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Trying to connect to a wireless network and it keeps asking for a PIN? How to fix it.

My wireless has a PIN?


What is the wireless PIN?

So you are trying to connect to your wireless and it keeps asking for a PIN.

If you are being prompted to enter a PIN, your router has a feature called WPS and it is enabled or turned on. Most wireless routers that are capable of WPS have it enabled by default.

It stands for Wifi Protected Setup. When your wireless router and your computer's wireless adapter both understand WPS technology, it will usually prompt you to enter the PIN.

The purpose of the PIN is so that you can connect to your wireless without having to specify the name of your wireless network or your security key or passphrase. It can be used for convenience or be used to connect someone to your network without having to reveal that information to them. The truth is, in more cases than not, it confuses more people than it helps.

Usually, most people try the wireless password they normally use over and over as the PIN and can not get connected. I am assuming that is why you are here.

The wireless PIN's answer is set within the settings of your router. The easiest solution is to see if the your computer or device you are trying to connect to has a link to bypass the PIN and connect by using your Security Key or Passphrase instead.

If it does not seem to have that option, it may be time to log into your router to find the answer or turn off the feature.

The WPS Setting within the wireless router.

The WPS setting is usually found under the wireless settings section inside your wireless router. Once you log into your wireless routers administrative console, you would want to look for Wireless or Wireless Settings.

Then it is usually under Primary Network or Encryption. On some in routers, WPS is right off of the main menu. Hunt around until you find WPS or WiFi Protected Setup.

Once you find it, I recommend that you disable it for a few reasons.

  1. A flaw in WPS was discovered in late 2011 where your PIN can be determined within hours and in turn the preshared key.
  2. It confuses most people, it's more trouble than it's worth.
  3. In Windows 7, you can view the properties of the wireless network and see the security key regardless of how you connected.

Don't forget to Apply any changes and properly log out of your router.

If you chose to disable WPS, try to connect to the wireless again should not prompt for the PIN.

While you are logged in, you might as well set up your wireless for the best possible performance.

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