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PTCL 3G Evo Wingle Review

The author is a resilient graduate in electrical engineering, and an aspiring professional in the said area.


PTCL's 3g network is one of the best and most reliable wireless network available within Pakistan and its new Evo Wingle offers unbeatable advantages over other networks.

This product review is focused on the Evo Wingle 9.1 Mbps connection and this will surely help you decide whether opting for Ptcl Evo against other wireless networks and local Internet Service Providers is worth the cost?

Now first of all honestly speaking its not a 9.1 Mbps connection as the Ptcl advertises it to be, at max you can have up to 2-3 Mbps speeds on a 9.1 Mbps Evo and that's quite decent for a normal internet user.

Costs and benefits of Evo Wingle

Plus Points of EvoNegetive Points for Evo

No set up costs. Plug and play device.

More costly as compared to local broadband service.

Never dissconects.

Online games lag sometimes.

95% uptime.

Unlike local ISPs Ptcl does not provides an ftp or sharing site.

Creates a portable Wifi Hotspot.


Portable device provides Connectivity on the Go.


Excellent signal strenght in cities.


Torrents download at reasonable speed.


No need of any external router or antenna.



Unbeatable Advantages of Evo Wingle

Connectivity 'On the Go'

Portability is surely the best plus point of Evo. It offers you 'connectivity on the go' on your laptops. Feel free and take your laptop where ever you want because Evo is not limited by any external WiFi router or internet cable, you can even use internet while driving in the city or waiting in the airport lounge.

Portable Wifi Hotspot

Where ever you plugin this device It will create a WiFi Hotspot so that up-to 5 computers and mobile devices can connect through it. You might enjoy multiplayer games with your friends this way.

No Set Up Costs

The sleek and compact USB device looks absolutely cool and hi-tech, It can work on any computer having a USB port without any complicated set up processes. It comes with a built in software which installs automatically when the device is inserted in the computer and that computer can now connect to the internet with Evo.

PC independent operation.

PC independent operation.

Network Reliability

Ptcl Evo is perhaps the most reliable network available. It stays active 24/7 and down times are rare. On the other hand I have seen that local connections disconnect more often. Once you connect to the internet using the app provided it won't disconnect even once during the entire session.

Downloading Torrents with Evo

Generally speaking Evo is the best option when it comes to downloading torrents compared to other local broadband providers. Average download speed for healthy torrents is about 200 kbps during midday and can shoot up to 500 kbps during off peak hours such as early morning (this is when I do most of my downloading). I have seen other 512 kbps local broadband services giving only 50 kbps at max so Evo is way better then those local connections.

Ptcl Evo delivers reasonable download speed in healthy torrents. (I was downloading 'Gravity' 2013).

Ptcl Evo delivers reasonable download speed in healthy torrents. (I was downloading 'Gravity' 2013).

Online Gaming Experience with PTCL Evo

Evo does not performs up to the mark when playing online games probably due to the wireless nature of the connection. I do play Counter Strike on it but most servers have latency around 100 and only ptcl servers have below 50. I have tried to play a few other games but it does not work flawlessly and you experience some lags. Lags are usually less during early morning hours but they can be more annoying during midday.

Local broadband connections might give a much better experience probably with Counter Strike.

My speedtest.net result for Evo Wingle during midday.

My speedtest.net result for Evo Wingle during midday.

Net Surfing and Browsing

In this regard I would say that Evo is just "average", a typical webpage takes about 1.5 seconds to load completely.

Signal Strength and Network Coverage

Signal quality in most major cities is good. I receive full signals every time at my place in North Nazimabad, Karachi. In places where EVDO signal is not available the device will automatically switch to 1x and you can connect to internet pretty much from any place where mobile networks work just like gprs.


StormsHalted (author) from Karachi, Pakistan on October 09, 2015:

Normal download speed should be around 250 kbps on good torrents. sometimes download speed vary due to server bandwidths.

You should check it in some other area where signal strength is strong.

StormsHalted (author) from Karachi, Pakistan on April 23, 2015:

Depends on signal strength in your area. In my area coverage has improved recently.

Maybe get the new "EVO Wingle" and you will see improved strength.

asad on April 22, 2015:

mere pass evo he 3.1 wali es speed cam he es ke speed kese baro

badar munir on October 14, 2014:

Can i use smart phone with evo 3.1mbps

StormsHalted (author) from Karachi, Pakistan on July 28, 2014:

It depends on the area in which you live ..... go to the ptcl office and they will show you at least .7 mb speed on same evo

abdul sattar shaikh on July 27, 2014:

i have EVO 3G 3.1 mb. but its working speed so slow , why nd what for my EVO 3G black speed is slow ? i want nd i need yo full 3.1 mb speed

haseeb on January 12, 2014:

Ptcl Wingle is a fraud product you would be better off with a dial up connection

StormsHalted (author) from Karachi, Pakistan on November 16, 2013:

Of course this is how all companies market their networks ..... though frankly speeking if a connection acctually works at 1 mb its more then enough for mre ....... no need to get higher speeds ......

I saw a docomo commercial on an indian channel marketing their speeds at 23 Mbps ...... in reality that's not possible .......

as faar as the coverage is concerned there are some loop holes and the network usually gets overloaded during days ..... and it gets very slow on holidays .....

depends on whereyou live .........

I have already said that the edge evo has is its portability and not speed.

shehzie on November 14, 2013:

on PTCL website they say that 9.3 nitro can give you speeds from 70Kb to 7Mb. When i called support center they said that my speed of max 1Mb is good, I said then why you say speed of 9.3Mb when selling device, he said that it is the capacity of the device data transfer. I said will you buy a 5 liter bottle of pepsi from me for Rs. 200, but it will give you 200 mL of pepsi only.. and its the capacity of the bottle that i was talking about... PTCL is one of the biggest corporate scam and I am surprised no one is doing nothing. There were people at Nazimabad exchange trying to return their evo devices and the front desk person was making fun of them saying to return them where you bought them...

shehzie on November 14, 2013:

I also live in North Nazimabad block D, the evo wireless service is pathetic, I have both 3.1 and 9.3 nitro. 3.1 gives me at max 16Kb/sec of speed during the day and 9.3 nitro gives around 35-40Kb during the day while at night between 3-7am it gives 9+Mb. I took it to North Nazimabad exchange and in morning and there it was giving around 4+Mb. My friend lives at Desilva Town near inter board office and he gets good speed during the day as well. I believe that there are too many users in Block C, D, I and not too many access points that is why our connection gets shared a lot. I have switched to wateen now since yesterday and now i am getting stable 140+Kb/sec download and 60+Kb upload around the clock on 1Mb package. To hell with PTCL. Anyone want to buy nitro 9.3 from me, it has Sindh package on it Rs. 1500 per month unlimited (75GB).

StormsHalted (author) from Karachi, Pakistan on November 03, 2013:

In which area do you live ...... ?

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