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GoSun Breeze Portable Fan

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Image courtesy of Everything Branding

Image courtesy of Everything Branding

GoSun Breeze portable fan makes it simpler to maintain your cheerful disposition when the weather gets weird, whether you're going camping or on a road trip. GoSun may be utilized with any 12V source, such as your car, boat, or RV, or linked to one of GoSun's practical solar panels. Plus, they are portable, and these portable fans are incredibly packable and quite sturdy.

Highlights of Breeze Pro include:

  • Running noise is under 60 dB.
  • Dial up or down the cooling power; adjust the direction with a 360-degree vertical tilting head; work with any 12V, a Power 144 Powerbank (Sold separately or with Breeze Pro)
  • and solar power panels.

Energy Efficient

The Breeze has the greatest market efficiency rating and can be powered entirely by GoSun Solar Chargers. As long as the sun is out, keep yourself cool. Then, switch to a power bank to keep going all night.


The Breeze offers incredible portability because of its vertical tilting head design; use it on a table and in the sand at the beach, or hang it from the ceiling of a tent, an RV, or a lodge.

Image courtesy of Everything Branding

Image courtesy of Everything Branding

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Use the Breeze with any 12-volt device, including a car, boat, or RV. It can also be powered directly from solar energy produced by GoSun's Solar Chargers(sold separately.) or indirectly from any external power bank, such as the Power 144 or 266 from GoSun.

Image courtesy of Everything Branding

Image courtesy of Everything Branding


While cooler air has moved in, it takes a while in the Southeast to cool down. That is why I jumped at a chance to review GoSun Breeze as our car's air conditioner decided to die on us, and the temps were still in the 100s. When it arrived, I was surprised at how big it was compared to other portable fans out there. Yet, it is still small enough to be portable and take with you. We reviewed the fan itself minus the solar panels and powerpack that make this fan completely portable, but it still worked out. We tried it in our car, and it fits nicely, and wow, did this fan pack a nice breeze. A lot of portable fans don't do that. However, no matter how durable any fan is, they still come with risks and hazards. You still have to be careful.

Sadly, we had the fan in the back seat, and one of the kids knocked it over, not caring to pick it up, which burnt out the motor. GoSun Breeze, we barely knew thee. We could not deny its impact on our lives in the short time we had the fan, especially for my husband.

My husband loved this fan. Finally, he could drive from point A to point B without dripping with sweat by the time he reached where he was going, which justifies how cooling a portable fan is. Even with the weather cooling, he planned on using the fan as a mock defroster on those rainy days. The real kicker for him, though, was he said he could plug the fan into the car, and it would still work without having the car turned on! GoSun Breeze can keep you cool anywhere and is a handy fan.


About GoSun

GoSun is still a small entrepreneurial company, but we think we should all contribute when we can. Since the beginning, we've collaborated with many charitable groups to give solar cookers and other solar products at a reduced price to those who most need them.

Founder and CEO Patrick Sherwin says, "GoSun creates innovative products that encourage fun, resilience, and independence. We are passionate about our products and how they power our customers' lives. Founded in a small suburban garage in Cincinnati, Ohio, we grew quickly thanks to our community of committed customers and shareholders, who not only believe in our products but also use them to bring people together."

Learn more about GoSun and GoSun Breeze at

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