX can recreate all of this down to the very smallest nuances.

The multi racial theme in Star Trek (one of many themes) was most beautifully portrayed in the character of Lt. Uhura. Successfully yet subtly presenting the beauty of the so called "black woman" in such a way as to give equality, authority, sexuality and mystery to this image without the historic exploitative precedents of earlier failures.

New Episodes

Resurrecting Star Trek with Crowd Funding

It is already well within the reach of modern digital imagery to completely recreate an image or person. Old TV series that used wooden puppets, like Thunder-birds, can now be recreated so that the digital images appear wooden for the sake of the original effect. Likewise old "stop motion" effects can be mimicked with digital techniques.

We are not even a step away from creating an old 50's or 60's TV show with the same characters and appearance as the originals including (FX) stryofoam sets and fake forward rolls (a la Captain Kirk) to ward off impending evils! This means producing a brand new entire series of Star Trek is firmly in the grasp of the new high tech media.

This new possibility is real and I ask you to spread the idea. This recreation of new original Star Trek TV episodes has to happen. Those cardboard sets need to come back. Our imaginations need to learn to work again.The best writers, both human and AI, need to write fresh truly great scripts suited to the concept.

I do not want any credit for the idea, I just want to put it out there and see it happen by itself so I can watch the newly discovered TV shows!

It was a five year mission so logically there needs to be a season four and a season five.

Opening Scenario: Episode One/Season Four : The entire crew suffers debilitating radiation burns and kitsch zombie like physical deformation but they are rescued by the Talosians (those kind bulbous headed subterranean beings from the pilot episode in 1966) with a giant matter transportation beam; eventually returning to a "medical planet" for reconstruction. Themes of resurrection would be played off against the "off stage" reality of the resurrection of the original series. For example, clever references to the way technology can re create people. Also, each main crew member could have their own fantasy created by the Talosians while they undergo reconstruction each with a reference to past episodes.

The potential to incorporate images from past episodes and to play around with time is enormous. Certain archetypal images such as the successful use of Ancient Greek imagery from Plato's Stepchildren could easily be reincorporated as the Enterprise visits several civilizations they assisted in the past. Perhaps on their second visit to the Platonians there is an insurrection and Kirk is forced to actually sleep with Uhuru (via suggestion only) and Spock is turned into a wine drinking satyr etc.

Certain things HAVE be left sacrosanct. For example Spock should never become too human and needs to always remain 90% unemotional and logical. The essential creative aspects of the original series should never change as they worked and will always work. The main failure with attempts to follow up on the original series was a disturbing tendency to change the essential creative aspects and the personalities. Spock never played with emotion unless "something was wrong". Today we see new characters in new movies that deviate from the perfect formula of the original 1960's TV series eg Spock as a handsome leading man full of emotion. How utterly sad.

As mentioned earlier there was less left to the imagination and the classic almost Shakespearean stage play feel was lost. Hence such suggestions in the new episodes could Incorporate these themes i.e. an actual reference to a stage play in a particular episode similar to "Conscience of the King".

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The main theme of the entire new two FX seasons is: keep the exact original feel and look of the original 1960's TV series and "don't fix things that are not broken".

Secondary to that, an opening theme dealing with resurrection; then subsequent episodes using occasional references to past planets; followed by totally new episodes written by the best sci-fi writers of the past and present.

Crowd Funding

The Other Alternative.

Science Discovery

Science has now proved with mathematics and physics that an infinite number of Universes exist. Exactly as in an episode of Star Trek, there are indeed parallel universes and practically identical worlds such as earth. On these mathematically proven worlds only minor differences exist between us and other identities practically identical to ourselves, with every kind of modification and slight nuance ad infinitum (or perhaps you might say ad nauseam).

For example, take yourself. There are an almost infinite number of "you's" out there of every kind possible. A "you" with a slightly bigger or smaller nose for example; or a "you" who is rich or poor or just middling. These "you's" are also watching TV's and wondering if anyone else exists in the universe. "They" also have their own TV shows just like ours with every kind of change and nuance in presentation and theme. For example, Seinfeld episodes where George looks like Jerry and Jerry looks like George etc.

If we let our imaginations run free with this concept we will see the limitless permutations on this one theme: a Caitlyn Jenner who turns from a woman into a man and then back again, a World War Two that results in a Nazi victory, Terrorists who turn into peace loving bearded hippies and vice versa, rock 'n roll exploding onto the scene a hundred years earlier or later, Apollo missions that were both faked and real, an earth with no moon or with rings like saturn, planets doomed by new diseases while others living long and prospering etc etc etc!

Of course there would be other Star Trek episodes out there as well. Brand new episdoes as well as the same series we have with slight or greater differences, or different endings, or a Captain Kirk who looks more like Spock. If your fancy is Lt. Uhuru there would be every kind of Uhuru ranging from blue eyes black skinned Chinese to African in all kinds of sexy skirts and with every imaginable body type.

Furthermore, on these infinite number of Earths are beings like us who have grown weary of the same epsidoes and dream of the good ol' days of TV Star Trek. Certainly there would be civilsations far beyond ours in technology and intelligence all craving for entertainment. They are already (theoretically) swapping episodes intergalactically as easy as we go to the DVD shop to get the latest video.

In other words, science has discovered brand new episodes of Star Trek never seen before and of every shade and nuance to suit taste.

Matter Transportation

Homer uses a matter transporter to get a beer.*

Homer uses a matter transporter to get a beer.*

Beaming Across the Universes.

Many of these billions, if not Infinite, permutations of civlisations would also be open to swapping episodes with other civlisations if they had the chance. This is where another Star Trek innovation would come in very handy: Matter Transportation.

The exchange of cultural artifacts, skills, knowledge and even entertainments and music would be an inevitable consequence of the discovery of matter transport via wormholes and would eventually make swapping entertainment as easy as Homer reaching for a beer through his matter transporter while he himself is seated on a sofa.

Which Way is Easier?

Dedication to Lt Uhura

The perfect actress (Ms. Nichols) who played the role was also very aware of the potential of this role to change the way Black Women were portrayed; although this was mainly due to the fact that the character was in a position of authority and education. However the volcanic sexuality and beauty of the woman constantly simmered below that very short red mini skirted surface of the persona. It was the perfect way to showcase and dress the true beauty of Black Women: a healthy, intelligent robust, arousing beauty with perfect skin and glimpses of hidden secrets that all white men secretly longed for.

Lt. Uhura I salute you.


antisocialman on October 09, 2019:


Robert Sacchi on January 10, 2019:

Holographic stage would be an intriguing case of life imitating art.

Andrew Petrou (author) from Brisbane on January 09, 2019:


I think it is inevitable that the recreation of old 50s and some 60s T.V. shows will occur.

This will work well with the original star trek because it had the perfect formula of characters and theme etc. There was never any need to tinker with any of the entire original concept.

The star trek producers already possess copyright so there are theoretically no legal barriers.

In the near future we may also see holographic style recreations of entire original star trek episodes on a stage format.

Robert Sacchi on January 08, 2019:

It's an interesting idea. There may be legal and ethical issues though. Are you familiar with Star Trek 2.0? There does seem to be an interest in retro. It could be my optimism. What are your thoughts?

Andrew Petrou (author) from Brisbane on July 14, 2015:


yes I heard about Thunderbirds. I think we will see the time soon when some tv series will be remade precisely in appearance as they once were. Spock was like the soul of star trek yet they've turned him into a pale emotional ladies man. This has to stop!

To recreate star trek is to not deviate an iota from the central characters as they once were. They also have to get away from the same repititive plot that has haunted sci fi for decades: saving the planet or usually the entire universe! My god that's embarassing. Think of all the great plots from the sixties show. Why is it always "saving the world/universe"?.

Lawrence Hebb from Hamilton, New Zealand on July 14, 2015:


Just to let you know WETA workshops have re-created the 1960's Thunderbirds series. It's not as good as the original in my view but I keep that quiet as my teenage daughter loves it and now wants to build space rockets!

Isaac Asimov had a short story with multiple universes that was fascinating. I think it's still only theoretical but will be interesting what the future holds

Star trek is still with us in so many ways, we're using gadgets that were first dreamed up for a science fiction program!

Today a spacecraft made it all the way to pluto using a propulsion system that was dreamed up for that same program!

If the new series will fire the imagination like the old then count me in!


Andrew Petrou (author) from Brisbane on July 01, 2015:


Leonard Nimoy made a few wrong moves by wanting Spock to have more emotion. In the original series there was plenty of opportunities for him to act out a whole range of emotions in various scenarios: but these were to tell us that "something was wrong" eg. he was drugged, or possessed by another alien etc. How on earth they began to turn Spock into a milk sop is beyond my understanding. It's a bit like Star Wars turning the Wookie into a pussycat and giving plaintive sad cries all the time. Embarrassing decisions.

Mel Carriere from Snowbound and down in Northern Colorado on July 01, 2015:

I loved the TV series, although I am not what you would call a "Trekkie," but have yet to enjoy any of the multitude of movies based on the series. I realize that this was exactly because of what you mentioned here, they tinkered with the characters. Great hub.

Andrew Petrou (author) from Brisbane on June 29, 2015:

The creative failures of Star Trek follow ups are always to do with changing something from the original including most importantly the main characters. Even making Spock a sexy emotional softy is ridiculous.

History will tell and is telling of some kind of unique creative combination in that original show. I can't even sit through the Capt Picard shows as they are so listless and concerned with special effects over good plots. However I can watch repeats of the original series countless times and still see more in them.

Joe Poniatowskis from Mid-Michigan on June 28, 2015:

As you know, I love Star Trek (the original series). I'm a fan of the various fan-produced continuations. I'm also interested in what this type of digital recreation can accomplish.

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