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Brief history:

Python is a powerful language. Python was conceptualized in 1980s and its first version 0.20 was developed in 1991. What is the need for it? As you know early language like Java, C or C++ were highly complicated and a little bit difficult, so python’s was designed with the concept of simple! Furthermore some more version released and Python 3.0 came into existence today which is commonly known as Python3. Most peoples asked me, which one is the best python2 or python3? So here’s the answer both are the best because they are same language Python3 is little updated then Python2.

What’s in it for us?

Python gives you platform to create multiple types of software with a very little knowledge. Today almost in every field of life either it’s Medical or technical you will see python wondering around. A large community is working on its progress. Another big reason of is popularity is its Humongous! stack of library which consists of hundreds of modules. Wait a second.

What is a module?

Basically a module is the work of others. Developers create a module and gave it to the python.

What next! Python gave it to us.

What can we do with it?

We can use there functions to create our software. Some famous libraries of python are:

- Pygame (this is very popular library known for developing game and is very helpful while beginning as game developer. I personally did some projects using pygame and had alot of fun)

- Kivy (this library is used for Android app development)

- Numpy (You can visualize your data using this library that is what data scientists do)

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Python in AI (Artificial intelligence)

Python is becoming more and more advanced in AI and robotics a very famous library for the robotics is Pybotics were you create application for robo projects.

Another feature of python is Machine learning reducing the time and efforts of men, some popular libraries for machine learning are:

  • Numpy
  • Scipy
  • Scikit-learn
  • Theano
  • TensorFlow
  • Keras
  • PyTorch
  • Pandas
  • Matplotlib

Web development:

Web development is a powerful feature of this language two powerful frame works are being used for the backend development you can create your own websites with these popular libraries:

  • Django
  • Flask

Django is more powerful then flask it has more advance feature like urls, models and views. You can easily learn and get your hands on it.

Flask is also used for backend development but has less featers then the django. I personally prefers django because it has more features.

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