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Never Under Estimate the Power of Internet & Significance of the Digital Technology World

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A Technology buff & visioner of Internet powers. Product & services can be accessed through digital technology in the world of possibilities

Digital Connectivity Circle

Digital Connectivity Circle

Internet a digital world era began in the 1980s leveraging WWW & .com gradually into almost every sector beginning with collecting, storing & transferring data, Internet browsers came into existence with the oldest and modest Internet explorer, www became accessible to common people in the 1990s with the first digital TV broadcast in Spain and Italy. Businesses went online through website creation after the 1995s. By 1999 each part of the world had Internet access but the digital revolution spread to the masses only in the 2000s with digital payment system, smartphones, cloud computing, promoting businesses, social sites, data transfer, communications, gaming, searching in a digital world with search engines, the first information search engine was launched in 1993s. Today modern services like IoT, Automation, Digital marketing, blogging, online classrooms, work from home concept, audio/video calls through LTE/4G, LIVE broadcasting, mobile applications, Investments, and what not have technologically advanced to make the modern lifestyle a better place. The Infinite power of the internet should be understood well & exploited for like everything & anything literally, Period!

Significance of digital technology

  • Unlimited Access to knowledge: Whatever comes to your mind Just search on any search engine, you’ll find abundant resources and websites with information uploaded from someone like you. As of 2021 January month, 1,197,982,359 websites exist in the digital world that’s countable but the total information stored inside them is simply capricious. Internet surprises you with unlimited details it can store and share on any given topic which exists and researched handsomely like futuristic cryptocurrency, historic world wars, innovations, and an objective to seek any subjective knowledge.
  • Everything on fingertips: Right from ordering daily essential items to making an investment through digital modes are available at fingertips. Paying bills, managing finances, having entertainment via watching favorite movies, sports, recorded or live concerts, attending events or meetings virtually is now feasible with Just a few clicks. Even getting e-newspapers and news updates of the same day in a quick session.
  • Research-based decisions: Taking an important decision on anything should be well thought and well researched which is doable via the Internet. People around you can share limited knowledge and experience but the digital world has unlimited information to offer and accumulate. Explore subjective matter through articles, podcasts, videos, reviews and make valuable verdicts. Be it buying music or investment instrument, naming businesses or newborns, understand fashion or beauty sense trending and what not.
Internet Speed Growth

Internet Speed Growth

  • Watch Out for 5G: Second Revolution in Digital age: The stunning power of the internet is yet to explode with its lightning speed and compatibility with appliances, automation, electronic devices, connecting every technology, even tiny gizmos will do wonders. 178 TB/s of the speed of internet is fastest set by researchers at university college London as of August 2020. Revolution is arriving soon!
  • Earn Bread & Butter: Internet is a service platform where one can earn through providing services like website development, blogging on BlogSpot, Hubpages, WordPress, making videos on YouTube, providing teachings, tutorials, or skills training online, developing apps on Android, Ios, Windows, digital marketing, sharing product reviews on your website through article an videos. Endless opportunities are available you just need to look around & vouch for things you are passionate about.
  • Documentation: You can access files and documents from anywhere through any gizmo possessing internet connectivity and access to technology conditionally you stored/uploaded papers on cloud/drives like Google Drive or one drive/ Google sheets/folders or emails.
Connecting with Delhi CM

Connecting with Delhi CM

  • Fast & Furious: The speed of connectivity is tremendous, precisely it connects you with your role model, celebrities, Prime ministers, presidents, CEOs, News anchors, favorite sports players, you just name the person and you’ll find a way to connect/talk with it, hopefully receiving a response if interested to revert. Let me share few real examples which were undreamed-of to me.
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  1. Connecting with Delhi Chief Minister: Mr. Arvind Kejriwal over Email sitting in Mumbai and receiving a response as well in May 2021 over suggestions on the Covid pandemic.
  2. Receiving a revert from the founder of crazeyegg, KISSmetrics by Mr. Hiten shah over Twitter within few hours of tweet & tag, that’s unthinkable.
  3. Appreciations from actors on Instagram & Twitter as a good gesture. Have you ever tried to connect with topmost level personals of any organizations for work, appreciations, feedback, or help, give a shot, you’ll recognize the power you possess.
  • Streaming & Broadcasting: Missing friend’s wedding? You can join them and watch live through streaming via technology & apps like Youtube studio, Facebook Live, Vimeo Livestream, Streamyard, Restream, Dacast are few popular broadcasting sites and not surprisingly there is no live stream time limit especially with YouTube studio until you possess uninterrupted and limitless internet. Broadcasting of movies, uploaded videos years back is possible today and even in the future indefinitely till it’s not removed or deleted.
Health Track

Health Track

  • Tracking: The Internet can help you keep trail of what you want it can be
  1. Health – heartbeats, footsteps, medical reports sharing to overseas doctors
  2. Internet Browsing history – track your kid’s online activity
  3. GPS – track transportation & private vehicles path for businesses and anti-theft with installing tracking devices in vehicles.
  4. Trace Businesses - Employees performance, IN/OUT time, production, productivity reports of all units, and offices under the single system with the help of digital technology.
  5. CCTV Camera – keep trace of the movement of people in offices, security cams, tracking of suspicious events in mall/hospital/societies thereby sitting anywhere in the world through internet.
  6. Expenses – Where you spend 1$ in which cafeteria 4 years back can be tracked if payment is done through digital modes that are the powers internet holds. By this means helping you in managing expenses & spending.
Encrypted Data Transfer

Encrypted Data Transfer

  • Secure and encrypted: Digitally having important papers like license, house sale/purchase papers, identification cards, qualification certificates which are imperative for entire life shall be duplicated and stored if any fatalities arise. Digital folders or drives are available for free equipped with a certain limit but enough to store vital papers.
  • Futuristic IoT & Automation: IoT formerly known as the Internet of things can be rephrased into the future of internet and the things it connects through digital technology. The statement itself conveys Internet will connect things be it home appliances like ACs/ fridges, cars, every electronic application device with respective controllers.
IoT & Internet's Future Connectivity

IoT & Internet's Future Connectivity

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