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Play Without Cables Using VocoPro’s Guitar Streamer Talk


There was a time when video meant nothing but watching a television. Then along came video recorders and the next thing you knew everybody started to make their own home videos. Add more time to the mix and you got YouTube and Indie movies and pretty much anyone could do all kinds of things with video — because manufacturers started to make more than just video cameras, but all kinds of accessories to handle audio as well. So the next level for audio accessories was to lose cables and become wireless. Which makes it possible to do on-the-street interviews and podcasts or play music because having wireless capabilities makes doing audio much simpler. So what manufacturer has a simple approach for being able to play/record audio wirelessly from the source to a computer or laptop? VocoPro, that’s who, because they’ve a wireless microphone system and a wireless guitar/bass transmitter system for an electric guitar/electric bass that works efficiently and simply and so will be used. So that means the VocoPro Guitar Streamer Talk is going to get their day to show off. Because it consists of three distinct parts - a transmitter for the guitar; a transmitter for voice; a receiver for both.


Now while the basic technology is the same — you have sound at one end (a voice or electric guitar/bass) going through the airwaves and being received by a device that then transfers it to a speaker or recording device — the actual procedure is different for each. But as regards the similarities, both are using RF (radio frequency) technology to transfer the audio — using the 900 band and having 4 frequency groups. This obviates the need for a direct line-of-sight between transmitter and receiver and provides for a greater distance in general. In the case of the mics, a condenser microphone is paired with the transmitter which uses a very simple one-key automated scan and pair system using a push button for sync/resync. Tiny volume tabs on the side handle volume. It has a line input that the output cable from the condenser microphone plugs into (the other end has a short, thin antenna. In use LEDs provide visual indicators while it runs off an internal battery that is charged via a USB cable and provides about 5-6 hours of use (a power bank can be plugged in to provide ongoing power as well). Being lightweight, it can be placed in a pocket, worn around the neck or clipped on a side.


The guitar interface must be plugged into the guitar/bass’ output. It has a similar antenna system, sync button and volume control tabs as the other transmitter does. Sound goes directly from the guitar (or effect pedal as that can be used as well) to the computer/laptop — no stand-alone audio interface or recording device needed. Practically speaking it is the same as having an instrument cable going directly into the computer/laptop’s USB port.

Both of these need a receiver to take the wireless signal they are outputted. So that brings up the USB Receiver. It looks like a somewhat stubby flash drive, with a thick antenna that pulls out from the body. It obviously plugs into a USB port on a computer/laptop. Besides having dual reception abilities — and so able to receive a signal from both the guitar interface and the microphone interface — receiving wirelessly and having its own audio interface so none is needed elsewhere, it has a 3.5mm jack for direct monitoring of the received audio. Of course the computer/laptop needs to have a sound card and all the usual tech, all do these days regardless of whether they’re a PC or Mac. But it’s also compatible with use for game consoles, Smartphones and TVs (with some notable exceptions). LED indicators display what it is doing.

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There are also some accessories — a hot shoe mount adapter (known as the Commander SA) for holding the transmitter onto a DSLR and a headset (the Commander HM) for plugging into the USB receiver.

It’s obvious that both the VocoPro Commander-CT Wireless Condenser Mic Transmitter and the VocoPro Commander-GT3 Wireless Guitar/Bass Transmitter should easily sync with the Commander-UR Wireless USB Receiver — they’re all from the same company after all. VocoPro has made the Guitar Streamer Talk wireless system so simple that those using it need not worry but instead just concentrate on what the audio being wirelessly transmitted is all about. For more details go to

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