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Power of Social Media Marketing and Consumer Attitude

Social media provides a huge pool of consumers ready for brand communication.

Social media is an ideal place to connect consumers and brands

The power of social media is developing at a very fast pace,

The power of social media is developing at a very fast pace,

Power of social media marketing and consumer attitude

Power of social media marketing and consumer attitude

The application, purpose, intentions of using Social Media for advertising and promotion of products and services is constantly increasing in an exponential manner, containing, expressing, and involving its designated capacity, and power based on its natural logarithms. Therefore, by the means of advertising and marketing, the companies, corporations, and industries satisfy the overall social needs of consumers through internet user-friendly facilities. This is the most lucrative and the most effective opportunity to market and promote products & services through the collectively constituted social medium in a personalized manner. The overall purpose and objective are to stay abreast of the most recent development processes in the marketing fields, so as to shed light on the social media role in the lives of people today and create a thorough impact and control on society. Hence, the power of social media is developing at a very fast pace, and the companies are empowering their businesses to kick-start and reinvent new social media strategies. Several companies and their managements have already started the Master's Forums, gaining and exchanging knowledge, providing solutions through social media, bringing together all the industry experts from around the world of Marketing and Social Media for an elaborate and extensive online discussion, to focus on the Social Media future prospects for Business. Today, the majority of the people all over the world, spend their time analyzing updating, and reviewing the various websites of social media like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Linked In, Instagram, and Google+. Therefore, the industry experts and researchers are conducting several interactive workshops, and sessions to locate innovative ways to improve various social media, display places to generate a strong platform to meet the needs of the community. They have understood the value, authority, and the capabilities of Social Media, which provides an exceptionally thorough and informative, user-friendly access to product knowledge and understanding of services they offer, how to craft a Business Plan for the new ventures that really works, providing impressively practical and useful instructions, which, especially, recommend professional, personal, community, educational and academic records of Social Media Studies referencing a large collection of data and information, supplementing with the reading lists.

Many companies and research experts have concluded that the presence and use of social media as the latest marketing vehicle identifies the vaguely structured destination. Because of its immense, presence on the internet, the companies are striving to make promote their website of product contents completely user friendly from the beginning till the end, providing practical instructions to cover the most essential parts of products to take real advantage of social media characteristics to market and promote the entire business online.

The previous record clearly indicates that social media had immensely contributed to changing the customer perceptions in their buying processes. Industries, companies, organizations simply cannot ignore the increasing significance and worth of various social networking websites and their effects on customer buying behavior. This research study makes an attempt to inspect, scrutinize, and investigate as to what extent social media have penetrated into the minds of people around the world in influencing, and making the ultimate buying resolve of customers. The study conducts very descriptive and methodological research to understand the mindset of customers, how their buying decision changes, how the social media website designs change the minds of people, along with qualitative and quantitative analysis, close-ended survey with the questionnaire process to obtain and collect the relevant primary and secondary data from the customers highly involved in using the social media. In conclusion, finally, this study reveals several reasons for the change of customer attitude due to social media trends of marketing.

Hence, it has become very obvious to understand how the Social media culture has changed the way product information is imparted to people and effectively communicated from and to all the people around the globe very easily. The rapid application, relevance, and social media use, like blogs, email messaging, through the social networking websites and several other media-sharing and transferring technology has changed the manner companies are responding to consumer intentions, wants, and needs and also the manner in which they change their decisions, and different ways they respond and react to their highly progressing competitors. The entire marketing management has gained the clear opportunity to get involved in the most innovative and extensive form of online communication through the mass media using social media as the most effective marketing tool. Social Media and networking processes have completely changed the face and color of the marketing processes, making things easy, comfortable, and convenient for the people to operate, understand and obtain products sitting at one place, delivered to their home, with a guarantee. For all the individuals, communities, employers, schools, and many other commonalities, social networking has turned out to be the most ideal target area, and hence, the marketers seek to engage the prospective customers and users in several different ways.

Roots of Social Media

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If we minutely observe the root cause and the purpose of social media, we can substantiate its usage to help interact, communicate and Market online. Today, the Media is used extensively as a major tool for effective communication, like it is done in newspaper, TV, and radio. Social media helps in social interaction, provides access to highly scalable communication with advanced techniques, mobile technologies, successfully turning communication into interactive and creative dialogues. They described the functions of social media as an Internet application group that builds on Web 2.0, technological and ideological foundations, allowing creativity and to exchange user-generated content. Consumer-generated media –CGM is presently taking the help of social media to promote their business because it helps interaction between several, user and also helps in:

  • Equal Participation, as everyone can regularly get involved in their contribution to the social media process, share ideas, send news and messages, and provide feedback;
  • Openness without barriers is the theme of social media, as the contents in the social media are openly reachable to discuss the conversation;
  • Community Involvement, with common interests, passions, hobbies, creation of groups to share ideas and plan processes and exchange views;
  • Remain Connected permanently, keeping proper links with people, society’s resources, and their lifestyles, to benefit by interacting;
  • To develop and achieve strategic marketing communication through social media to create a strong platform so as to attract and impress prospective clients to promote products, services, and their capabilities, and also to prompt them to exchange views on interesting common topics.

Companies are using social media in advertising, innovation, marketing, sales, problem resolution, human resources, customer service, information technology, and also to drive cultural changes. Indian products and brands will be successful in enhancing the brand image of their products through social media. The traditional way of media approach or the new trends they can use to reach more people, creating a bigger and stronger market.

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