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REvil Ransomware and Its Implications

Dan earned his CompTIA (CIOS) certification in 2010 and worked in the computer repair/networking industry for several years.


In January 2022, it was announced by the Russian Federal Security Services that the ransomware service REvil was shut down. The combination of 25 raided houses yielded 5.5 million dollars in ceased cash, expensive cars, cryptocurrency, and confiscated computer equipment. Several arrests were made.

Ransomware is a lucrative prospect for cybercriminals. Perpetrators use various methods to install it on computers — for encrypting files and demanding a ransom to unlock. Not only can they use it to steal money directly, but they can sell it for usage by individuals who aren’t tech-savvy. Such is the case with REvil.

Technical expertise, in general, is no longer an obstacle for aspiring cybercriminals. Learning to program is certainly, no longer required. The prospect of MaaS or malware-as-a-service has given a platform to the new breed of perpetrators via black market sales. Computer programmers will write malicious software and sell it to those who have the means to propagate and exploit it.

DDoS or distributed denial of service attack services is another common form of MaaS. The attack works by using sophisticated techniques for overwhelming website services with excessive requests — essentially shutting them down. The FBI has taken down several such services — the owners arrested and sentenced to prison.

Moving Forward

Since the bar for cybercrime prospects has dropped, people must become more aware and less complacent regarding computer usage. The gadgets are convenient and fun but should be considered tools with the potential to cause harm.

Perhaps the best solution to fight against ransomware is implementing a backup plan. If computer files are stored off an infected computer, they can be restored with relative ease — certainly without paying a ransom.

Inexpensive USB drives can be purchased from local stores, or online backup services can be used. For the average consumer with a relatively small amount of files, proceeding with routine backup is easy.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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