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Open The LoveBox Color & Photo To Get An Electronic Love Note


Love At A Distance

Love is important. Love is good. There’s a lot of ways to show love, just as there are a lot of different people who feel love and show love. So what is love anyway? Don’t ask us, ask yourself because you know the answer. But if you’re in a questioning mood, check out poetry and literature and plays and operas and art and pretty much every aspect of human endeavor and history. That doesn’t mean you should just sit back and read about love; go ahead and jump in the pool because the water’s fine. The only question is whether love has anything to do with today’s rush towards modern technology. Maybe love doesn’t have to be limited to doing its thing through a screen or app. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a screen or app involved, but how about something tangible being out there for showing what love is — because for sure love can be something that can be seen and not just something felt and internalized.

So how about finding a way to show love that marries technology and the real world in a fun and productive manner. That’s pretty much the whole idea behind the LoveBox Color & Photo — it’s a an electronic love note.


Holding The LoveBox

The first thing you need to know is that there’s more than one LoveBox. There’s the original (first made) LoveBox Black & White, the LoveBox Red, White, and Blue Set (4th of July edition) and the LoveBox Color & Photo — which we’ll go into more detail in a moment. Let’s just say that the 4th of July LoveBox is similar to the Color & Photo, except for the addition of a USA Heart, and the Black &White obviously means the screen (we’ll get to that in more detail, yes) is not in color. But it’s the LoveBox Color & Photo that’s got our attention.

The LoveBox Color & Photo is first a physical item you can hold in your hand and interact with. It’s made of wood (so much warmer than plastic) and has an ABS heart on it. That heart can be removed and replaced with other hearts that are (optionally) available; one’s like a Tender Heart, Sunrise Heart and others — we especially like the Color Pixel Heart because of our video game past. But it’s not just for show — that heart starts spinning when a message has been sent so the receiver knows it’s time to open the box and see something great. So this is a way to interact with the box right off the bat (and yes there’s also a Hello Kitty Limited Edition LoveBox, sorry if we forget about that).


Now when you open the box it’s going to be colorful inside because there’s a color LCD screen with a resolution of 320 x 240 resolution. The screen is connected to WiFi tech running on the 2.4Ghz band, so that means it can connect to a wireless home network and to the Internet. Powered by being plugged into a USB cable that goes into an AC outlet. And yes that means that there’s a iOS/Android app involved.


The LoveBox Is Calling You

So what happens when the person given the box opens it? You’ll see special expressions of affection that get sent by the person who has the app — and who gave you the LoveBox — so inside on the screen will be found colored photos and messages and drawings and stickers (not all at the same time obviously). The app will let you create and personalize what gets sent — it’s not just a series of canned responses and pictures that can’t be personalized. The drawing function lets you go wild and just express yourself in a fun manner (it won’t make you any more of an artist but don’t think the recipient won’t appreciate the effort, even if you hear a compliment coming from behind a bit of a smirk). For sure, and like a lot of apps these days, the sender with the app will need to start an account, but that’s no big deal.


The LoveBox is a unique way of staying in touch with someone and personalizing the way communication occurs. In this day of screen-only communications, it’s great to be able to go beyond that and have an actual product that sits there and works to make communication personal and fun. And the “dirty” little secret is that this is a modernized and updated love note. For more details on the LoveBox Color & Photo and the other LoveBoxs’, go to https://en.lovebox.love/

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