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Google NZ: Google New Zealand: Webhp, Search, Homepage: English, Maori


Google NZ (www google co nz) is the Google search page as produced for New Zealand. Google New Zealand homepage is a clone of the Classic Google homepage with localized New Zealand functionality. From Google New Zealand ( you can undertake searches that have a New Zealand bias, with NZ Google in English or NZ Google in Maori.

As with all other Google search pages, Google NZ search can be viewed in languages other than English. To achieve this you can utilise the Google co nz webhp function. Another trick is to increase the New Zealand bias to show only New Zealand sites.

To all intents and purposes NZ Google looks like the Google classic homepage except that it is badged as New Zealand with the words 'New Zealand' under the 'le' of Google and the redirection function set to 'Go to'.

Google New Zealand in English

Google New Zealand in English

Google NZ (www google co nz) Homepage - How Do I Get To NZ Google?

Google NZ ( can be accessed in several different ways that bypass the automatic redirection of Google localised search or Google (www google com) homepage search:

  1. If you usually browse in English from, and you have not been classified as from a local search region, then just type '' into your browser search window. This will take you to Google New Zealand direct.
  2. If you have been classified by Google as New Zealand local then, on any version of Google homepage that you happen to be on, all you need to do is click the 'Go to Google New Zealand' link at the lower right of the Google search homepage screen.
  3. You can access GoogleTheGlobe and click on the New Zealand flag.
  4. You can obtain Google NZ search results by adding or changing the “gl” parameter of the Google search URL, for example

A full explanation of how to access the Classic Google Home that has no country redirection or geotargeting can be found in Search Google:Universal Search Google:Global Search Google: International Search Google:Worldwide Search Google by Humagaia.

A full explanation of the full list of Google functions available through the Classic Google homepage is available at Google Classic Homepage by Humagaia.



Google NZ ( Homepage – What Will I Find at NZ Google?

The following Google search functions are available from the top left of your Google NZ home page:

  1. Google Images – search images.
  2. Google Maps – search for maps and get directions.
  3. Google News – search for news on any particular subject.
  4. Google Books – search for books.
  5. Google Translate – translate web pages, sentences or words.

For the above Google NZ search facilities your search “query” is passed from a previous Google search box.

Google Gmail is also accessible from the NZ Google homepage either to access your Google Gmail account or to register for a free Google Gmail account.

The top left-hand side of Google NZ homepage also has a [more] link. Here you have access to Scholar, Blogs, RealTime, YouTube, Calendar, Documents, Reader, Sites and Groups.

Google New Zealand in Maori

Google New Zealand in Maori

Google NZ ( Homepage – Additional Functions

From the top right hand corner of the Google NZ page there are links to:

  • iGoogle– you can switch to Google New Zealand iGoogle from Google NZ, but you may have to sign in or register before accessing iGoogle.
  • Search settings– with Google NZ search settings you can manage subscribed links and update Google global preferences for interface language, search language, SafeSearch filtering, number of returned results, and you can manage your profile, personal settings and 'My products'

From the right hand side next to the Google New Zealand search entry box there is access to 'Language tools', which give you options to undertake a translated search, to translate text and webpages, and to use the Google interface in alternative languages. There is also access to 'Advanced search'.

Below the New Zealand Google search box there are also links to Google information about advertising programs, business solutions and 'About Google'.

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Google New Zealand in Tongan

Google New Zealand in Tongan

Google NZ ( Homepage – Can I View New Zealand Google In Another Language?

To access Google New Zealand in English:

You can change Google New Zealand to be in languages other than English by using and changing the ISO 639-2 code in the 'hl=en' element of the URL

which becomes:

for New Zealand Google in Māori.

A full set of URL's is given below, after the comments section.

Google New Zealand in Hindi

Google New Zealand in Hindi

Google NZ (www google co nz) Homepage – Can I View Only Pages from New Zealand?

You can view just websites from New Zealand but only in English. To do this you use the Google NZ webhp function as follows:

If this does not work then an alternative is:

You do not need to run the Firefox browser to use this. Once on the Firefox page just make sure the Search 'pages from New Zealand' button is set, as opposed to the Search 'the web' button.

Firefox version of Google New Zealand in English

Firefox version of Google New Zealand in English

Google New Zealand in Japanese

Google New Zealand in Japanese

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Google New Zealand in Arabic

Google New Zealand in Arabic

URL's for Google NZ (www google co nz) in Other Languages

Afrikaans Afrikaans ISO639-1 = af

Akan Akan ISO639-1 = ak

Albanian Albanian Shqip ISO639-1 = sq

Amharic Amharic ISO639-1 = am

Arabic Arabic ﺔﻴﺐﺮﻌﻠﺍ ISO639-1 = ar

Armenian Armenian ISO639-1 = hy

Azerbaijani Azerbaijani Azцri ISO639-1 = az

Basque Basque Euskaraz ISO639-1 = eu

Belarusian Belarusian Беларуская ISO639-1 = be

Bengali Bengali ISO639-1 = bn

Hindi Hindi ISO639-1 = bh

Breton Breton Brezhoneg ISO639-1 = br

Bulgarian Bulgarian Български ISO639-1 = bg

Catalan Catalan Català ISO639-1 = ca

Czech Czech Čeština ISO639-1 = cs

Corsican Corsican ISO639-1 = co

Danish Danish Dansk ISO639-1 = da

German German Deutsch ISO639-1 = de

Dutch Dutch Nederlands ISO639-1 = nl

Greek Greek Ελληνικά ISO639-1 = el

English Http:// English ISO639-1 = en

Esperanto Esperanto ISO639-1 = eo

Estonian Estonian Eesti ISO639-1 = et

Faroese Faroese Føroyskt ISO639-1 = fo

Persian Persian ISO639-1 = fa

Finnish Finnish Suomeksi ISO639-1 = fi

French French Français ISO639-1 = fr

Frisian Western Frisian Frysk ISO639-1 = fy

Georgian Georgian ISO639-1 = ka

Scots Gaelic Scots Gaelic Gàidhlig ISO639-1 = gd

Irish Irish Gaeilge ISO639-1 = ga

Galician Galician ISO639-1 = gl

Guarani Guarani ISO639-1 = gn

Gujarati Gujarati ISO639-1 = gu

Haitian Haitian ISO639-1 = ht

Hausa Hausa ISO639-1 = ha

Hebrew Hebrew עברית ISO639-1 = he

Hindi Hindi ISO639-1 = hi

Croatian Croatian Hrvatski ISO639-1 = hr

Hungarian Hungarian Magyar ISO639-1 = hu

Igbo Igbo ISO639-1 = ig

Icelandic Icelandic Íslenska ISO639-1 = is

Interlingua Interlingua ISO639-1 = ia

Indonesian Bahasa Indonesia ISO639-1 = id

Italian Italian Italiano ISO639-1 = it

Japanese Japanese Nihongo ISO639-1 = ja

Kannada Kannada ISO639-1 = kn

Kazakh Kazakh ISO639-1 = kk

Khmer Khmer ISO639-1 = km

Kinyarwanda Kinyarwanda ISO639-1 = rw

Kyrgyz Kyrgyz ISO639-1 = ky

Kongo Kongo ISO639-1 = kg

Korean Korean ISO639-1 = ko

Kurdish Kurdish Kurmancî (Kurdî) ISO639-1 = ku

Lao Lao ISO639-1 = lo

Latin Latin Latina ISO639-1 = la

Latvian Latvian Latviešu ISO639-1 = lv

Lingala Lingala ISO639-1 = ln

Lithuanian Lithuanian Lietuvių ISO639-1 = lt

Ganda Ganda ISO639-1 = lg

Macedonian Macedonian Македонски ISO639-1 = mk

Malayalam Malayalam ISO639-1 = ml

Maori Maori ISO639-1 = mi

Marathi Marathi ISO639-1 = mr

Malay Malay ISO639-1 = ms

Malagasy Malagasy ISO639-1 = mg

Maltese Maltese Malti ISO639-1 = mt

Mongolian Mongolian ISO639-1 = mn

Nepali Nepali ISO639-1 = ne

Nynorsk Nynorsk (Norwegian) Norsk ISO639-1 = nn

Bokmal Bokmal (Norwegian) ISO639-1 = no

Chichewa Chichewa ISO639-1 = ny

Occitan Occitan ISO639-1 = oc

Oriya Oriya ISO639-1 = or

Oromo Oromo ISO639-1 = om

Panjabi Panjabi ISO639-1 = pa

Polish Polish Polski ISO639-1 = pl

Portuguese Portuguese Português ISO639-1 = pt

Pushto Pushto ISO639-1 = ps

Quechua Quechua ISO639-1 = qu

Romance Romance Rumantsch ISO639-1 = rm

Rundi Rundi ISO639-1 = rn

Russian Russian Русский ISO639-1 = ru

Sanskrit Sanskrit ISO639-1 = sa

Sinhala Sinhala ISO639-1 = si

Slovak Slovak Slovenčina ISO639-1 = sk

Slovenian Slovenian Slovenski ISO639-1 = sl

Shona Shona ISO639-1 = sn

Sindhi Sindhi ISO639-1 = sd

Somali Somali af Soomaali ISO639-1 = so

Sotho Sotho ISO639-1 = st

Spanish Spanish Español ISO639-1 = es

Serbian Serbian Српски ISO639-1 = sr

Sundanese Sundanese ISO639-1 = su

Swahili Swahili Kiswahili ISO639-1 = sw

Swedish Swedish Svenska ISO639-1 = sv

Tamil Tamil ISO639-1 = ta

Tatar Tatar ISO639-1 = tt

Telugu Telugu ISO639-1 = te

Tajik Tajik ISO639-1 = tg

Tagalog Tagalog (Filipino) ISO639-1 = tl

Thai Thai ISO639-1 = th

Tigrinya Tigrinya ISO639-1 = ti

Tonga Tonga ISO639-1 = to

Tswana Tswana ISO639-1 = tn

Turkmen Turkmen ISO639-1 = tk

Turkish Turkish Türkçe ISO639-1 = tr

Twi Twi ISO639-1 = tw

Uighur Uighur ISO639-1 = ug

Ukrainian Ukrainian Украïнська ISO639-1 = uk

Urdu Urdu ISO639-1 = ur

Uzbek Uzbek ISO639-1 = uz

Vietnamese Vietnamese Tiếng Việt ISO639-1 = vi

Wolof Wolof ISO639-1 = wo

Xhosa Xhosa ISO639-1 = xh

Yiddish Yiddish Jiddiš ISO639-1 = yi

Yoruba Yoruba ISO639-1 = yo

Zulu Zulu ISO639-1 = zu




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