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How to Quit WhatsApp - Why you should quit WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a popular cross platform messenger available for iOS, Android, windows phone, Symbian and Blackberry mobile OS. WhatsApp allows for sending and receiving text, audio, video, and pictures over WiFi/ 3G/ 4G/ EDGE. It is fast and convenient for those willing to keep in touch with relatives and family and friends. WhatsApp has also, over the years, introduced many features like voice calling . WhatsApp is free for first year with $0.99 per year afterwards.


Over the years WhatsApp has become very popular gathering millions of users over the globe. Whatsapp claims to have over 500 million users a month. It's user-friendly style and speedy function along with easy to use interface has attracted many lovers for this cozy app.

But the real question is it time to quit WhatsApp? If so then why? There are a plenty of reasons. Read on..

1. It is a waste of time

Imagine the creepy long hours of your life spend on WhatsApp cheching in on your crush's status or chatting with your school buddies on groups. Have you ever imagined the precious time of yours you have wasted for nothing. Well , I think its time to stop wasting your time and start using your time for something better.

2. It damages personal relationships

With more and more time wasted on WhatsApp you have less time for face to face interaction with friends and family. It damage and up to a limit makes a bad impression on your personal relationships which else while you would have nurtured.

For love birds Whatsapp is a real stress builder. Knowing that your crush has already read your message and hasn't yet replied is painful. Why take loads of stress when you can live stress free?


3. WhatsApp is a stress builder

WhatsApp increases stress and harms mental peace. Well , long hours of stalking on your ex's status or creeping on for your crush to come online and text, everything is a rapid stress developer.


4.It is insecure

Bad news for those having privacy issues- WhatsApp is insecure compared to BBM and your personal messages may get easily exposed. Who wants their deep personal relationship history and messages to be read by someone, that too a stranger( even if they don't know you personally)

5. The Facebook acquisition

Facebook's recent multi-billion dollar big deal acquisition of this cross platform messenger has raised concerns over ad placements and monetisation. It has also exaggerated long standing privacy concerns,


6. It is buggy

WhatsApp on my smart phone has been buggy for some time and crashes during serious texting period. Well builds up anger and anguish, of course. Who wants a buggy app after all. ...

7. Inactivity

WhatsApp has been long related to inactivity. Most of the time it makes me dull and lazy. Well my creativity has also went down, you see. WhatsApp has also done me the favor of less cell calls. But it reduces the intimacy factor for sure.

8. Reduces Social interaction

Who has time to meet someone new or join a gym when they are busy with their WhatsApp buddy. WhatsApp, at least indirectly to a level, puts a halt on social interaction and affects social skills.



From months of WhatsApp use, I have understood that it is a complete waste of time. WhatsApp has reduced overall happiness and has been a major stress builder. It reduced my social interaction and affected my social skills. If you are one of those people who is bothered about data privacy and social interaction then WhatsApp is not for you.

Quitting WhatsApp has made my life happier than ever. I have also experienced reduced stress levels. I no longer have to wait for my crush's message or waste time seeing changing DP's and statuses. Wanna know how I quit WhatsApp, read on....


1. Delete WhatsApp

Deleting your WhatsApp account may sound heart-breaking but you should know that there is no gain without a little pain , Do what is best for you and delete your WhatsApp account.

2. Change number

Changing your cell number will reduce that inborn tendency to reverse what is done and use WhatsApp again. Wont be necessary if you can hold on to your vow of quitting whatsapp.

3. Take a Vow

I deleted WhatsApp, and I think you should too because life without WhatsApp is so much better and happier. So go on and take a vow, to not use WhatsApp again.


Jim from Kansas on May 18, 2015:

Good points.

Edwin Thomas (author) from Somewhere on earth on April 12, 2015:

everyone has their own perception about the world and life my brother.....

Okoli Onyedika Joseph from Lagos on April 12, 2015:

the above reasons isn't enough to delete whatsapp messenger! I am loving it by day but will consider quitting once they start paying for it because I don't have money enough to pay for such services now