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Play Better On Your Android Phone With GameSir’s X3 TYPE-C Cooled Mobile Gaming Controller


So no one can now deny how great video game consoles are — hear that Electronic Arts who once said that only PC games were worth the trouble! But while gaming itself turned into a billions dollar enterprise (actually making more than movies because Mario never needed a limo), the mechanisms of playing video games has evolved for the casual as well as hardcore gamer. Gone is the need for bulky game consoles that have to be tied into a home’s network, with cables going to and fro power supplies and controllers and peripherals. Because there’s now games on smartphones, is why.

So phone games may have started out slow and crummy, but today that’s all in the past. Today’s smartphone games rival the gaming consoles not just in their visual appeal, but also in the content they provide. But there’s one thing where a video game console still overshadows a game found on a phone — the way of controlling the game. Touch screens are cool but they don’t provide the same tactile feel or access that a physical button or direction pad does. Not to mention that punching a “button” on a touchscreen ends up moving the phone’s orientation — and even in extremely rare cases causing damage to the screen itself (and have you ever seen someone so caught up playing a game on their phone that their body started gyrating back and forth like they were attacked by killer bees?). The answer to all these issues is to have a physical controller that attaches to the phone and can detach just as easily — but provides the needed control that a game controller would. Which is exactly what the X3 TYPE-C Cooled Mobile Gaming Controller does for Android phones (sorry Apple fans, iPhones are locked out from using this).


Attach To Play

The X3 consists of two sides, each with their own controls, and is a single unit that the phone sits in. There’s a type C connector to go into the phone, and it’ll be the phone that supplies power for the controller to operate. A phone of up to 6.8” can easily be accommodated and secured. So there’s no external cabling to get in the way or to get caught on anything. So now the X3 is connected to the phone and a game can be brought up — obviously due to the controller’s design, the phone is in horizontal orientation. And let's not forget to mention that the whole issue of latency causing issues between trying to make the game do something and it responding to that request doesn't happen like it would were Bluetooth being used as the connection mechanism.


The Controls

The physical controls now available may be obvious, but we’ll go over them anyway: on the left side is found a direction pad, a red-ringed joystick and control tabs. LED operational lights are also here. The right side of the controller also has tabs as well as a blu-ringed joystick and four activation buttons; these are in a diamond pattern and labeled X & Y and A & B. There’s also two front triggers. That’s it but that’s enough for sure. The buttons (or switches if you prefer) are designed by Kaih and the joysticks by Alps 3D — meaning they are not junk and can handle the frenetic attacks on them by the user. Magnetic alternatives are included for the buttons/sticks to change their orientation as well as use and that’s a really nice touch.

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Heat Can Be Bad

Today’s smartphone’s don’t like to tolerate heat at all — that’s because their high end components (including the graphic processor) start pumping out heat when they go all out. And going all out is pretty much what any game worth its salt is going to do to the phone’s electronics. And of course the ambient temperature plays a part in all this too. And since heat is bad for electronics in general — and even more so for a phone whose thin chassis is being forced to accommodate that heat — why not have a game controller that adds a means for moderating that heat? In this case there’s a 4000 mm/2 fan built into the controller whose only job is to help to moderate the heat being generated. Obviously power is supplied externally as otherwise it could seriously and quickly drain the phone. But what you get in addition is RGB lighting of the fan. But you are not forced to use the fan all the time, so that’s also a nice touch.


Using this controller won’t necessarily make you better at playing, but they sure do make it easier to do that playing. Now yes the X3 adds some weight to the phone overall when being used — but that’s a good thing because it gives you a better handle on holding the phone steady. The X3 TYPE-C Cooled Mobile Gaming Controller comes in its own semi-hard case that is obviously too big to fit in a pocket but goes well in a bag or knapsack. After all, having a portable game controller for your phone is serious business. For more details go to

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