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Pranav Mistry and His Sixthsense Technology

Vinit Singh is a computer science student pursuing his B.Tech degree in Bharath Institute of Higher Education and Research, Chennai, India.

Pranav Mistry.

Born:- 14 May 1981.

Place:- Palanpur, Gujarat, India.

Alma Mater:- Gujarat University (1999-2003), Massachusetts Institute of Technology(2006-2008).

Spouse:- Farrah Chen.

Parents:- Nayana Mistry, Kriti Mistry

Pranav Mistry is a Computer scientist and inventor from India. He is currently( May 2021) the CEO and president of Star labs(Samsung Technology & Advanced Research). He is best known for SixthSense technology, Mouseless, SPARSH, TeleTouch, Samsung Galaxy Gear and Project Beyond. Using the sixth sense technology, Pranav Mistry tried to bring a part of the physical world to the digital world. Pranav Mistry is also a frequent speaker of TED show.

The Sixthsense Technology.

The SixthSense technology is an interface that takes the physical world around us with digital information and it will let us use it by hand gestures to interact with that information. This technology is a digital revolution in ICTs (information and communication technology).

The SixthSense Technology consists of a Camera, Mini projector, Mirror, few finger-bands. The hardware components are combined with a pendant like wearable mobile device. The camera and the projector is connected with the mobile computing device which is present in the user's pocket. The Camera works like an input device that sends information to the mobile computing device by recognizing and tracking the user's hand, finger gestures and physical object using computer vision-based techniques. The projector acts like an output device that projects visual information on a wall, palm or any other solid surface.

The software program in the computing device process the video as input data which is captured by the camera and track the movements of the coloured finger bands which is at the tip of the user's finger. After processing all the data, the projector projects all the data on a surface as an output interface. This sixth sense technology also supports multi-user interaction.

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Implementation and Application of SixthSense Technology.

SixthSense Technology has many applications. This technology can be used to connect the physical world to the digital world like if you put your flight ticket in front of the camera which is a part of the sixth sense technology then the camera will capture the flight ticket and then send it as input to the computing device and then project all the information it got from the internet like the flight timings or it has been departed or if the flight is cancelled or the flight is delayed.

We can also use this technology to paint digitally on a solid surface using the different coloured hand markers gestures. We can also use it to take photos just by doing the gesture of taking the photo. If you don't even have a surface then you can start using your palm as a surface and then dial the number to call your friend, family or your girlfriend/boyfriend.

It can also be used to check reviews of a book just by placing the book in front of the camera and the projector will project all the details of the book. Not only book if you want to check reviews of any product then just place the book in front of the camera. you can place the newspaper's weather report and it will show you the live weather report of your place.

You can watch a movie using the projector on a4 size paper. You can also attach a microphone-touch sensor device as a clip to a piece of paper and play video games. If you are feeling bored while travelling on a train then you can play ping pong with your co-passengers. You can also print any kind of information just by using the pinching gesture and then giving the commands of printing to the device to print it on paper. Here the pinching gesture is tracked by the camera using the hand markers on the tip of the user's finger. We can also use it to send information digitally to a friend as an email or send it to your desktop. It can also be used to check your debit card balance just by placing your debit card in front of the camera and the camera will capture and send information to the computing device then the search operation will begin inside the computing device on the internet and then it will project the balance on the debit card.


The thrilling potential of SixthSense technology.

Pranav and his inventions.

Apart from this SixthSense technology, Pranav has also invented Mouseless. Mouseless is an invisible computer mouse. Instead of a physical computer mouse, this mouseless uses an infrared laser camera and infrared laser strobe and also an image recognition system. The camera captures the movement and pattern of the invisible infrared light which is irradiated on the user's hand by using the infrared camera. The user just rests the hand on the table as if he/she is commanding a mouse.

Sparsh is another invention by Mistry which lets us transfer media from one device to another device using hand gestures. Blinkbot is developed by Pranav is a device that can be used to command a robot to move an object from one place to another just by looking at the device. Quickles, also an invention by Pranav and his team which can be used for sticky notes purposes and also to set a reminder and send messages using a hands-free device. Samsung Galaxy Gear and artificial human dubbed NEON is also developed by STAR lab's Pranav Mistry.

Awards and Achievements.

  • Award for 2009 invention of the year popular science.
  • Nominated for Forbes India's person of the year in 2009.
  • Technology review TR35 2009.
  • Young Global leader 2013 Award.
  • 50 Most creative people of the year 2010.
  • 2nd in SPACE competition in SIGGRAPH2004.
  • 1st in a Design competition organized by IEEE, India chapter.
  • 2nd in on the spot Model Making contest in Techfest @ IIT Bombay.
  • st in Innovation Fair at India level, for project MARBO.
  • 3rd in Model Presentation at INGENIUM 2002..

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