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How Technologies Are Influencing Us Negatively and Ways to Rectify Them

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While new and modern technologies help to expedite our tasks and chores, they do have downsides. In this article, I mention a few ways about how some of the technologies are impacting our lives negatively and how we can take measures to improve the situation.

How Do Cell Phones Affect You Negatively?

The ring from cell phones is the most annoying element when you are busy or in a critical position. You don’t want to be contacted every moment. You need a break in fact. The best thing you can do to get relief in these situations is to switch off your cell phone and remember to switch it on again during your free time. You can inform your family, friends, and relatives when it would be the best time to reach you on the phone.

How Do Cell Phones Make Your Teen’s Life Worse?

Suppose you give your teenage daughter a cell phone to use. In that case, boys and bullies at school will constantly call her to bully and torment her even when she is not at school, making her life worse. In the earlier days, bullies only taunted your child at school. But now they will torture her via her cell phone everywhere she goes and make her sick.

What Other Ways Do Cell Phones Pose a Threat to Your Child?

If your teenage child is naughty, she will send nude pictures of herself to all the guys she knows at school for fun, and soon she will run into trouble. And bullies will take further advantage of the situation.

Your teenage child will probably wake up late at night, texting guys instead of sleeping. This means she will deprive herself of enough sleep which, in turn, will make her weak and unhealthy.

Hey Girl, Texting Late at Night?

Hey Girl, Texting Late at Night?

What Lessons Do You Give Your Daughter Regarding Cell Phone Use?

It's up to you to give your daughter the right lessons and teaching about how she should behave according to the norms of society and how she shouldn’t deviate from them. Let her speak first, and then you take the responsibility to correct her actions and behavior and guide her regarding the use of cell phones.

How Can Cell Phones be Bad for Health for Adults and Children Alike?

The constant use of cell phones by adults and children poses a threat to their health drastically because the UV rays from the cell phones are bad for the eyes and heart. It is, therefore, advisable not to keep your cell phones close to your body but at a distance, especially when you sleep at night.

How Does Modern Technology Make Naive Adults’ Lives harder?

A naive business person has to have a computer nowadays. He has to learn not only the A, B and C's of computers but also advanced features and techniques, including a little programming. It becomes hard for him to deal with his business using the computer because he has to learn a lot and keep up with the modern pace of life. Not everybody has a knack for computers and therefore, life becomes difficult for them. In order to make things easier for them, they can enroll in nearby computer classes or online relevant computer courses. This helps them to cover their deficiencies.

Dear Businessman, Working Hard at Your Computer?

Dear Businessman, Working Hard at Your Computer?

What Makes Emailing Less Efficient at the Workplace?

Many employees at work are no longer interested in emails particularly and they skip checking them. The Boss of the workplace, therefore, finds it hard to communicate with them. On the other hand, the employees rely more on office phone calls or notices for faster communication. However, they don't bother to check their emails, which makes emailing an inefficient method of communication at the workplace. The alternative solution for the Boss would be to ask his secretary to put notices on the notice board.

What Effect Does Social Media Have on the Workplace?

Most employees at the workplace are crazy about chatting and posting on social media, which is why they are less productive at work than their older generation’s counterparts. It is something that has gone out of control. Therefore, some kind of monitoring or control needs to be imposed on the employees at work. Then they will limit their use of social media to less time, concentrate on their work, and be productive.

Summary, the Checklist

1) Along with the upsides, technology has downsides as well, which affect us negatively.

2) You don't want to be contacted on your cell phone every moment. So switch it off and keep it switched on only during the allocated hours that you choose.

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3) It has become easier for bullies and guys to bully your teenage daughter even when she is not at school via her cell phone.

4) Give your teenage child the right lessons and teaching so that she is aware of the risks of cell phone use and is careful and alert about her security and safety.

5) Keep your cell phones at a distance, especially when you sleep at night. This helps to prevent harmful UV rays from the phones to reach your body while you sleep.

6) Modern technology may not be a cup of tea for naive adults. They have a hard time, keeping in pace with technology and being efficient in their business and work. To make things easier, they can get enrolled in nearby computer classes.

7) Many of the employees do not check emails at work. This is why emails have become an inefficient means of communication in the workplace. Therefore, alternatives should be sought.

8) Most of the employees are crazy about fiddling with social media at work and, therefore, their productivity is hampered. Steps should be taken by the authority to rectify the situation.

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Rosina S Khan (author) on September 15, 2020:

Yes, technology has downsides too. But getting rid of all of the technology wouldn't be the ideal solution. However, we need to monitor it and keep it under control to rectify the negative influences.

Denise McGill from Fresno CA on September 15, 2020:

I have often thought the effects of the UV rays and the constant use of social media has a damaging effect on children. I hate that children can find a way to bully each other using this technology. I wish I knew what the answer would be short of being Amish and getting rid of all technology.



Rosina S Khan (author) on January 07, 2020:

I am glad you found my article useful. Thank you for such a wonderful comment, Manatita.

manatita44 from london on January 07, 2020:

A well-written article and one which covers some important aspects of how cell phone use can be a liability in the workforce and surroundings and for children too. Excellent information.

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