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Pro Tips To Launch Online Course On Udemy And Make Money

Bhavik is a blogger and Digital Marketer. He present his knowledge in writing so everyone can learn something new.

Online Course

Online Course


Do you remember how things changed so far? In the past, it was very difficult for all of us to find the best teacher to learn something new. For any course and anything we want to learn related to our career we would ask our friends and relatives to get the best course to pursue isn’t it? And on another side, if we were not able to find such a type of class then our dream, passion will be unfulfilled.

But when we talk about today’s generation we got everything covered and online business is increasing day by day. We get each and everything covered online. We can pursue all the courses online and fulfill our dreams, passions, and everything.

Udemy heard about it?

Let’s check out what Udemy Is.

It is an online platform that is very beneficial for teachers and students. It connects teachers and students to learn something new in daily life. It is one of the most well-known platforms to learn something new in this online world. It provides great support and you will get lots of free tools that will be very helpful for you to grab the knowledge. It is much advantageous for the teachers also and they provide best tips to improve skills, teaching methods, and everything.

If you have got some skills and you want to teach millions of students online then you can create a course on Udemy. More than 6 million students connected on Udemy and offer courses in 100 languages. And teachers on Udemy earn millions of dollars per year.

Want to know what you need to get started on Udemy?

Online Course

Online Course

Steps To Start your first course on Udemy

Let’s check out in detail how you can launch your first course on Udemy and be the next millionaire.

Step 1: Open the site i.e. and you can easily register for your free account. The signup process is as simple as it is. Once the signup process is done, now you have full access to check out the best paid and free course in front of your screen that is available on Udemy. You can do two things either create a course or learn for what you want to gain knowledge. As it is very easy to use, no technical skills are required here.

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Step 2 After the signup process you will get the two options: browse courses and go to my courses. After that just click on Teaching and then create a course so your journey begins now for course creation. You are now all set to become the best instructor.

Course Plan

Once you have selected the topic of the course that you want to make, you will get a big list of many courses available that are similar to yours on Udemy. So you have to apply for the mastermind and come up with something new and different from other courses and on the subject that you want to teach. To move further with this you need to plan a proper strategy to connect with your target audience along with the material that you want to include in your course.

The Five best steps you can follow to launch your course in the marketplace:

  1. Research
  2. Plan
  3. Create
  4. Polish
  5. Launch

Once you go through the steps which I have mentioned above, now you are set to launch your course in Udemy and earn money as an instructor.

Online Course

Online Course

Revenue Model Of Udemy

Udemy is not charging any money to create the course.

The revenue model is different and it is fully based on organic leads or any marketing campaign or affiliate marketing as well as that coming from the instructor itself.

  1. Instructor Promotion: If the instructor of the course generated leads by himself only he will get 100% revenue from the sales that have been generated. To take advantage of this he/she has to create a coupon code and share it with others and anyone who applies the code and purchases the course will be recorded as a lead or sale.
  2. Organic Traffic: without a coupon, if organic traffic is coming then instructors will get 50% of the revenue when the sale is generated.
  3. Other Traffic Source: Through Affiliate Ads and Deals the revenue sharing model will be 25%


Everything from creating the course and till the promotion Udemy will help you to that, you don’t have to worry about it much everything will be easier for you to manage. Another thing is, there are many courses available for the beginner like you and it includes all the best steps to make your source successful. As per my thought, it is one of the best things that Udemy provides to the users.

Select the perfect course for you

You can create a variety of courses on Udemy as per your skills. But yes making money on Udemy is not easy, you have to put in your high efforts to make your course successful. Once you work hard and come up with a unique approach you will definitely earn millions of dollars every year. Udemy is a very good platform to start your first online course today.

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